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    The Edge is as old as my dad

    it would be such a strange idea to have a famous daddy, its just your dad and everyone is crazy about him, hihi If I think about my own dad as rockstar:laugh: :laugh:
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    looking for u2 friends all over the world

    wowie gonna add you all:wink:
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    Recent Larry Pics

    woww thanks:drool:
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    Larry's kids

    me too please:rolleyes: thanks:hug:
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    Cannes V2

    girls thanks for the pics,they are wonderfull!:drool: :cute: :bow:
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    An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart Question

    thank you biff!!!:bow: :bow: you explained enough now I know the story behind the song!! thanks!!:hug:
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    An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart Question

    can you tell me that story please?:bow: :wave:
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    Happy 6.6.06?

    06/06/06 was my 24th birthday! and there are friends who forget my birthday!
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    Happy Birthday pepokiss!

    heeey!!happy birthday!!!:hug: :rockon:
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    Your U2 shirt

    I bought this one at the vertigo tour in amsterdam, unfortunely I bought it a couple of sizes to big, but I had to have it:wink:
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    MOOBday - close encounters of the Mullen kind

    :laugh: :heart: :hyper: that is greaat!!
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    Happy Birthday Bono & Jojo!!

    happy birthday bono and jordan!!!happy birthday bono and jordan!!! happy birthday bono and jordan!!! :heart: :hug: :bonodrum:
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    Bono vs the paparazzi (pop pic request)

    greaaat story!!!:bow: :hug:
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    pussycat dolls singer-u2 fan!

    great!!!thanks!!! LOL:D :bow:
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    Boston Elevation - Larry Says No Way

    ooo thanks for explaining,now I get it:hug:
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    Boston Elevation - Larry Says No Way

    can you explain what a ga line is is:reject: dont know what that is:wink:
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    search for a photo

    ooooo girls!Im soooo thankfull!!! thank you!!!:drool: :bow: :bow: you all make my day:hug:
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    search for a photo

    hey everyone! Im looking for the photo's with the boys having fun in the sea, its a serie of pics,there are also serious ones:wink: but Im looking for the funny ones.. does someone have them for me? Then you make me really happy:kiss:
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    M[.][.]B Day... How Happy is Larry?

    :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: great pic!!!
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    In search for a picture

    this are my cats de left is perry de right is aischa;)
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    In search for a picture

    awww the last kittens are sweeet!! :cute: :cute: have to show mine now;)
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    In search for a picture

    yeah I will like that!!!!!:cute: :cute:
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    In search for a picture

    awwww like this pic!!!:p :laugh: I like the pic from u2kitten also! they are soo clever:rolleyes: Ilike cats..
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    Edgey goodness..

    this is fantastic!! thanks for sharing!! he looks sooo great:drool:
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