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    Fu** Man!!! Miracle Drug Is Amazing!

    Oh, and I agree, I think that's the Edge's voice at the end of that Miracle Drug clip. Sweet.
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    Fu** Man!!! Miracle Drug Is Amazing!

    I've been overseas for a month and haven't checked in here at all. And I get here and 3 more songs have surfaced. And they sound F*CKING AMAZING. For U2 to make this album a BIG album, they really don't have to do much. Listen to what is big 'out there' in rock. Bands like Modest Mouse for...
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    Stolen U2 Demo Vertigo Teaser?

    The fact that it sounds nothing like U2 is a slight giveaway...
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    I am a sexy beast

    I most definitely must agree 110% with this finding. I have absolutely no doubt in the world that this is true. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I always knew it and was just waiting for science to back me up. p.s. my name is Matt :p
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    The GUN thread

    :up: STING (there's a first for everything :wink: ) :up: Angela Aside from sheer population size, there is very, very little that really seperates US 'society' from Australian or Canadian in the context of this argument. It's not like Australia doesn't have huge inner city, low income, crime...
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    You only receive 13 days a year?!?!? Make THAT an election issue!
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    Bush Haters

    You are not in Saudi Arabia. You are in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Once you are out of Saudi Arabia you will still be in Iraq. You will be in Iraq for a very, very, very long time. Even if there was no US military presense there (and there probably always will be, even just if it's in the form of...
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    (07-26-2004) U2 ready to tour Australia - SMH*

    Sweet :up: I hope it's arenas after 2 stadium tours here. Seeing as we missed Elevation and a lot of fans here would have been too young for pre-ZooTV tours, I think a few nights at a sold out Sydney SuperDome would be pretty cool.
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    The Final Verdict: Joshua Tree vs. Acthung Baby

    Without a doubt..... Achtung Baby.
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    Where's the concern? Where's the voice of social consciousness

    Anyone here heard the Moby & Public Enemy song "Make Love & F*ck War" ? Pearl Jam "Bushleager" There are some out there.
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    Is Bono campaigning for Kerry, or what?

    The 'extended' Kennedy's have been pretty helpful over the past couple of years with Bono's Africa/Drop The Debt campaigns. They lend their political weight to his causes, he lends a bit of celebrity weight to their party. That's the way it works I guess. Bono/U2 have always been pretty...
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    Why we cannot fight terrorism

    Not the card carrying terrorists themselves, but their supporters, which would number in millions all over the globe. I think the point is, there's only so long that 'the West' can continue to screw over 'the Rest' before it will just keep biting the West back in the arse. Sure, go after Bin...
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    Michael Moore couldn't fool Pete Townshend

    F9/11 only just opened here in Australia over this weekend. I saw it Friday night. It's biased, it's dumbed down, it makes extremely simplistic conclusions on very, very complicated subjects. I find it hilarious that so many US Conservatives are spending so much of their energy trying to...
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    US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    Wouldn't the US, or any country really, already have plans in place should there be an event that could disrupt an election? There are many things that could. What if one of the two main candidates were killed (or just died naturally) literally on an election eve? Surely it couldn't go ahead the...
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    Powell: Iraq Evidence May Have Been Wrong

    Well done.
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    Watch a short video of Bono describing new material

    It's kinda ridiculous to be reviewing such a short clip in any serious way, but it does sound very promising :up: Bring on November... :bow:
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    Free and Legal mp3 Links Compiled Here

    On that Epitonic site, go to the Badly Drawn Boy page and grab the Avalanches remix of The Shining. Awesome!
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    New U2 albums and what will our reactions be.

    ATYCLB was great, I love it, but I hope this one is more along the lines of Achtung Baby. Not the same sound at as Achtung Baby, but the same experimentation behind it, I guess the same approach. I think it would be great if this album was not only brilliant as they all are, and not only...
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    Songs About Other Musicians

    Not sure, but isn't it about one of the members of At The Drive In (the rest of which make up Mars Volta) who committed suicide? Could be way off there... Here's another sad one.... 'Wave Goodbye' by Chris Cornell is about Jeff Buckley. They were very close friends. Words get tangled on...
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    Nuclear Power Iran, Masses Troops on Border of Iraq

    Whatshisname the US handpicked Iraqi who was caught out as an Iranian spy. Can't remember, too tired.... The thought goes that Iran have a very heavy hand in Iraq at the moment. I'm surprised it's not a bigger deal, but I think keeping everything as calm and rosy as possible is the goal between...
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    Probe rules out Iraq-9/11 links

    My little summary... There's two arguments on Iraq, why the US did it - was it right or wrong or truthful or whatever and that can go around in circles forever and the other argument is, well, it's done, but was it successful. I think it is going to take a huge miracle for Iraq to end up a...
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    Republican/Democrat Lovefest At WH Today

    In that picture above, it's the exact moment where Clinton is thinking "Shit. Of all the tie's to wear today..." I'd love to be a fly on the wall if those two (Clinton/Bush) were ever in a room alone. I truly wish it had somehow worked out so that it was Bush vs Clinton at an election. Would...
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    Show Us Your City (warning: HUGE picture thread!)

    Vancouver is right at the top of my 'must visit' list. So many places to go..... More New York and San Fran pics! Going there in a few weeks...
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    Land without nation to nation without land.

    Although throughout history, that (or the equivelant for the times) was how the land was gained.
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