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    Ordinary Love please
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    July 12 2010 - Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)

    anyone have any idea who will open for em?
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    Opening Acts 2010 - Lenny Kravitz, Interpol, The Fray and more

    When do we find out opening acts? I'm doing to the Philadelphia show.
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    Have U2 donated anything towards Haiti?

    I was just wondering if U2 donated any money towards Haiti? A friend of mine asked earlier today and I can't seem to find anything
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    Anton Corbijn Film (Linear) featuring new music of U2!!!

    please please?
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    Get On Your Boots Audio/Video REQUEST THREAD only (No Links!)

    Could someone send me the mpeg4 version please?
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    I got on "Boots" this morning! (Single review)

    I suggest everyone emails the DJ's in their areas just to see what their takes on the song are to give us a better collective of information
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    I got on "Boots" this morning! (Single review)

    I emailed the DJ Spike from 94.1 WYSP here in Philly to see if he heard the new single and this is what he had to say "I think it's interesting. To be fair, I heard it one time. It's hard to develop a real opinion on one spin. Pop songs are easy on one listen, "is it a hit," or "is it not a...
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    I got on "Boots" this morning! (Single review)

    You heard it twice but can't remember any lines... sounds like someone looking for attention to me
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    Eze Clips REQUEST thread only (No links please!)

    please send
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    new recording outside HQ.. very clear! (no links please!) if someone can send it again it didn't work the first time.
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    The "Irishteen Clips" *the first recordings of U2's new sound* can anyone send the 2nd and 3rd clips to me please?
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