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  1. J

    Letter from Bono on

    Whoa, REALLY long letter from Bono just posted on U2 > News > LITTLE BOOK OF A BIG YEAR<br>Bono’s A to Z of 2014
  2. J

    Getting GA in Innocence presale?

    My update: I went ahead and got an Innocence membership and, after a few false starts with Ticketmaster today, did land a pair of GA ticket to MSG 5. Thrilled. Thanks for the thoughts everyone.
  3. J

    Getting GA in Innocence presale?

    I am a longtime fan club member whose membership lapsed. I am considering rejoining but here is my question: I am looking to get GA for of the two newly added MSG shows. Has anyone had any luck getting GA tickets with the Innocence presale? (Ie, on the second day after the Experience folks...
  4. J

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread III

    Do we think there will be a separate onsale for additional shows? Or are they not adding any?
  5. J

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread III

    What do we think -- are they going to add any shows?
  6. J

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread III

    What do we think rear seats will look like on this tour? How obstructed will the view be? I just pulled 2 in Sec 113 at MSG.
  7. J

    2015 U2 Tour News - Continued

    Stay with it. We were about to give up but landed a pair of GA for MSG4 at like 10:32. We had a nightmare experience: at times Ticketmaster didn't process the code, other times it wouldn't recognize the captcha, and one time I secured tickets but wouldn't let me click "buy." But we were able to...
  8. J

    U2 (Minus Bono) playing in NYC Tonight

    With Bruce, Chris Martin, Kanye, etc: U2 > News > U2 Minus 1 - Live In New York Tonight
  9. J

    Songs of Innocence downloaded 26 million times, 81 million 'experienced' songs

    On the backlash: I like the idea above to have Edge or whomever say, "hey, what about those who don't want it?" as way to head this off. Another option: if it was simply set up as "Hey, this album is free, click here to get it" instead of "Hey, you already have this in your library," people...
  10. J

    SOI physical release + tour info

    I'm going to be buying it anyway, but would love to hear the new songs: Thanks!
  11. J

    Predictions For The New Album

    Take it for what it's worth..... I have a friend of does advertising for Bank of America and was involved in the Super Bowl ad. He's been hearing developments as they go (the plan originally was to announce tour/album after the Fallon appearance but that's when U2 got cold feet) so I asked...
  12. J

    LP13/Invisible. The Hope! The Trauma. Who's lying next?

    Haven't posted in forever but wanted to share: a good friend of mine works for a digital ad firm that is helping Bank of America with the Super Bowl event. He told me today that next to no one involved has heard the full song yet, the band has it on lockdown. He also says the album is slated for...
  13. J

    July 19,2010- East Rutherford

    I don't feel like this 2010 NJ show was advertised all that well, so I wonder if that contributed to the lack of an immediate sell-out. Not to be repetitive, but has there been any talk of a second show? I simply haven't had time to read all 45 pages of this thread yet.
  14. J

    Anaheim, Denver, Chicago, Miami and New York presale/general sale info thread

    Question: do your GA tickets have a "seat" or "section" number? In the past, GAs have been given those designations, even though obviously they don't actually make sense. Mine did not this time, though.
  15. J

    Anaheim, Denver, Chicago, Miami and New York presale/general sale info thread

    Odd....for the Giants Stadium show, at least, there's no option to click for "General Admission." You can still get those tickets, but you need to choose the $55 price level, then do "Best Available" within that level. GAs then come up. I got mine!
  16. J

    Anaheim, Denver, Chicago, Miami and New York presale/general sale info thread

    Same problem here. Renewed my subscription last week, got a new code, and suddenly it's gone -- it says it has been used, which is not the case. They've got 23 hours to figure this out.
  17. J

    2010 Leg Announcement on now - TOUR DATES - Part II

    Regarding a New England date: I like the theory that U2 is going to play Fenway Park, and since that's such a big deal, it'll get its own separate announcement at a later date. A quick check of the Red Sox schedule reveals the team is on the road from July 5-14 and again from July 19-30....
  18. J

    All U2.Com Discussion HERE "Artificial Horizon" Update pt 2

    Question, and apologies if it was answered before: I have been a fan club subscriber for years and used by allotment of tickes to the 2009 tour dates (2 in NYC, 2 in DC). Obviously, I want to have access to the 2010 tour dates now too. So, even though my subscription doesn't actually expire for...
  19. J

    October 3 - Stadium Raleigh - NC

    Enjoy the show, all. Any word on ticket sales? What sort of crowd is expecting tonight? I saw an article that mentioned a 50,000 - 55,000 person crowd, which does sound encouraging....what is capacity at that stadium?
  20. J

    East Rutherford 2 Thread (Sept. 23-24)

    My brother and I showed up around 11:15 and got numbers 407 and 408. It was a little hot, but it was a well-organized and well-managed line. Kudos to the fans who set it up and the Giants Stadium security staff for enforcing it. But why make us break down at 3:00 to go stand in line? Everyone...
  21. J

    If you could change just ONE thing about this tour....

    This is a GREAT, GREAT show. But I would tweak a few things: - Don't close with Moment of Surrender. I know there's another thread on this so I won't repeat my post here, but it doesn't work at the end: people don't know it and a lot of people leave (a huge portion of the crowd exited during...
  22. J

    Moment of Surrender is a LAME closer

    I totally agree that it shouldn't close. Now, it's a good song and the band plays it well but it should not be the last song of the night. At the first Giants Stadium show, the place emptied out during it....seriously, I'd say 30% - 40% of the crowd left and the band could totally see it. Now a...
  23. J

    Giants Stadium - Driving or Train? Experiences from 9/23

    I'm glad the train fiasco is getting the media attention it deserves. We did it for Wednesday's show and it was a took almost 90 minutes just to get on a train, and there were loads of people still behind us in line. Not fun. Had GA yesterday, so the car was parked in Lot 16 all...
  24. J

    East Rutherford 2 Thread (Sept. 23-24)

    The weather tonight looks decent but a smidge dicier....about a 30% - 40% chance of thunderstorms all evening. Here's hoping it holds off. Any reports from today's GA line yet?
  25. J

    East Rutherford 2 Thread (Sept. 23-24)

    Any update as to how the GA line's looking? How many people are there? Any sense as to how organized it is? I'll be in the seats tonight (Sec 113) but am doing GA tomorrow. Finally, the shows are here. Can't wait.
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