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    Get On Your Boots Audio/Video REQUEST THREAD only (No Links!) Please and thank you. Should be a very interesting album, can't wait!
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    Eze Clips REQUEST thread only (No links please!)

    The temptation is too much. :) please. And thanks so much for your efforts in sharing this with the U2 fan community. -Tim
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    Finally! The mp3 of U2 recording at HQ, 05-17-08 (no links please!)

    I'd also love a copy. Many thanks. -Tim
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    Review: Joshua Tree Re-release, or Improving the Perfection of Intrinsic Duality*

    A review of a re-mastered release without any comments about the quality of the re-mastering? That seems pretty basic to me considering that's the number 1 reason many fans will purchase this set. Please spend some time doing critical listening with audiophile grade equipment comparing the...
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    Pass up ellipse?

    My wife and I got scanned into the ellipse for TO 1 and followed the advice of a poster in this forum to go for the back. We did, got a spot on the back rail towards Edge's side, and in all honesty I believe this was the best spot in the house. There was never anyone standing infront of us, we...
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    Have fan club GA tickets but can't get there early

    Just as the topic says... got fan club general admission tickets but I doubt I'll be able to line up much before 5pm. I was just hoping to hear experiences from others with fan club tickets that ended up near the back of the fan club line, how good a spot did you end up getting? Was it a big...
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    (02-16-2005) PM to help bring U2 to Ottawa - Jam!*

    I live in Ottawa but I would actually rather U2 DON'T play here. We know they they plan to play 4.5 hours down the road in Toronto (as many as 4 shows rumour has it) and they will surely play shows in Montreal as well (only 2 hours away). I'd rather see them add additional Montreal dates than...
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    (04-29-2003) U2 Exclusives Offered Through Apple's iTunes - UPI *

    Anyone know what the exclusive U2 tracks are? I have a Mac, but I'm in Canada so can't get to it. If someone does buy it, re-encoding as mp3 will be easy... just burn it to CD then rip that track off the CD to mp3 (at HIGHER than 128 bps... 192 at least... since this would be re-encoding...
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