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  1. Snowlock

    Sphere "app" and Apple Wallet

    So when I got there I went to the Vibee concierge desk at the Zoo TV experience. The Vibee employees told me the Apple wallet doesn't work with the Sphere Account Manager website and you won't be required to show the tickets in the wallet. I showed the tickets in Chrome web browswer at the...
  2. Snowlock

    3 Irishmen and a Dutchman Walk Into A Sphere - General Discussion Thread Part III

    No, it took an additional day to show up in the Sphere Account Manager for me. Hopefully same for you. Vibee buggy af.
  3. Snowlock

    Sphere "app" and Apple Wallet

    Okay, some progress on the Apple Wallet front. The button to put the tickets in the apple wallet ONLY appears if the iPhone is in LANDSCAPE mode. And you must have Face ID active. And then it says "Unable to add to pass. Your pass could not be added to Wallet at this time. Try again later." So...
  4. Snowlock

    Sphere "app" and Apple Wallet

    I have the tickets. Has anyone with a Vibee package on here successfully transferred their tickets to the apple wallet?
  5. Snowlock

    Sphere "app" and Apple Wallet

    Yes it's the Vibee package. You can see the tickets on the Sphere website, and it says move to wallet, but there's nothing to tap to move to the wallet.
  6. Snowlock

    Sphere "app" and Apple Wallet

    Sorry if this is elsewhere and please direct me if so, has anyone had any trouble getting your tickets from the Sphere "app" which is nothing more than their website on the mobile phone, to the Apple Wallet? It says it's required, but hell if I can make it work!
  7. Snowlock

    Have U2's 21st century releases done irreparable damage to their legacy?

    I enjoyed post-ATYCLB U2, but there's no doubt that HTDAAB was a let down. We wanted raw, visceral music from U2 again, and the hints we were getting at the time from the band seemed to be in that vein, iirc. But then we got an album that was way too polished. Vertigo was cool, but the rest...
  8. Snowlock

    Reflecting on Year post-2000 albums

    Hey man, I just want to say I appreciate you looking out for the forums like Diemen said you were. It take a village, it really does, and your continued dedication to preserving an open and friendly atmosphere where progressive ideas are engaged freely really speaks to your character. Well...
  9. Snowlock

    Reflecting on Year post-2000 albums

    It seems to have deescalated just as quickly. Unless the point of your post was to stir things up? Can you clarify? Because it seems things were passing and now you're trying to shit stir?
  10. Snowlock

    Reflecting on Year post-2000 albums

    Excellent decision. See? Now look how smart you've become. You get called a twat, and you figure out, all by yourself, that hey, maybe this guy doesn't want to talk to you. And then you process that as, hey, I'm not going to talk to him. And there you go. I'm proud of you. Still think...
  11. Snowlock

    Reflecting on Year post-2000 albums

    Back in the early 2000's Green Day descended into what I call "ditty writing", their songs were simply sounding, were kind of sing-alongy... little ditties. That's what I think of when I think of Best Thing. And that line, "ever happened a boy" just bugs me to no end. GOoYOW - Bono copying...
  12. Snowlock

    Songs of Ascent

    I'd put Ahimsa on this as well. Totally fitting.
  13. Snowlock

    Reflecting on Year post-2000 albums

    That's what I said, Fred. Are you taken aback, Zach?
  14. Snowlock

    Reflecting on Year post-2000 albums

    ATYCLB - when this came out, I liked 4 songs - BD, Elevation, Walk On & Kite. 19 years on, I still like the same 4 songs. Unchanged. HTDAAB - Always been great but not epically great. It fluctuates in esteem, but a revisit always gleans more gems. NLOTH - Very similar to HTDAAB, but...
  15. Snowlock

    Songs of Ascent

    Well, I'm guessing this is either never going to happen, or we already have it, split into two albums called Songs of Experience and Songs of Innocence. I do realize that Bono has said it's still out there. I just don't believe him. :lol: So if Songs of Ascent exists somewhere between...
  16. Snowlock

    Set list party : BOK Center, Tulsa; May 2, 2018

    Wow! First show since 1986 without a Joshua tree song on it?
  17. Snowlock

    The Little Things That Give You Away - Appreciation Thread

    Only good song on the album. I did like the live version better. The album version drags on a bit.
  18. Snowlock

    Your Innocence + Experience Tracklist

    The Miracle Invisible (red edit) Every Breaking Wave Song for Someone Iris Ordinary Love California You're the Best Thing Blackout Get Out American Soul Little Things
  19. Snowlock

    I Listened To No Line On The Horizon Today

    1. NLOTH. Really like it. NLOTH 2 was better. 2. Magnificient. Thinly sung generic disco song. Cool opening, but feels like a bait and switch. "OOOOH RAWK!!! Nope, disco." 3. MOS. To long. Cool otherwise. 4. Unknown Caller. How'd this weird demo get on an album? 5. Crazy. It's...
  20. Snowlock

    Songs of Experience vs Songs of Innocence

    I'd have given SOI a 5. SOE I'd give a 2. However, when I put the albums together, I came out with something I liked. The Miracle Invisible (RED edit) EBW Song for Someone Iris Ordinary Love California (I created my own edit chopping out that irritating 'Santa Barbara' scat) Your'e the Best...
  21. Snowlock

    SOE ranking in U2’s catalogue

    1. Josh Tree - The icon 2. AB - Not as dark as it used to feel. 3. NLOTH - All this was missing was a great single. 4. Pop - Needed two great singles. 5. War - Good stuff, but I like the chiming guitars. 6. HTDAAB - great singles, too much filler 7. TUF - Way too much filler 8. SOI -...
  22. Snowlock

    Whoa, BVS got on TV

  23. Snowlock

    SOI - Now that the bloom is off

    Eno makes him.
  24. Snowlock

    SOI - Now that the bloom is off

    "Fuck" and "Goat" are just two words that constantly spring to mind when thinking of you. Run away now little bitch. You've met your better. Again.
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