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    October 25 - Rose Bowl, Los Angeles Part II (The search for a party suite continues)

    I don't know if anybody has mentioned this, but please look up at the balloons and try to remember where you parked on the golf course. I have forgotten or gotten confused on where I parked on that golf course many times. I have walked miles up and down that golf course (it all looks the same)...
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    NY2 Rescheduled!!

    can we use our presale codes for 2010 if we used them for NY and have to cancel I can't go to NYC now...I used my presale codes. Does antone know if will honor presale in 2010? I paid $50 bucks for those codes and now I can't use two of them.
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    Family friendly motel/hotel in Santa Monica/SD

    Try Marina Del Rey next to Santa Monica, they may have a few more budget hotels.
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    Raleigh/Phoenix - Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

    Great seats! The prices of this concert really went up! I can't believe how much money I am spending on U2 tickets! Oh well, it's my vacation.
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    Norman, Houston, Dallas - PreSale & General Sale Discussion Thread

    seats or GA for Phoenix???? Somebody tell me what to do!!!!
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    Raleigh/Phoenix - Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

    Same here! I loved the Phoenix shows. I do love Vegas, but we are going to go for Phoenix.
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    Happy Birthday Lila64!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    happy birthday axver!

    Cheers! Happy Birthday!:wink:
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    Lyrics in songs evoking peace

    Brilliant! Thank you!
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    Lyrics in songs evoking peace

    Thank you. Who wrote that one? It's beautiful.
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    U2 Lyrics evoking peace

    I am doing a project at my Temple. I have to do an art project about peace building. I thought I would quote some beautiful lyrics about having do with peace or quotes from band members. It could be world peace, peace in yourself, peace in your family etc. Thank you so much for any...
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    Lyrics in songs evoking peace

    I am involved in this comittee at my Temple where we have to do an art project about peace building. I would like to have some quotes from songs or musicians of lyrics or meaningful things they said that evoke peace, It could be anything having to do with peace. World peace, peace in yourself...
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    Happy Birthday Lila64!!!

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!
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    I have been a huge Live fan for years. I have seen them about 15 times in concert. However, I did not even listen to their last album. They kind of went pop. I was so sad.
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    Happy birthday Martha!

    Happy Belated Birthday Martha!:wave:
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    MERGED --> Happy Birthday Doozer!

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!:)
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    Happy Birthday fah!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Too Late for Prayer???

    I am so sorry. I wish Eddie peace.
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    to the military i go

    thinking of you, Yertle.
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    Maddy's Story (This is Maddy!!)

    Wow! What a story! I am so happy for you both!
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    For Cat Lovers Only V - Post Pics, Ask Questions, Comments, Etc.

    I don't know if this has been discussed, has anyone tried the automatic kitty scooper? They are very expensive, but I have a small space and I need something that scoops right away.
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    Suggestions needed for cool teacher gifts

    What do you think teachers most appreciate for gifts? Last year I gave Starbuck cards. But this year I would like to give something else. Any suggestions?
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    Your 2006 Concert Calendar

    Have seen: David Gilmore Live Inxs Nine Inch Nails Ringo Starr and the All Star Band Deathcab For Cutie Red Hot Chilli Peppers Will See: Inland Invasion (Guns n Roses, Muse)...
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    Happy Birthday Mr. BAW

    Happy Birthday!:wave:
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    Favorite American Cities?

    New York St. Louis (because it's charming and it's where I'm from) I would love to go to: Newport, RI, or Boston. I would love to go to Maine too.
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