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  1. Foxxern

    Boots now available on itunes! Cheers :)
  2. Foxxern

    'Window in the Skies' REQUEST Thread ALL VERSIONS

    Studio version please... achtunger(at)yahoo(dot)com Cheers :) Edit: Just got it, thanks!
  3. Foxxern

    KROQ has played 'Window in the Skies' -- post the links here!

    I think the Radiohead song finally ends about 42 seconds in actually. Kind of a long crossfade...
  4. Foxxern

    KROQ has played 'Window in the Skies' -- post the links here! That, by the way, is a common e-mail address that anyone can access. No password required. ;) ... then anyone can login
  5. Foxxern

    Pop backlash

    Pop just isn't that radio-friendly of an album. But with a band like U2, you get that sometimes. Hell of a lot better than a band like Nickelback that tries to make everything sound "pleasant" to everyone. Sure, sometimes they put out stinkers... but it comes with the risks the band takes to...
  6. Foxxern

    U2 May be THE band of Tomorrow (1981 review)

    If he only knew how far that would take him. :up:
  7. Foxxern

    MERGED ----> U2 compensated for ABC/ESPN commercials

    Good ad... looks even better if you get to watch it on ESPNHD. :) Of course Bono did call the Irish national team the band's best opening act back in 2002.
  8. Foxxern

    MERGED--> ALL DISCUSSION U2 on Conan O' Brian this week

    Oh this so gets "Save until I delete" status on the Tivo. :wink:
  9. Foxxern

    May 10, United Center in Chicago

    Wondering if I could get some advice. Due to work/school constraints, I won't be able to get to the GA line on Thu until like 4:30. How far back do you guys think that'll put me on the floor? For Elevation, I showed up around 2:00 the first time, then around 12:30 the second time and had a...
  10. Foxxern

    The Chicago III thread

    Yep, the soccer chant style "Happy Birthday" was a neat little touch. Cool to see Bono pop the champagne to celebrate a bit.
  11. Foxxern

    May 10, United Center in Chicago

    Just got back from this one. I really should get to sleep, but damn I'm on such a high right now. I was up in the seats for this one (will be in GA on Thu), straight behind the band, so it was a unique experience. Though we were in the back, we were only about six rows up, so everything felt...
  12. Foxxern

    MERGED: Is the Sports Guy an Interference Member?

    Bill Simmons is absolutely brilliant. Hands down my favorite sportswriter. His U2 references are well-placed, but make his fandom known. Another quality article. :wink:
  13. Foxxern

    (02-13-2005) U2's midlife crisis - Chicago Tribune*

    Um, are you serious? Have you managed to miss all the complaints on here regarding ticket prices and ticket availability? I mean, I wasn't even all that pissed off about it myself, as I got pretty much what I wanted. But I definitely sympathize with those who were shut out and feel they...
  14. Foxxern

    (02-13-2005) U2's midlife crisis - Chicago Tribune*

    It's an interesting article, and while I don't agree with it entirely, I do seem to think it often seems like U2 are trying too hard to remind people that they are around and that they want to be relevant. I don't know that there is anything specifically wrong with the music itself, even if it...
  15. Foxxern

    ATTN: Chicago Ticketholders

    I sure hope you're right! Still I'm gonna be a bit antsy until the date gets close, worried about getting "the call" from TM.
  16. Foxxern

    ATTN: Chicago Ticketholders

    Here are a few in Chicago at this website: You might also want to try out the website if you want to get a really cheap rate at a hotel in the area.
  17. Foxxern

    ATTN: Chicago Ticketholders

    Ah crap... well what should I do now? I honestly don't want to screw anyone else out of tickets, especially when there are a lot of fans who didn't get anything. Should I call Ticketmaster up? Is there a chance they would just cancel my tickets without informing me and I wouldn't find out...
  18. Foxxern

    ATTN: Chicago Ticketholders

    Bought them from Carson's (local department store that had a TM outlet), the people in front of me looked to be about my age, maybe a few years younger, in college probably--certainly didn't look like brokers. Yeah beyond that, I have no idea. I was happy at the time, but in retrospect if...
  19. Foxxern

    ATTN: Chicago Ticketholders

    Yeah I know. I was as stunned as anyone. The people in front of me ordered 11, yes 11, in GA. I figured, what the hell, give it a shot.
  20. Foxxern

    ATTN: Chicago Ticketholders

    Presale: Nothing General sale: 5/10 - 2 tickets in Section 117 5/12 - 4 tickets in GA
  21. Foxxern

    GENERAL SALE: The Official "I Got Tickets" Thread! - POST HERE

    Hmm, kinda worried, I got two to Chicago III in section 117, right behind the stage. Then I managed to get four GA tickets to Chicago IV... which I figured wouldn't be allowed. People in front of me had more GAs than that. I just hope we don't have all of our tickets cancelled. But I've got...
  22. Foxxern

    MERGED -- > All Questions about GENERAL SALE Here

    I think my plan tomorrow is to go to the TM outlet in person and have my brother at home on the website. Then whenever one of us gets tickets, we immediately call to avoid any problems. So if I get them first at the store, I'll call and he'll get away from the website. Or if he gets them...
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