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    u2 play 3Arena in December

    we're in! Dublin 2 block J
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    u2 play 3Arena in December

    lookls like D4 sold out, we got nothing trying best available
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    Spider-Man 2.0 discussion...

    Yes, I've seen in in July brom the second balcony and I'm going back next week. Hoping to find a Flying zone seat. Oh, and I live in Europe so it's not around the corner ;)
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    The TIFF/From The Sky Down thread...

    Some background conversation now.
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    Nederlands Draadje 2 - Voor mensen met en zonder leerprobleem

    Kijken jullie ook naar de chatsessie? U2 > News > In Conversation, In Toronto Begint ongeveer nu.
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    Montreal II Setlist Party

    Fianlly! Alternarivve link: #U2360MTL on USTREAM: .
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    Montreal II Setlist Party

    I wonder what idiots are running the site. THe login link from the email doesn't even work. Been trying to get to the stream for half an hour.
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    July 20, 2011- New Meadowlands Stadium - East Rutherford - Part 2

    I've just bought my ticket for this show. My first in the US!
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    Did anyone see the poll on

    That's more than 85.000 votes!
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    U2 on your radio

    Somehow whenever I'm a passenger in someone's car there is always a U2 song on the radio during the drive. This Sunday we were zapng TV and bumped into a film. Within 5 minutes: Out of Contol (the film was Intermission).
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    What are U2's ticket sales in the US ?

    I think this is only about what has been sold on that particular 2nd hand website.
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    u2 360 Boxscore

    Can we stop discussing /dissing Bon Jovi please? It's getting annoying. Or any other band for that matter.
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    U2 360 Boxscore Discussion

    Oh that's a pity. Thanks for checking.
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    U2 360 Boxscore Discussion

    Could one of you guys with a Billboard subscription do me a favor and look up the numbers for Coldplay in the Netherlands in 2009? Two shows in Goffert Park, Nijmegen, 9th & 10th of September 2009. I'd like to compare those with U2 in the Amsterdam Arena.
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    Melbourne 1 - Setlist Party!

    Twitter mentioned Here comes the sun snippeted and My sweet lord. Wikipedia: George Harrison (Liverpool, 25 februari 1943 - Los Angeles, 29 november 2001)
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    Auckland I - New Zooland Setlist Party

    Hi from Holland! It's 9:24 AM here. Is there any audio link somewhere?
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    For Edge fans

    Ah, thank you :wave:
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    U2 360 Boxscore Discussion

    That's what I thought. Even if we're slightly off (let's say 66.000 average attendancy) the Top Grossing Tour of all time is not yet in sight. Don't know what influence the USD exchange rate has in this sort of reporting. I was just wondering if I missed something ;( Paul McGuinness has said...
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    U2 360 Boxscore Discussion

    Why would they hold up the publication? Is there any chance the tour will surpass the Bigger Bang tour this year already?
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    For Edge fans

    Oh, I didn;t know that. Thought I could make some of you happy ;) From when is this picture?
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    For Edge fans

    Oh yeah, Edge without headgear, we see that every day, don't we?
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    For Edge fans

    No comments about Edge himself? I thought this was Pleba.
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    For Edge fans

    Wife of U2 guitarist speaks of thier daughter’s leukaemia | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre
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