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  1. Bonogirl777

    PGP:we're hanging with penguins while waiting for U2 to show up!

    Hellooooo, long time no see. :shifty:
  2. Bonogirl777

    The List Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way - All GA Line Drama Discussions Here

    That’s crazy bobbvis, what time did you enter the venue?
  3. Bonogirl777

    WANTED: Boston 2 GA

    Hey folks, long time no see! :wave: I’m searching for one Boston 2 GA, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got Venmo, PayPal, Cash app, you name it! Thanks in advance. :D
  4. Bonogirl777

    It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?

    I literally have no idea why, but I'm visiting this site for the first time in years. Then I stumbled upon this thread... I was more of a "lurker" in here but mostly posted in PLEBA...:|...don't judge, I was a hormone filled 13 year old!! :lol: Almost 11 years later, I'm 23, been finally...
  5. Bonogirl777

    PGP: We're Dancing in the Crystal Ballroom

    Its ridiculous how you are pretty much required to have a subscription to buy these tickets. I was right on the ball at 10AM and NOTHING. Absolutely nothing for me.
  6. Bonogirl777

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread III

    I can't imagine THAT many people being right on the ball at 10AM like that. Ugh.
  7. Bonogirl777

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread III

    Right?! My thoughts exactly.
  8. Bonogirl777

    2015 U2 Tour - General Discussion Thread III

    This is literally the worst.
  9. Bonogirl777

    How's The Weather Part XXX (01.05.14)

    Very sunny and kinda chilly. Fall :heart:
  10. Bonogirl777

    The Song That's Stuck in Your Head (#9)

    Every Breaking Wave - U2
  11. Bonogirl777

    What Are You Eating? (07-10-13)

    The rest of my subway sandwich.
  12. Bonogirl777

    How Ya Doin? Part VI

    :lol: :love: Hungry!
  13. Bonogirl777

    Musical Artist Game #4

  14. Bonogirl777

    Celebrity Name Game #14

    Omar Epps
  15. Bonogirl777

    Movie Game #34

    Kill Bill
  16. Bonogirl777

    What Are You Drinking? Part 14

    Cherry Coke
  17. Bonogirl777

    What Are You Smelling? Volume VI

    Subway sandwich again :lol:
  18. Bonogirl777

    What Are You Planning To Do Part #Vl ?

    Call back about some job interviews.
  19. Bonogirl777

    What Clothes Are You Wearing? IV

    Pink sweatshirt and grey sweatpants
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