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  1. bayou12780

    Springsteen VII ~ Wrecking Ball

    The entire Apollo Concert is here. You can rip to mp3. Bruce Springsteen at the Apollo Theater, Mar.9, 2012. ENTIRE SHOW!! Great Audio! - YouTube Also, Bruce gave the Keynote Address at SXSW. He explains the current music scene and the bands who influenced him. He evens plays a few songs...
  2. bayou12780

    Springsteen VII ~ Wrecking Ball

    Now we're talkin'!! Sorry you didn't get in Headache. Band sounds great! Horn section amazing. Jake nailing it. This place is dead. I guess the kids twitter now. Backstreet is doing a good job.!/backstreetsmag Enjoy!
  3. bayou12780

    The best thing I've ever heard

    nice but this is teh best evar YouTube - U2 & Bruce Springsteen - I still haven't found what I'm look
  4. bayou12780

    September 29th ---- FedEx Field ---- Washington, DC (Landover, MD)

    Ticketmaster has released more seats to concert at FedEx. Just pulled up 2 seats in section 101, row 21. The tickets are $250 each + fees.
  5. bayou12780

    UYMFA - General content holding tank III

    just when I had almost given up on this place, I see it… manna from heaven, ecstasy in blue, a freakin miracle… all of kieran’s shit in one thread. I bow to the gods of interference.
  6. bayou12780

    What album did you just listen to from start to finish - Part IV

    Silversun Pickups - Swoon The Airborne Toxic Event (TATE) - self titled 2 fab LA bands
  7. bayou12780

    IO: I hate NSW right now!

  8. bayou12780

    A Happy Birthday Uberbeaver!

    happy belated freakin' birthday beav... :heart:
  9. bayou12780

    Springsteen V ~ Super Bowl Party

    great night... band was solid Start: 8:24 pm 1. Badlands 2. No Surrender 3. Outlaw Pete 4. She's The One 5. Working On A Dream 6. Seeds 7. Johnny 99 8. Ghost of Tom Joad 9. Raise Your Hand 10. Out In The Street (sign request) 11. Little Latin Lupe Lu (tour premire, sign request) (with a...
  10. bayou12780

    The 'I don't seem to like the new album' thread

    it's growing on me like a fungus. is it perfect? no. is it good? yes. did I expect this? no. did they take some chances? thank god, yes. only time will tell how it stacks up against the other albums. what gripes me? - lack o' edge but larry and adam almost make up for it. - lack o' melodies...
  11. bayou12780

    WHY bring back a lottery system?!

    Well I'm gonna say my peace and probably get stoned, but I don't care. The whole thing should be random and there should be NO LINE [on the horizon]. Here's how it could work: print GA tickets with name of album and a number [e.g, Boy 1-500 up to NLOTH 1-500; number of tickets for each album...
  12. bayou12780

    Who should U2 take on tour?

    The Fray - they just released their self-titled second album - it's worth checking out
  13. bayou12780

    white as snow sucks.

    this cinches it for me... amazing song... and the stately "White as Snow," which bases its melody on the Advent hymn "Veni, Veni Emmanuel." (Mr. Clayton said "White as Snow" was conceived as the last thoughts of an Afghan killed by an improvised explosive device; its four minutes are the time...
  14. bayou12780

    NLOTH is Larry's album.

    Here's a shock. According to Bono, Larry was the reason for the delay. USA Today article. At Mullen's urging, the band had no timetable and missed the lucrative fall release schedule. By briefly considering a late 2008 release date, "we lost our way a bit, but when we blew out the deadline...
  15. bayou12780

    Who's rapping in the background on Cedars of Lebanon ?

    it could be someone telling him to get out or his conscience.
  16. bayou12780

    Who's rapping in the background on Cedars of Lebanon ?

    I hear "out, get your butt out, get your butt out"
  17. bayou12780

    IO: Would you guys be really mad if..

    omg IO moved? change is good, change is good... now can the sticky thread be MINE with the kittehs? [where's BC when ya need her? BTW where is BC?]
  18. bayou12780

    Inside Broadcast VII: An Ode To The Permabanned

    Holy crap -- welcome back piker! :wave: God, this is almost better than leakage. My week is complete. Sicy - Does this mean the return of the name-that-shall-never-be-spoken-again-on-Interference is imminent? :hyper:
  19. bayou12780

    US Airways plane crashes in Hudson River

    Cool pics of transporting the US Air Flight 1549 plane...
  20. bayou12780

    Just a rant

    if i had a sig line, this would be in it. :up:
  21. bayou12780

    Shuttlecock! Part IV - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Cock Crazy Tonight

    SNL download here Idioteque SNL - Mortigi Tempo - Radiohead Message Board i listened to the wal-mart clips and i can only discern 2 songs that are shuttlecock rockers. the others sound like the boys are at an afternoon garden party playing croquet... tea anyone? :twocents:
  22. bayou12780

    Who should U2 take on tour?

    Ra - check out their album Black Sun Ra on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  23. bayou12780

    UYMFA - General content holding tank II

    woah, dudes, like bonoz is really old! why is this album taking so long? how come i don't knowz no people? why was the freakin' boots single delayed? why can't they tour every place in the world, for like, forevah? is battlestar galactica really better than star trek? what happened to space moon...
  24. bayou12780

    What Would You Do?: An Ethical Hypothetical Concerning NLOTH...

    A. Figure out how to get in contact with the appropriate people, and return the disc to the band through the proper channels without ever having listened to it. I don't know any people. B. Listen to it once, and then do A. See A. C. Take it and keep it, but only for yourself - listen to it...
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