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  1. madonna's child

    U2 at the Apollo Theater, NYC - June 11th

    Do any Sirius members know if the email about this has gone out yet? I have a bad habit of trashing my Sirius emails without reading them, but I looked through my trash and couldn't find anything about U2.
  2. madonna's child

    July 23, 2015 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Question for anyone from NJ - I haven't commuted into the city this week but I've been reading that trains have been screwy the last few days. Their website says no delays right now, but I'm still worried. Has anyone been dealing with this? Are you expecting issues this evening? I'm planning on...
  3. madonna's child

    GA/Floor - is there a disabled area/seating?

    Congrats! How pregnant are you going to be? I'm seeing them in July and will be 37 weeks. Luckily I have seats because I had just found out I was expecting when the pre-sales started. Just hoping all the excitement and noise doesn't send me into labor! :D
  4. madonna's child

    10 best U2 songs since year 2000

    Beautiful Day (the best song they've written in 15 years) Vertigo Every Breaking Wave Walk On The Ground Beneath Her Feet Electrical Storm Breathe Kite Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own The Miracle
  5. madonna's child

    Support acts for the tour??

    Bastille The Gaslight Anthem Bleachers Chvrches Hozier (I only know that one song, but you know he's Irish...) Also, if they wanted to make another bold hip hop choice like when they had Kanye, then Lupe Fiasco would be awesome. His stuff is very political.
  6. madonna's child

    Rank your favorite songs on Achtung Baby

    My favorite U2 album! 1 - Ultraviolet 2 - The Fly 3 - Until the End of the World 4 - Mysterious Ways 5 - One 6 - Zoo Station 7 - Acrobat 8 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 9 - Even Better Then The Real Thing 10 - Love Is Blindness 11 - Tryin to Throw Your Arms Around the World 12 - So Cruel
  7. madonna's child

    Troubles vs Sleep Like a Baby--which one makes the live cut?

    I would prefer The Troubles, it's so haunting. I'm sure Lykke Li's voice will just be track if they do it live. If I had to guess, though, I bet the band likes Sleep Like a Baby Tonight more then The Troubles. I have no factual support, of course, it just feels like the song they (Bono...
  8. madonna's child

    The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) - Song Discussion

    I love this song, it's so joyful, it feels earnest like something from Boy but with a bigger sound. The lyrics of the chorus really jump out to me. I know Bono is talking about the Ramones, but for me it's a great description of what U2's music has meant to me... "I woke up at the moment When...
  9. madonna's child

    Opening Night Setlist Predictions

    I like the idea of closing with The Troubles, it is haunting much like 40. (also, I'm tired of 40.) I want them to bring back Pride, I was surprised how much I missed it on 360.
  10. madonna's child

    So in terms of sales..

    that's awesome, but I can't believe people are downloading Rattle and Hum but not Achtung, Baby :doh:
  11. madonna's child

    Ordinary Love

    It's a pretty little song, and Bono's voice sounds really good. But I'm glad it's not the lead single for the new album, it's not exciting enough to draw in the borderline U2 fans.
  12. madonna's child

    What do you think the t-shirts/merchandise will be like?

    yes, that's it! I'm glad to see I didn't dream the whole thing up. man, I wish I'd bought it! why not sell it online, it's a great shirt! I hope they have it for sale on the next leg. anyway, thanks for reassuring me about my sanity. :D
  13. madonna's child

    What do you think the t-shirts/merchandise will be like?

    hey, guys. can you help a girl out? cause I might be losing my mind... at the NY 1 show, I saw a tshirt that I loved, it was vintage style with a picture of Edge's guitar on it (the one from I Will Follow and Beautiful Day) and it said something to the effect of "Edge's Guitar Sounds...
  14. madonna's child

    PLEBA name poll

    I like PLEBA
  15. madonna's child

    U2 on SNL Season premiere?

    guys, I work in television production and I can assure you that networks like NBC have to adhere to strict programming schedules. the people at SNL can't just ask for more time in their show, even if it is at 1:00 am. the band was clearly playing the show off, it was bound to get cutoff. maybe...
  16. madonna's child

    Bono on Twitter???

    I don't think Bono could really handle tweeting, he couldn't limit himself to that amount of characters. :tongue:
  17. madonna's child

    Window in the Skies a great song, underappreciated

    yeah, I agree, it's pretty. but it sort of feels like a throw away being put on U2 18. oh well.
  18. madonna's child

    U2 on SNL Season premiere?

    I've heard the dress rehearsal is a lot more fun to watch then the real show. congrats! I'm debating going down there and trying to see them post-show. any new yorkers know where the talent entrance is for SNL?
  19. madonna's child

    September (NOW 23rd) & 24 -- Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)

    I sure hope you guys are right. but the forecast is for thunderstorms and their stage stage has a big lightning rod on the top... I'll be wearing my rainboots. :D
  20. madonna's child

    September 21, 2009 - Gilette Stadium Foxboro - Massachusetts

    hello, all, here is my little review.... the show was amazing! the stage is INCREDIBLE. I knew it would be impressive, but it still surpassed my expectations. very cool experience, almost a sensory overload. I thought the band sounded good, the sound in general was pretty good for a stadium...
  21. madonna's child

    Leaving Gilette Stadium

    well it sounds like it wasn't as bad for me as some of you Sunday night, but last night still sucked. took an hour and a half for us to get to 495. totally absurd. I was unimpressed with gillette stadium in general. :down:
  22. madonna's child

    Anyone else surprised by the amount of tickets needing new owners?

    I think scalpers overestimated what americans would be willing to pay for tickets in this economy. I think people still want to see U2, but if they missed a chance to get tickets at face value they might not be willing to pay several times the face value these days. I don't think people were as...
  23. madonna's child

    September 20, 21 - Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA-who's in?

    hi, guys. thank you for your help with my earlier post. I have another question, and I apologize if it's been asked already somewhere in this massive thread.... I'm still debating between a zipcar and rock bus. zipcar is cheaper, but I see that parking is $40 at the stadium. that pushes the...
  24. madonna's child

    September 20, 21 - Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA-who's in?

    NEED SOME HELP, BOSTON FANS! hi, guys. so I'm going to the show on the 21st, I'm coming up from NYC. I don't have a car, so I think we might take the greyhound, but I need some advice about navigating. the city... 1. is the greyhound station in a good area for sightseeing? if not, how can I...
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