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  1. FishNeedsABicycle

    16th September Toronto - Air Canada Centre

    awesome awesome show! MUCH better than Wednesday! Does anyone know the name of the song that they walk out of stage to? For lack of a better description the "oh oh oh oh oh"
  2. FishNeedsABicycle

    Bono's Dancing Girls IV-Were you one of the chosen?Wish you were? Post/chat here

    Ok Jess you brought me out of retirement! I was sooooooooo happy that you got onstage!!! It really made the whole night for me! I was just happy to meet you in line, butthen to have you get up onstage too?!?!? AMAZING! As we were leaving you had a crowd of people around you so i didn't...
  3. FishNeedsABicycle

    MERGED-->I give you Vertigo + VERTIGO is here!!!

    JESUS BACON PAINT MY FENCE BOOLA BOOLA BOOLA VERTIGO FREAKIN ROCKS MY COTTON SOCKS OFF! *THUD* :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  4. FishNeedsABicycle


    I am actually skipping town to go to a fund-raiser in buffalo...but my family lives in Baltimore AND we have a place at the beach so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck ladies! I was supposed to fly out but I've decided to drive and try to stay ahead of the winds. SD...atleast...
  5. FishNeedsABicycle

    I knew there was something I had to do

    A kid with a mullet just came into my office and asked if he could skateboard on our street. *random* I miss you guys...this is the first time I have been here in weeks... Foots still broken...6 more weeks of that nonsense... Molly(the puppy) is the devil incarnate. And she knows it. My...
  6. FishNeedsABicycle

    Bono in DC THIS upcoming weekend...

    OOOOOO Maybe he will perform with BROOOOOOOOOOCE while he's here!!! *hopes* I might pass out...LOL...Sherry will you catch me? LOL!
  7. FishNeedsABicycle

    paging Fishy :)

    Page received :mac: PM sent :dance:
  8. FishNeedsABicycle

    Edge asked me not to tell anyone

    In my x-rated edge dream he was wearing the black cowboy outfit...and ladies did you know that those pants have a button fly? Well they did in my dream anyway...and lets just say the unbuttoning with my mouth didn't stop on the last button of his shirt... :shifty: *gets tackled by entire...
  9. FishNeedsABicycle

    Edge asked me not to tell anyone

    I used to have Edge dreams all the time, but we were always we would go get icecream or he would come over to play atari...LMAO... One time i did have a sexy edge dream but I have been asked by his lawyers not to share the details of THAT encounter...O_o
  10. FishNeedsABicycle

    No Bruce for me...

    HAHAHAHAH I LOOKED FOR HIM! But alas, I think I just linked from your site instead of saving him because he is so not on my hard drive. So instead we have sessy mofo pop edge sans unibrow :unibrow:
  11. FishNeedsABicycle

    No Bruce for me...

    I just talked to your contact Sherry! He got the ticket! WOOOO! :dance: He is going to give it to you when he sees you soon, just a heads up, and then you and I can meet up sometime before the show and make the drop! LOL! I am soooooo grateful for this Sherry! You have no idea. You...
  12. FishNeedsABicycle

    On the dance floor....

    Sherry I totally feel your pain...I love clubbin' but because of my big ghetto booty (no joke...we are talkin serious junk in dah trunk) I get asked to go home and groped more than I would care to. Why can't i just be there for the fun of it. My clubs. joke, great...
  13. FishNeedsABicycle

    U2 Nesting Dolls - For sale!

    You could always add a little bit of hair coming out of the bottom of the hat...I think he wore that hat during a few elevation shows...cause I remember Mona had a thing for the army hats... Just a suggestion...the other dolls look really good!
  14. FishNeedsABicycle

    No Bruce for me...

    Yes! Yes I did! He is picking up my ticket on his CA vacation!!!! SO EXCITED! We need to try to meet up for the show!
  15. FishNeedsABicycle

    Lucas Levy, faithful friend

    I think you said it best. I know its hard but you have to consider the fact that you are taking away their pain which is something they can not do. They depend on you all of their lives even for the tough decisions like this. :hug: :hug: :hug:
  16. FishNeedsABicycle

    No Bruce for me...

    OH MY DAD. SHERRY that is so unbelivabley SWEET of you. I am so touched by that you have no idea. Unfortunately I am on strict bed rest until i get my cast on THE NEXT DAY. GAAAAH I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW BAD MY LUCK IS! Ok SO...I am currently trying for his show here in DC/MD in the fall...
  17. FishNeedsABicycle

    No Bruce for me...

    I am so upset right now. I was supposed to get my cast on yesterday for my foot so that I could go to the concert with protection, however, when the doctor took new x-rays he saw that the bone had shifted and now I require surgery. Surgery is tomorrow. I have pre-op and a night in the...
  18. FishNeedsABicycle

    A truely shocking announcement.

    This reminds me of the time you and I played truth or dare...LMAO HAHAHAHAH I SWEAR this time I had nothing to do with it!!! But I went and found the old thread...and you know what I realized? WE USED TO BE FUNNY *sigh* So just for old times sake...and maybe a few laughs to times gone...
  19. FishNeedsABicycle

    I Got The Puppy!!!

    We got her home! She is soooooooo sweet but soooooooooo active... She likes to pounce like a cat and play hide and She hides behind the couch and then comes dashing out at full speed and pounces on whoever is nearest... SO CUTE. She doesn't have a name yet, but we're workin on...
  20. FishNeedsABicycle

    I Got The Puppy!!!

    FNAB...LMAO HAHAHAH You know...there was a time back in my newbie days when my nickname teetered on a very thin line between FNABI and Fishy...LOL... I had forgotten about Fnabi...LOL Pronounced Fah-nah-Bee LOL *cracked out* No I haven't decided on a name, Jeramee says we have to wait until...
  21. FishNeedsABicycle

    Make me laugh

    Tell me my you remember these? *MPS FLASHBACK* Dodododododododododod (wayne's world style) oh they are sooooo slap your momma good - fishy "The smile! The neck! The bubble pants!" ~Opal Dispatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back his body! *wink to Opal* "GOSH he is so...
  22. FishNeedsABicycle

    Photoshop U2 In The SummerTime

  23. FishNeedsABicycle

    Photoshop U2 In The SummerTime

    HAHAHAHAHA GREAT IDEA OL!!! Ok I only have paint at work...but let me see what I can do... *brainstorms*
  24. FishNeedsABicycle

    I Got The Puppy!!!

    Oooooooooo GOOD LIST! Top 5 so far... In no particular order... 1. Lola 2. Molly 3. Roxy 4. Sophie 5. Emma I know potty training is gonna be tough...especially since I am on crutches, but hopefully Jeramee will be patient. :dance:ing in my head
  25. FishNeedsABicycle

    I Got The Puppy!!!

    LOL don't worry Olive in my heart she will always be Lola...LOL Maybe Lola will be her middle name...LOL She'll end up like on of Bono's kids...LMAO Molly Lola Hewson Lucy Q :lol:
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