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  1. JessicaAnn

    Funny things from the internet thread

    WTF? Pretentious hipsters. This demonstrates why I hate 98% of performance art... it's incredibly ridiculous.
  2. JessicaAnn

    I.O. My infatuation over U2 and Yoville has meld into one.

    I'm hungry... it's been a while since I have had brains.:drool:
  3. JessicaAnn

    IO: I've been here a decade.

    Me too! :sad:
  4. JessicaAnn

    July 5, 2011 - Soldier Field - Chicago, IL

    I'll be at Chicago... my first GA experience.
  5. JessicaAnn

    Has Bono been working out his neck?

    They are different, but I think you can still sing rock while supporting from the diaphragm. Look at all of the broadway musicals that incorporate rock-ish music (i.e., Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc. All of those B'way stars are using more traditional singing techniques of supporting the...
  6. JessicaAnn

    All of Kieran McConville's 'stories' HERE

    I knew it... Paul is the claw! It all makes sense now.
  7. JessicaAnn

    IO: Everybody is Sick...

    The PR coordinator who works for me has an ear infection. How does someone over the age of 10 get an ear infection? :huh:
  8. JessicaAnn

    Happy birthday bonosloveslave

    Happy birthday!
  9. JessicaAnn

    Does anybody love Stay (Faraway, So Close!) like I do?

    Next to Bad, this is my my favorite U2 song.
  10. JessicaAnn

    Io: Milestones Only!

  11. JessicaAnn

    Is College Commencement Worth Going To?

    I went to my college graduation ceremony and I am so glad I did. Mine was super long... we had the all-university ceremony in a large arena where all grads marched in, there were the requisite speeches, honorary degrees were conferred and then PhDs and Masters Degrees. Then, everyone leaves...
  12. JessicaAnn

    All of Kieran McConville's 'stories' HERE

    That is epic.
  13. JessicaAnn

    July 6th 2010 - Chicago Soldier Field

    Count me in for this one! (as long as ticketbastard and my presale code cooperates)
  14. JessicaAnn

    If You Could Teleport...

    Somewhere where I can relax... like the south of France or the Cinquaterra in Italy, where there is sun, water, good food and good wine.
  15. JessicaAnn

    All of Kieran McConville's 'stories' HERE

    It's pretty amazing.
  16. JessicaAnn

    IO: I'm Dressing up as ____ for Halloween.

    I am not dressing up. I am not a fan of Halloween.
  17. JessicaAnn

    All of Kieran McConville's 'stories' HERE

    What a charming story.
  18. JessicaAnn

    The Edge and Bono Love Thread #8

    Sounds like they did that in Phoenix too. Here's a video of what happened at the Phoenix show during Until The End of The World YouTube - Until the end of the world u2 PHX
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