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  1. BlackElectric

    NLOTH album request thread (DO NOT POST LINKS!!!) please! thank you! :D
  2. BlackElectric

    ** All Get On Your Boots VIDEO Discussion HERE ** (No DL Links Please!)

    Can anybody send it to me? The links aren't working and I'd really like to see it! thank you!
  3. BlackElectric

    Who out there are the Youngest and the Oldest U2 Fans?

    I'm 18, and have been a fan since I was about 10 :wave:
  4. BlackElectric

    "Get On Your Boots" E-mail Request Thread... thank you! :D
  5. BlackElectric

    Eze Clips REQUEST thread only (No links please!)

    clips please? thank you!!! =D
  6. BlackElectric

    REQUEST: Bono live in Africa shirt

    Hey thanks a whole bunch!!
  7. BlackElectric

    REQUEST: Bono live in Africa shirt

    Ya know that shirt Bono has with the continent of Africa on it, with a sort of bulls-eye design inside? I'm looking for pictures of him live in concert wearing that shirt. Thanks in advance! : )
  8. BlackElectric

    Teenage U2 fans!

    heck yes I do. I even made an interference blog ring on xanga. you should check it oooouuuuut. =D it's called like, blue crack addicts or something of the sort. look for the link under my blogrings on my site. I love interference wooooooo :D
  9. BlackElectric

    RED is coming! no. 2

    I was out shopping with my boyfriend last Friday. We went into gap and I bought myself an inspi(red) tshirt. He insisted on carrying my bags for me becuase he's such a nice person, but then ended up dropping my gap bag somewhere along the way. :mad: I never even got to where it :(
  10. BlackElectric

    Teenage U2 fans!

    AIDS! I'm a villager on xanga. mugatu216 =D hahaha how cool that we run into eachother.
  11. BlackElectric

    Top 5 most underrated U2 songs EVER!

    Zooropa. This is by far my absolute favorite U2 song. Ever. There are just so many different levels to it. It's absolutely amazing.
  12. BlackElectric

    U218 Singles leaked

    The longer version of WITS, please? thank you1
  13. BlackElectric

    young u2 fans

    It's like falling in love. You can't help you fall in love with. All you know is that you love them. U2's music is amazing to me, no matter how old they are. I don't even take their age into consideration when I listen to them.
  14. BlackElectric

    Bono & Kylie sing "kids"

    How about that song they did with Sinead O'Conner. I'm Not Your Baby. I like that song. I think it's so awesome that Bono joined Kylie on stage. I think she's such a fun artist. I don't know if anyone has posted this link yet. About a minute and...
  15. BlackElectric

    young u2 fans

    I'm 16. When elevation was first release I heard it on the radio and remember thinking to myself, "wow, this is a cool song." I did my U2 research and realized they sang songs I've heard before and liked. Pride, WOWY, etc. So the first two albums I bought by U2 were ATYCLB and the best of...
  16. BlackElectric

    U2 songs that you don't like the title of

    I don't know why, but I've always liked that title. :shrug: Anyways. What I don't like is how they always take the song title from the chorus of the song. I like it better when they take the title from a meaningful lyric you only hear once or twice in the song. Or maybe they don't say it at...
  17. BlackElectric

    'Window in the Skies' REQUEST Thread ALL VERSIONS

    studio version pleeeease =D thank you
  18. BlackElectric

    (11-01-2006) U218 Singles (and Tracklisting) - Yahoo!*

    I just thought this whole thing was a bad idea in the first place. If this is supposed to be a DIFINITIVE Best Of, shouldn't it come after U2 is done making music? I don't know. I just kinda think that it's silly. We already have the two best ofs. Now we're getting this one. And you know...
  19. BlackElectric

    Why No Live Albums?

    Oh is it really? :huh: Well that's weird. Nevermind then.
  20. BlackElectric

    Why No Live Albums?

    I was in FYE just the other day and I saw a CD version of Slane Castle. I swear it, I did. I was a bit shocked, because I didn't think there was such a thing.
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