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  1. chocky

    Early Song Rankings

    This is almost perfectly how I see it after a similar number of listens. I also have Book of Your Heart in the top category. I’m puzzled by its omission from the album proper.
  2. chocky

    In what year did you buy/get each U2 album?

    Early 1984 - UABRS Mid 1984 - Boy/October/War From TUF onwards - day of release I got UABRS video (Betamax!) for Christmas 1984 and collected all their past vinyl releases (singles, albums & 12”) during 84/85
  3. chocky's latest subscription "gift"

    Reckon forgot about these? "Physical delivery in September". Hmmm
  4. chocky

    SOE 25 - The Freakout

    So is there ANY hope of 1) Having a multi-track single release next week with TBT and b-sides such as outtakes/alternate cuts/live tracks from TJT30 2) Getting an EP with remixes of TBT including Kygo's version 3) SOE pre-order on iTunes with TBT and The Blackout as immediate downloads Ok, I...
  5. chocky – Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Editions

    Nah. Checked neighbours. UPS just rang back - they are adamant it was dropped at front door
  6. chocky – Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Editions

    My deluxe editions including vinyl set were "delivered" 2 hours ago according to UPS. They claim they left them at the front door. But I'm sitting 3 feet from the open front door and no ones been. Now what? [emoji22]
  7. chocky

    TUF "Full" album?

    I love EPAA. The "backing track" is still U2! And compared to the over-production in recent releases, it showcases a nice raw side to the band. Promenade is awesome. It may be short but so is Desire and that's no interlude. MLK is a far better closer than Grace or Yahweh or Is That All or...
  8. chocky

    *rumor* u2 to release new song this week!!

    They've clear been rehearsing new material this week so I wouldn't be surprised. But timing is off. They should let TJT30 run its course first. Then use that momentum for new material in August/September
  9. chocky

    What's on your "obscure" U2 songs playlist?

    What's on your "obscure" U2 songs playlist? J.Swallow Treasure (WHTPTC) Elvis Presley & America Boomerang II Luminous Times Walk to the Water Deep in the Heart Sweet Fire of Love (with Robbie Robertson) Hawkmoon 269 Mofo (Romin Mix) Mercy (Original) The Troubles
  10. chocky

    Did the new version of Red Hill Mining Town leak out yet?

    The 2 copies I "secured" didn't arrive. One store got 0/4 copies they ordered, the other got 1/2 and I was the second. Red Eye got 5 copies but sold out very quickly. 4 other stores I approached either didn't get stock or didn't order it. I managed to finally get one in Richmond for $59.
  11. chocky

    Did the new version of Red Hill Mining Town leak out yet?

    Yeah I'm pissed they're gouging like that. I thought $40 would be fair
  12. chocky

    Did the new version of Red Hill Mining Town leak out yet?

    I've sourced 2 copies in Oz - $55 and $70!
  13. chocky

    Did the new version of Red Hill Mining Town leak out yet?

    It's now available in the Australian iTunes Store
  14. chocky

    Kendrick Lamar - "XXX." ft. U2

    Perhaps he's done what Eminem did with Dido on "Stan"; taken a lessor known previously released mainstream track and incorporated it into a new song - but more than merely a sample? For some reason I just can't see this being brand new U2 material. It would be pretty cool to have something...
  15. chocky

    Add "vs. Predator" to a U2 song title

    Xanax & Wine vs. Predator If God Will Send His Angels vs. Predator Miami vs. Predator
  16. chocky

    SOE 18: New Tour, New Despair...

    I can't see SOE delivering a hit song. So if there's ever a follow-up album, they'll need a major change of mindset. Pretty much every other band/artist their age is content with releasing songs for their dedicated fans (who don't give a shit about hits). But not U2. If they don't change...
  17. chocky

    SOE 18: New Tour, New Despair...

    Desire (Trump Version) will be a must. And it I kinda hope (expect) it'll open the concert. Vertigo, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Miracle, Pride, One, SBS, EBTTRT will all be present after TJT.
  18. chocky

    U2, The Joshua Tree/SOE, fear and failure

    I'm really struggling to understand how U2 cops flak for performing TJT but other bands are applauded for it. When The Cure did the Trilogy tour 13 years ago is was considered groundbreaking. Since then bands from all genres have played album shows: Pearl Jam, Metallica, Springsteen, Zombies...
  19. chocky

    SOE 17: Where The Album Has A Name - The Joshua Tree

    Interesting that Edge says they'll play the album in full, in order but NOT start the concert with WTSHNN
  20. chocky

    SOE 17: Where The Album Has A Name - The Joshua Tree

    I wouldn't be surprised if RHMT is a simple acoustic Bono & Edge performance in a lower key, sounding similar to their version of Mother & Son Reunion.
  21. chocky

    SOE 17: Where The Album Has A Name - The Joshua Tree

    I was in Red Zone when Jay Z supported U2 in Sydney. Some fans next to me paid $300 to see Jay Z then left before U2 came on! Crazy. The only support band I've enjoyed was BB King for Lovetown Tour. It made sense and was fun. Other like Fatima Mansions, PJ Harvey, Weddings Parties Anything...
  22. chocky

    SOE 16: Protect This House

    I've been at one of those Springsteen concerts where he threw in the entire Born to Run album, while touring a different album. But he normally plays 30+ songs so can still play 20+ other tracks including new songs. I guess U2 have 3 obvious options (maybe more): 1) Delay SOE and do a...
  23. chocky

    Best Non-Album Track Survivor - 1984-1989 Preliminary Quarterfinal

    Technically it's an original song. It's based on this Yeats poem which was also turned into a folk song called Salley Gardens. But there's plenty of original lyrics (and music) in the song. Down By the Salley Gardens By William Butler Yeats Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet...
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