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    Wanted : GA for Paris Night 3

    Update! Looking to trade one Paris 9/9 GA for one Paris 9/12 GA
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    Wanted : GA for Paris Night 3

    Looking for 1 or 2 GA for the 9/12/18 show :)
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    St. Louis Setlist Party

    I felt the same way. I just took is as them playing an album in order was unnatural and it showed (for me) A friend who is a casual fan said that was his least favorite of tours he’s seen but followed with “ a “bad” U2 show is still a great U2 show”. I still saw them 4 times on the JT tour...
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    Set list party : BOK Center, Tulsa; May 2, 2018

    Same :heart: Hi all! I tried to stay away but I caved.
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    General sale is 12/4. Not sure about citi.
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    A second show has been added on May 12th
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    Husband got two GA via the citi presale. We were shut out during the subscriber presale. He managed to grab two more GAs during the general sale but lost them because he had to create Another T-Mobile arena account when the initial login he created during the citi presale didn’t work during the...
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    Mexico City and Puebla earthquake - will it affect U2 playing there soon?

    Me too!! Safe journey and see you there! :wave:
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    I'm disappointed in every tour U2 have ever done

    Hahaha! This was awesome
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    Mexico City and Puebla earthquake - will it affect U2 playing there soon?

    So far it looks like they are announcing postponements a couple days ahead at a time. This is where we'd see an update. On U2's Instagram they said San Diego will be the last North American date so a postponement might already be a lock...
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    Mexico City and Puebla earthquake - will it affect U2 playing there soon?

    I hope so too. I literally just got another email from about where to pick up my tickets for the show.
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    Mexico City and Puebla earthquake - will it affect U2 playing there soon?

    ^I'm in the same boat. I'm preparing for a cancellation though. It all seems to be quite devastating.
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    GA "Line" Shenanigans Part 2: You Just Made The List!

    That's how it was in LA at the Forum during I+e. I'm all for the ( official )venue ways of distributing wristbands. Like others have said, I do hope the band does something about it sooner than later. My short history with the fan run lists: I was out of the loop during Vertigo. I did camp...
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    Going to a show by yourself?

    I went to one show by myself in Phoenix during 360. I hated it but I generally hate going to shows alone. I did enjoy the solo road trip from LA and enjoyed having a place to stay all to myself. I really didn't make friends with my GA neighbors but I admit that was on me. With all that said...
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    September 22, 2017 - San Diego, CA - Qualcomm Stadium

    Hubby and I were going to skip this one but I folded faster than a lawn chair. :lol: A friend got us GAs so we'll see y'all there!
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    Edge's Pop up photo exhibit

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    Edge's Pop up photo exhibit

    I saw the coordinates posted on U2's Facebook page this morning and I was happy to learn I was nearby. If you're in LA, definitely check it out!
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    October 3, 2017 - Mexico City - Mexico Foro Sol

    Me too! :wave: It won't be my first visit to the city but it will be my first time seeing a show at Foro Sol. Any transportation tips would be much appreciated. Reading all sorts of things online.
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    How many times have you seen U2 live?

    18 for me. Vertigo - 2 360 - 6 i+e - 8 JT2017 - 2
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    Dallas Setlist Party

    My friend and I met him after the Jimmy Kimmel show and she said it was an honor to meet him, we went to the shows over the weekend and how much of a thrill it was to hear ASOH. He smiled, said thank you, we enjoy ... playing the Rose Bowl. He's either a true politician or he didn't hear the...
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    Bono and his incessant/inane chatter during concerts

    I loved night 1 at the Rose Bowl lol :) *Normally I like some new crap but I didn't wanna hear any on this specific tour ;)
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    Would you like to see POP songs return to the set?

    Everything you just said
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