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  1. Got Philk?

    Things I Love: Part Love-Things-Like-Mad

    I too love spring. Even today when the clouds took over and it rained on and off all day, I loved spring.
  2. Got Philk?

    MLB 2014-15: It's Time for the HOT STOVE

    OK, so I've been gone since December, 2013. My first post on my return is about, of course, the Cubbies! I know it's only May...but seriously, 2nd place. Do you think my Cubs will at least get a Wild Card spot? Sorry about David Wright. He's one of my favorites... Edit: I am now...
  3. Got Philk?

    So I was hooded for my PhD today...

    Congratulations!! :applaud:
  4. Got Philk?

    NFL 2013 Thread Part II

    Right, and they could even re-sign McCown and let him start. He apparently fit the offense well this past year. That would even give the kid a year or two to learn and grow?
  5. Got Philk?

    NFL 2013 Thread Part II

    Alright, I'm about to go off on a sports tangent again. Imagine that... I'm thinking about the Chicago Bears and trying to play a little GM here. Jay Cutler. I believe he is a free agent this off season and the Bears will have to decide if he is there guy going forward, or not. Now, I've...
  6. Got Philk?

    The Temple Bar - It's Fall, Yo! UYMFA!!

    I'ma try to make me a comeback here on the Interference World Website (IWW). I just made that up right now. Sweet... I see someone just posted a joke up above. Here's mine. Knock knock who's there? interrupting cow. Interrupi... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Where should I start my comeback??
  7. Got Philk?

    Weight loss

    17 pound here since Christmas! Seemed to hit a bit of a wall right now though...needs to warm up here in Michigan so I can get out and play me some more footy! Good job all of you!!! Keep going! :applaud:
  8. Got Philk?

    2013 Interferon NFL Playoffs pool

    Vikings - 12 Colts - 11 Seahawks - 10 Broncos - 9 Bengals - 8 Ravens -7 Redskins - 6 49ers - 5 Texans - 4 Packers - 3 Patriots - 2 Falcons - 1 Tiebreaker - 49
  9. Got Philk?

    The Temple Bar - It's Fall, Yo! UYMFA!!

    So a guy walks in to a bar...
  10. Got Philk?

    NBA 2012 Thread

    Lord have mercy Baron Davis' knee is deformed... He's a lot tougher than I would be...I'd probably be crying like a baby.
  11. Got Philk?

    NBA 2012 Thread

    Me too...and Bosh...for everything.
  12. Got Philk?

    NBA 2012 Thread

    I've been gone for a month and this is what I have to contribute. Dwayne Wade is a bitch. Take care now, philk
  13. Got Philk?

    The Temple Bar - It's Fall, Yo! UYMFA!!

    Hi Interferencers...
  14. Got Philk?

    NFL 2012: The Super Bowl and Beyond

    Congrats! :hi5:
  15. Got Philk?

    2011 70th Annual Interferon NFL Pick'em

    That's cool. I have 2 German shepherd dogs!
  16. Got Philk?

    College Football 2011

    I can't believe it...I'm at my in-law's house with great food...and they don't have cable. We can't watch the Rose Bowl on ESPN. At least there's food.
  17. Got Philk?

    2011 70th Annual Interferon NFL Pick'em

  18. Got Philk?

    The Temple Bar - It's Fall, Yo! UYMFA!!

    Gross... But on the topic of mucus, I teach 2nd grade. In second grade, we do a little unit on germs. When we got to the lesson that talked about mucus, I opened up the entire lesson by telling the kids that todays lesson would be on boogers and hacking loogies. That got their attention. :D
  19. Got Philk?

    2011 70th Annual Interferon NFL Pick'em

    GIANTS Packers Saints BEARS Dolphins TEXANS Titans Bengals Lions Patriots DREAM TEAM CARDINALS Ravens Steelers
  20. Got Philk?

    2010-2011 NBA Thread Episode III

    Add to that the Pistons stopped giving him consistent minutes for no good reason, and you've got a recipe for the desire to have a comeback season. :hyper: Let's Go.
  21. Got Philk?

    NFL 2011, Part 2

    Did I miss the conversation on Luck going to Indy learning from Peyton Manning? Am I the only one who looks back at quarterback situations like Joe Montana to Steve Young or Bret Favre to Rodgers as a positive example of what could happen if Luck had to wait a couple of years before starting...
  22. Got Philk?

    2011 70th Annual Interferon NFL Pick'em

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