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    May 11, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    What's the GA situation like today? I have tickets tomorrow and am wondering how early I need to get there to have a decent spot.
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    U2LV @ House of Blues Las Vegas - Dec 16

    Hi everyone, U2LV is a U2 tribute based in Las Vegas, and we have a show coming up on the 16th at the House of Blues. We'd love to see you guys there! If you are interested, please message us on Facebook and we can leave free tickets for you at will-call. Also throw us a like and follow us...
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    None here. Tried three days.
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    This "Verified Fan" thing is for the birds...

    Me too on Vegas. Was so excited to have a show close to home. I called and asked for a refund today and was denied. I told her it was bullshit and I wouldn't be coming back to the fan club.
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    Citi presale, where to put in your code?

    Let me know if you decide to let one go! Tried both presale days with no luck.
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    It's Almost Like They Do Not Want You To Buy A Razor...

    Yeah I'm pretty much done at this point. I'm not active on this board, but I've been a fan most my life and I even play regularly in a U2 Tribute. At this point I think I'll just enjoy performing myself instead of sitting in a $400 garbage seat while over-privileged douche bags stand in GA...
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    Well that sucked...

    I'm also looking for Vegas GA without any luck. Kinda pisses you off when you pony up the money to "renew" their racket.
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    affordable FA-1 clone?

    I have the Retrosonic clone, and it's great. Excellent build quality and tone.
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    5/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Rose Bowl

    Ultraviolet is a little different situation because it's his Fernandes sustainer Strat, which has single-sized humbuckers. In general they will sound quite different from a single coil pickup, more compression and output. He uses the sustainer feature on that song, and yes it does sound very...
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    5/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Rose Bowl

    I was about 50 feet from the B stage. I had planned to be there a few hours early but traffic was horrendous and we ended up arriving just in time for The Lumineers to put everyone to sleep with C, G, and F chords and half-note beats. The venue itself was a nightmare. The streets are tiny...
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    For me the 360 tour was by far the worst for ringing. It was due to the excessive amounts of treble in the mix (who was mixing that tour anyway? Terrible job IMO...) This tour is much better, pretty close to Elevation in fact. Not as loud as Vertigo, or at least my ears didn't ring as much...
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    Bono´s comeback

    His voice has definitely improved on this tour, one of the first things I noticed. Still, I think the band was at their peak performance level on ZooTV.
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    VIP Party Packages.... worth it?

    I attended VIP in Phoenix on Saturday. Pre-show party was alright, food was good. I think I was one of only a couple people in U2 apparel... I got the sense that most of the people there were casual fans or just people with connections/money. On row 11 the view was great for being able to...
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    VIP Party Packages.... worth it?

    I have a couple party package tickets for Phoenix this Saturday. I didn't pay for them, and to be honest I don't think they would be worth the price. I'd rather pay less money and have GA, but of course I'm still really excited. Of course I can let you know how everything goes.
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    Some questions about VIP tickets

    You're absolutely right! :D
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    Some questions about VIP tickets

    Awesome, thanks!
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    Some questions about VIP tickets

    Thanks, I guess what I don't know is what type of VIP tickets I have... I can't see any pricing anywhere because everything is sold out.
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    Some questions about VIP tickets

    Hi! Longtime fan here but not really active in the forum. A good friend gave me a couple VIP tickets to Phoenix in a couple weeks, and I admittedly don't know much about them. In the past I've had the "all or none" mentality for U2 shows, meaning if I wasn't GA I didn't want to be there...
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    SLC Presale/General Sale Discussion

    ^^^ me too. which is nice after my last ga to Vegas that I bought on eBay never arrived ($140 down the drain...).
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    Las Vegas End of Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

    I don't post here much but I had to mirror what everyone else said - the Boots presale was a disaster. For 10 minutes the server was not even reachable (and I was on a fiber connection at a college very near UNLV). I guess I was out of the loop about the different presale groups, or I would...
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    type and amount of distorsion in vertigo?

    I've gotten a really similar tone using a tube screamer on top of an overdriven vox ac30. Its too bad line6 doesn't sell the rack mount distortion units to ordinary people.
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    For U2 sound: POD XT Live vs. BOSS Gt-8?

    Go take a look over at and take a look at all the bands that are using XTLive's or any other effects processors for that matter. Guess how many you'll find? None. The reason? You can't cram in hundreds of QUALITY effects and presets into one digitally programmed box. Why do...
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    For U2 sound: POD XT Live vs. BOSS Gt-8?

    I had a POD XT Live once and I hated it because of its inconsistency in volume and general lacking tone. If you really want a good edge tone, I would reccomend getting separate pedals. Get a good tube screamer, vox AC30 reissue amp, and nice Delay unit like the lin6 delay modeler and you'll be...
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    How many guitars do Adam and Edge have?

    I'm at five right now, and saving up for more! Edge is using a whole bunch for this tour, i've heard upwards of 45.
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