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    IO: I cannot live without the internet.

    Dancing Barefoot, huh? :happy:
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    IO: Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

    Classic! And nasty at the same time! :lmao:
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    Its Official Picture association

    "I know where that guy is hiding his stash!"
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    IO: How Bigs Yours?

    Big enough to hide behind :reject:
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    It's Official: I ws recognized!

    MrBau is in for it then - that face is instantly recognisable! :wink:
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    IO: You can lose your dentists license by

    :no: I went to the dentist yesterday! Suddenly I don't feel so good... :faint:
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    It's official #brains on toast

    Aren't there enough scrambled brains around here already? :crazy:
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    IO # hunger pains

    Maybe you could eat the pickles for dinner to make room for your head! :laugh:
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    IO: I shave everywhere

    What the...?! :eeklaugh:
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    Its Official Mr BAW knows Jesus

    :applaud: Oh well done! :lmao:
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    Its Official Mr BAW knows Jesus

    Re: we are SO going to hell Photographic proof of that walking on water thing! :macdevil:
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    IO: I shave everywhere

    Pass the salt :huh:
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    It's official #who likes beer?

    Especially if she was wearing sad red ox's boots! :crack:
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    Its Official Mr BAW knows Jesus

    I'm hoping that Jesus wasn't the type to steal third...
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    it's official # the stupid zipper

    Erm... watch out for the swordfighting then. :eek:
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    IO:These boots are made for walking...

    Fine - you walk and I'll take your car :wink: :cool:
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    IO: I shave everywhere

    :yuck: That avatar is hilarious
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    IO: I shave everywhere

    Yep, that about covers it! :lmao:
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    Its Official Mr BAW knows Jesus

    Jesus is in your baby pictures??? Showing your age Mr BAW! :wink:
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    It's Official: I'm going to be sorry...

    I'm going to be sorry if I don't do some work instead of surfing the net all day! I have resigned from my job. That's awesome, but I have three more weeks notice to work out and I am ... lets say, not very motivated. I'm going to be sorry in that last week when it's a mad scramble to cover my...
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    U2 and your dreams

    Oh well done! :lol:
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