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    Hello from the Chicago area, IL, USA

    Suppose you mean Madison WI? Grew up there - nice city :up:
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    Hello from the Chicago area, IL, USA

    Hello fellow Flatlander :wave: Been a fan since '83 but signed up here in January.
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    U2 in London. Philly Live-Aid sucks

    Foo Fighters are good live :rockon: I didn't like the Philly line up for Live Aid either...well, The Cars were OK - I liked "Just What I Needed". Disc 4 of Live Aid (Philly) is BORING - a bunch of Hall & Oates etc. I prefer disc 1 with U2, Nik Kershaw, etc. Maybe more acts will sign up...
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    Fool-proof GA policy to get into the heart

    I thought maybe my Unforgettable Fire stub would help me...or if I wore my original UF t-shirt - all faded and old-looking...they'd see I was a longtime fan and see the longing in my eyes :sad:
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    Best Performance so far is???

    I went to Chicago 2 and 4 and Chicago 4 was :drool: :drool: :drool: Esp Elevation :drool: I'd say maybe his voice was a little weak for Vertigo though.
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    Boston: Tuesday 5/24 - Great Band, Not So Great Crowd + Opening Night in Boston

    Hey how's it going? Glad you had fun :dancing: I liked LAPOE on the album - but when I saw it live I liked it A LOT more. I had to laugh at Bono banging away on the drum but it was :cool:
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    So, you were at Chicago #2...

    I was @ 2 and 4 and am also worried that #2 won't make it to DVD :sad: I too thought of the light malfunction and the 10th being Bono's birthday... I hope at least some of it's on there!!!
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    Got Bono at Park Hyatt pics May 12?

    I saw some somewhere :scratch: Check,, and the photo threads/forums on here. Great show! I couldn't go to the Park Hyatt but maybe in the Fall!
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    Electric Co. vs. Gloria

    Gloria is my favorite right behind SBS and Electric Co is right up there. Luckily I got to hear Electric Co 5/9 and Gloria 5/12 :drool:
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    Your first album-what does it say about you?

    My first album was Under A Blood Red Sky and it is still my favorite today. The video is also my first video and I love it to death. I love the huge energy of UABRS - SBS, Gloria, Electric Co, I Will Follow - all great recordings - they sound excellent and the energy is amazing. I am always...
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    'The Bomb' has re-grown on me!

    I grew to love LAPOE after hearing it in concert and seeing :bono: bang the drums :cool: I thought he was kind of silly but it was :cool:
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    'The Bomb' has re-grown on me!

    A Chicago station played HTDAAB constantly all day for a day I think it was two weeks before it was released. I didn't get into it - I was disappointed most of the songs were "slow". I was doing things around the house though so didn't really focus on it. Little by little it really grew on me...
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    i can't believe Bono said that! Chi 5.9.05

    I do try to stop being a potty mouth but this phrase always pops out :shame:
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    i can't believe Bono said that! Chi 5.9.05

    I called Bono "Bob" in a post once :eyebrow:
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    i can't believe Bono said that! Chi 5.9.05

    I always say "F'n jagoff!!!!!" This is my favorite phrase to use in the sucky Chicago traffic.
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    i can't believe Bono said that! Chi 5.9.05

    I'm from Chicago and have used "Jagoff" for years, extensively - especially in traffic. I heard that on the 5/12 audio and :ohmy: I couldn't believe it - so I'd listen again and again...yep, that was jagoff. I was shocked to hear Bono say that :lol:
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    The latest ebay rip-off

    :ohmy: :mad: :eyebrow:
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    After 3 shows in a row...

    I went to Chicago 2 and 4 (GA). I loved the magical opening of COBL the 9th - the light curtains, the confetti - felt like a big party was starting. I had more fun the 12th - I think Vertigo was a great opener followed by ABOY, Elevation, and Gloria. Has anyone heard the recording of...
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    Uh oh, Is Chicago 1 slated to be the DVD relese of this tour?

    They taped the 9th and 10th. Too bad they didn't tape the 12th - that was a great show. I enjoyed the 9th also but missed the encores b/c my sister fainted in GA - too hot in there.
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    Favourit Non U2 Album

    :lol: I always crank this when it comes on the radio :lol: Someone recently did a remake of this - who was it? :scratch:
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    All U2 on Good Morning America Discussions

    7 A.M. here in Chicago. I heard today that it is indeed tape from Chicago and they were taping fans @ Chicago as pp said.
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    A question re: wristbands and GA reentry

    At least you have to wait it out in North America...but seems like that's be hard to control. Have fun! In Chicago I waited all day for GA 5/9 and was 3 people back from the outside center of the Ellipse, on 5/12 I couldn't make it there til a half hour before KOL went on and I was 6 or 7...
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    Hey man, there's like NO photos from Chicago 4?

    There's some on and I went 5/9 and was close to the edge of the ellipse but didn't feel like bringing my camera :( and 5/12 I was a little farther back and used a disposable - BAD, dark photos :( Should've brought the digital which is great and...
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