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    End of Poverty (forward by Bono) Has anyone else read it yet? Has there been a topic about it I missed?
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    New Album Speculation Thread

    = end of my U2 fandom.
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    New Album Title, etc RUMOR

    nah the whole album leaked months ago. go find it.
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    New Album Title, etc RUMOR

    That's the name of my favorite Bill Evans Trio piece. edit: Hey Jack, have you heard the leaked Phantom Power? It's quite impressive, I think, although the cover art is pretty awful:
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    Red Ships of Scalla-Festa, let's talk about the new album

    I heard an early demo of "All Because of You," which is very much as Mr. Griffiths described it, but I wonder if the studio wizardry has tamed it since last year when I heard it. I'll tell you by this summer ;)
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    Not much more time left until new U2 material

    A U2 fan, on a U2 fan messageboard, thinks the next U2 album will be great? My mind is blown.
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    The Producer of the new album is....

    I am incredibly excited by this news--if true--and anyone who has heard John Cale's Paris 1919 will know exactly why.
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    Most updated list as of 2/23/03

    Qu'est-ce que c'est?
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    Rumoured new album title

    ummmm: "All That You Can't Leave Behind is an album that should be left behind." Plus every variation on that. And those critics were right...
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    Rumoured new album title

    'The Ordinary Land' is about two hundred times better than 'Sound.' Of course, neither of those will be the title.
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    Norah Jones

    I've only heard her single, but as U2Kitten says, it was completely yawnworthy. Joni Mitchell could have come up with 20 melodies better than that in one night's sleep.
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    Today's Post: Best album to #$@% to.

    This is precisely what I thought of when I saw the thread title.
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    Welsh bands

    Everyone really owes it to him/herself to buy a few Super Furry Animals albums (esp. Radiator, Guerrilla, and Rings Around the World) and to catch their spectacular live show. One of the best bands around, right now.
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    Broken Social Scene

    i like "you forget it in people" quite a bit. i was surprised/happy to see pitchforkmedia review it. gave em a fair bit of publicity.
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    Coldplay is in fact not the "next U2' The...

    Their best song is "Wake Up." I enjoy them quite a bit, from time to time.
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    Who is Jack Johnson? "Bubble Toes" is the dumbest song I've ever heard!!!

    the latest contempt-worthy college fad
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    Haunting Songs

    Nick Cave - The Mercy Seat
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    State of the Union (WAR?)

    $15 billion for AIDS over 5 years. Not enough, but I'm quite impressed. edit: This was inconceivable just two years ago. I think much of the credit for this announcement should go to Bono and Prof. Sachs.
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    State of the Union (WAR?)

    I haven't read this thread, so excuse the seeming irrevelance of this: an insider tip holds that Bush will make a "major" announcement tonight concerning AIDS funding. Worth watching for that off-chance alone.
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    Saw Rhett Miller

    Not such a fan of his solo debut, but I like the Old 97's quite a bit. Lucky that you saw him :)
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    Songs everyone should hear

    hey sula :wave: i'm around, but work etc. has caught up with me :huh: still find time to stop in every so often :)
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    Songs everyone should hear

    Go-Betweens - Spring Rain In general, the Go-Betweens are a completely essential band. "Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express," "Before Hollywood," and "Spring Hill Fair" are some of the most beautiful--and inexplicably underappreciated--albums ever.
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    Jeff Tweedy/Wilco/Free CD!

    I have them up on soulseek. I'm user "ComesInSpurts" (a musical reference, believe me ;) ) Good luck!
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