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    Announcement from stage Dec 4th 7am est

    U2 radio Sirius XM? So yay more US only stuff... can't even listen to sirius xm at all in my country.
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    I+E vs JT vs E+I Which Tour is Best?

    Copenhagen 2, Stockholm 4, and Metlife 2 where all great to me. Especially how well Copenhagen 2 turned out with UF, Wild Horses etc.
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    The Definitive What The Heck Are Those Shades Bono is Wearing Thread

    What would a pair of Bvlgari 8025 732/87 be worth these days? I am not looking to sell my last pair of Bono shades, just curious what they are worth, as iam taking them out sometimes on sunny days to wear as my shades. Pic of them with a side of pint lol
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    Dublin #2 Setlist Thread

    I am really glad i got TuF in Copenhagen, i love that song.
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    Wanted: 1 GA for Berlin 13th nov

    Like said in title. Looking for 1 GA for last berlin.
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    Hamburg #1 Setlist Thread

    Keep in mind it was Germany unification day on wednesday, maybe that is why Zoo Station was played. But lets hope it stays in rotation.
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    I Know The List Is Dumb, But You Don't Have To Be - All European GA Line Drama Discus

    I was in the GA line for the first time in Copenhagen. Worked really good it seems as people i was with with GA line experience said it was the best one ever. We checked in at around 10 pm at night at Friday, then we came back for another roll call 7 am at saturday morning, got wristbands at 8...
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    Copenhagen #2

    When he started ranting about cool cities and Tokyo i couldnt connect that with The Ocean at all that i was expecting to hear.. :lol:
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    Copenhagen #2

    Shorter set but hot damn this gig was epic. After they played Gloria i was 100% sure it would be the only change. Loved Gloria much more than all because of you as Well, and fully expected red flag day. Then i hear the intro to the ocean, i thought until it i realize i hear TUF for the first...
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    To my experience ticket drops usually happen 1-2 days before the show. That is when i have found tickets to U2 shows i previously didnt have. Such as GA to Metlife 1 and a extra GA to Stockholm 1.
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    U2 vs "reunion" Guns n Roses

    Yeah i agree seeing them one time is probably enough. They have just added like 2 or maybe 3 songs since last year. Shadow of your Love being a new one for example. And i also agree that the show kinda dragged some in some of the solos and covers. But hearing You Could be Mine, Sweet Child o...
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    U2 vs "reunion" Guns n Roses

    I guess i also made the comparisons since the Not in this lifetime tour is about as big as the JT30 tour when it comes to box office numbers and relies also heavily on nostalgia... A better comparison would probably be Not in this lifetime tour vs JT30 tour. Instead of comparing it to E+I or...
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    U2 vs "reunion" Guns n Roses

    I guess i wondered if this version of GnR can tour this show why can't U2 do something similar when it comes to show length and tour more locations. U2 being old isnt really an explenation when they are about the same age, just a few years younger. There is obviously demand seeing how fast the...
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    U2 vs "reunion" Guns n Roses

    :hmm: I watched the GnR Not in this lifetime show here in Gothenburg and it made me think. How come they can do a 3 ½ hour show with all that previous turmoil in that band? Axl also runs around on stage with high energy most of the show as well, sure he goes behind the stage now and then totake...
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    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018 - Rumors & General Discussion

    Finally both my collector tickets for the copenhagen gigs arrived this week. Anyone else got theirs?
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    Set list party : BOK Center, Tulsa; May 2, 2018 This gotta be one of the most interesting and "ballsiest" setlist they have pulled out recently. Can't fucking wait for september 29th and 30th. Just hope they dont drop songs like The Ocean, Wild Horses, Acrobat, Staring...
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    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018 - Rumors & General Discussion

    Yeah i wanted some nice souvenir from this tour thats why i got the collector ticket. I often get paper tickets that you get printed from an outlet for concerts.
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    *Rumor* - Larry to retire after E+I tour

    They can still play stadiums in many parts of Europe if they want to. The draw and demand is still there for them. I can see them easily selling out 3x Ullevi stadiums in Gothenburg, they havent been there since 360, if it was a known 'Farewell tour' that Elton John and Paul Simon is doing. Well...
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    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018 - Rumors & General Discussion

    I have seen people getting their tickets in the mail already, when can i expect Ticketmaster DK to ship out theirs? I did chose Collector's Tickets this time around and they are supposed to ship from Denmark to Sweden. But i have never picked an option for tickets in the mail before so i am a...
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    *Rumor* - Larry to retire after E+I tour

    Well ticket prices for JT tour was much higher than the 360 one. For the seat i got at Metlife stadium i paid roughly 3x for the same type of seat i had on 360. Sure different country and 8 years later. But i paid ~120 dollars for the best seat in 2009 in Gothenburg and $300 including service...
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    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018 - Rumors & General Discussion

    Red Zone is available for Copenhagen 2. Just 1 ticket tho.
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    How are the tickets selling?

    What about 8-track tho?
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    Soe tour scepticism?

    Also most bands tend to have a fixed set list that is focused on the new album. And don’t rotate anything at all. Even Foo Fighters have quite a static set list now compared to earlier tours of theirs. As being also a Bruce Springsteen fan I am spoiled with marathon gigs with filled with...
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    *Rumor* - Larry to retire after E+I tour

    Well since U2 isnt built around his drumming they would be fine with about any drummer filling the shoes. The way they have described their working progress it seems it is The Edge The band with Bono as vocalist. The Edge seems to be pretty much the boss when it comes to creating new songs and...
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    Soe tour scepticism?

    Well could barely read 1/3 of that Wall of text anyway.
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