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    IO: Free to a good home - one Kaffy

    Just noticed your signature... But there's an "m" and an "e"! :lmao:
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    Disillusionment with U2 ?

    Ha! You jackass. No. Certainly not. I look at 4 threads every day, and only 4. EYKIW, EBTTRT, Gatherings, and 3 Chords...When there is something worth replying to, I do. I am now regretting having replied to your sorry-ass thread! lolol :lmao:
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    Disillusionment with U2 ?

    DreamOutLoud13 pretty much summed it up with a few differences for me. I like em most importantly musically, and like she said, I like something (if not all) from every album, and dislike SOME very FEW songs, or things they've collectively said as a band. All in all, I'm in it for the long...
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    If I Only Had The Money

    Now that I took a look at that auction, THIS is what I want!!! So :drool:
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    If I Only Had The Money

    Interesting to see that Marshall on top of the Vox....hmmmm....
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    I suppose it depends, but typically ----3------- ----2------- ----0------- ----0------- ----0------- ----0-------
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    G and a G6
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    Cheaper alternative to a Edge's Vox AC30 Amp

    I WISH I could turn my AC-30 wide open!!! I'd give anything! :drool: But I'd also be giving everyone bleeding ears, and the sound man would probably have me assassinated! I HIGHLY doubt its wide open on stage, having seen them live, and standing in front of the Edge about a foot and a half...
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    LAST MINUTE HEADS UP! /// UV // in Miami Beach Sat, Feb 23rd!

    Sorry for not posting it sooner PlaTheGreat! lol
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    Least badass songs ever!

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
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    U23D S. Fla: A Night at the Museum

    maybe half full. it was a 12:01am showing, so only the diehards were there. there were alot of vertigo t-shirts in there though!
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    U23D S. Fla: A Night at the Museum

    saw it last night. that was pretty awesome. it really really brought back some hawaii memories. great edge footage too, i likee. :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
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    U23D S. Fla: A Night at the Museum

    I will be there with a rowdy crew. A few irishmen that come to all our shows, etc. HUGE U2 fans. come say hello!
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    MERGED --> U2 3D REVIEWS + Back from a U2 3D screening... + U23D - **Spoiler Alert**

    thats a special custom made "ring slide" that he uses for certain slide solos, etc.....for example, COBL, Mysterious Ways outro, Miracle Drug, its really thin on one side, and a bit thicker on the other for slide uses
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    U23D S. Fla: A Night at the Museum

    Hey girls, and anyone else locally here in S. Florida.... If you ask for Bernadette, the sales manager for the Fort Lauderdale IMAX, mention that you saw the discount on Eddie's Myspace page, and she is giving anyone that saw it $10 flat ($2 discount, and NO service fees). So, for what it's...
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    Dallas area U2 Cover band looking for Bono

    :lol: :laugh: :lmao: :lmao:
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    U23D S. Fla: A Night at the Museum

    Fort Lauderdale IMAX. 12:01a, (essentially Tuesday night at midnight). I'll be there with a crew! Work? C'mon! You can take one for the team and stay up late for the first showing in the country!
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    U23D S. Fla: A Night at the Museum

    Ill be at the 12:01a showing on the 23rd with a crew if you guys wanna meet up!
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    Pic request: Close up pics of Edge jeans from Vertigo tour

    I promised to get a picture up of the final product. I've got some more, better pics coming of the jeans, but only these couple for now. Let me know if you want more. Just want to say thanks to you guys for posting all the pics that helped me make the jeans! Ciao!
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    Good U2 songs to busk with?

    Apparently you can play Vertigo acoustically!!!! LOL or for those that cant see the link: youtube dot com slash watch?v=edSOGPYp3xA
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    /// UV - The U2 Tribute // - Live in Miami Beach December 29th! Who's coming?

    Shameless :bump: lol Any of you cats going to make it? Pla? We have a couple surprise songs for you too! *wink*
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    license plates

    Hey there! :wave: You NEVER have to remind me who you are! I'll always remember you and your husband from MB! Anyways, I lived there for most of 2004, and the first couple months of 05. I was in Raleigh. Speaking of Myrtle Beach, we havent been back there in awhile! We need to schedule...
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    Best mix Who's gonna ride you wild horses

    the temple bar mix is by far the best recorded/non-live version IMO.
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    license plates

    This was my plate when I lived in NC for about a year. I still have it! I want a florida one now!
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