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  1. U2FloridaFan

    The U2 Experience on SiriusXM Channel 30

    Anyone have any idea what the Larry Mullen Jr. Special is all about tomorrow night?
  2. U2FloridaFan

    Las Vegas #2 Setlist Party

    Red Flag Day was not played at night 2.
  3. U2FloridaFan


    GA's dropping right now for Vegas one...
  4. U2FloridaFan

    May 11, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    If you are looking for seats, waiting for ticket drops is not necessary for these shows. There are PLENTY of cheap and expensive seats still available if you just go to AXS and buy direct.
  5. U2FloridaFan

    The List Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way - All GA Line Drama Discussions Here

    Any word on if the line has started in St. Louis?
  6. U2FloridaFan

    Set list party : BOK Center, Tulsa; May 2, 2018

    So have they come on yet? And is there a stream?
  7. U2FloridaFan

    Set list party : BOK Center, Tulsa; May 2, 2018

    To join the set list party or not...that is the question. So few surprises left in life....
  8. U2FloridaFan

    *Rumor* - Larry to retire after E+I tour

    Right...when Larry is 60, U2 will morph into a jazz band, something Larry wanted from the very beginning :sexywink: In addition, Bono credits him with saying "the only way out of the band is in a pine box." And when one of them does decide to retire, U2 will cease to exist. Edge will start...
  9. U2FloridaFan

    The Boom Boom Room (Yes, it's Bono's Thread)

    Boy, this PLEBA forum used to be so active...what's happening???
  10. U2FloridaFan

    Songs of Experience - Let The Chart Speculation Begin

    Billboard 200 shows SOE down to 150 from 92 last week....they need to release Red Flag Day and perform it at the Grammys. Unfortunately, I think Kendrick Lamar performing Get Out of Your Own Way with them is more likely :angry:
  11. U2FloridaFan

    Looking for 1 GA for either Vegas1 or 2 for my Australian friend

    Looking for 1 GA for either Vegas show for a friend coming in from Australia. She wants to lock down tickets before she makes plane reservations...thanks.
  12. U2FloridaFan

    13 (There Is A Light)

    This song has helped me a great deal in the passing of my mother in mid-Dec. I cannot hear it without crying. Thanks boys for coming along at just the right time with this song to help me through this terrible time. Little Things gets me every time too. BTW, per liner notes, it's "done."
  13. U2FloridaFan

    Red Flag Day Appreciation Thread

    In the Spotify videos for the album they DO make a point of talking about Red Flag Day...maybe it WILL BE the next single (maybe performed at the Grammy's)?? Here's hoping...I'm just hoping Bono does not bring that megaphone to the Grammy's :huh:
  14. U2FloridaFan

    Mini golf Omaze Bono/Edge ad

    Seems Edge didn't keep up his end of the band's bargain...and look who he's with...ugh.
  15. U2FloridaFan

    May 11, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Any Interference meet-up planned?? If not, let's get it going........or shall we just meet in the GA line :lol:
  16. U2FloridaFan

    June 21, 2018 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    I will see you on night 2 in line...
  17. U2FloridaFan

    The Best Thing - Chart Performance

    Red Flag Day = what should be next single...definite pop potential.
  18. U2FloridaFan

    Which SOE tracks should be singles?

    Maybe there are certain reasons the band don't release certain songs as singles (like, if they become popular, they might actually have to figure out how to play them live). For instance, why did we never (or almost never - not sure) hear Acrobat - arguably one of the band's best songs - on the...
  19. U2FloridaFan

    Restructure The SoE Tracklist!

    I have listened to the album on shuffle and totally agree with the band's choice of order. It's just a much better album to listen to in the current order. Listening on shuffle is kind of jarring at times.
  20. U2FloridaFan

    Red Flag Day Appreciation Thread

    Not sure why in many of the official reviews I've read, this song is just glossed over or not mentioned at truly has THE MOST single potential of the remaining songs on the album that haven't been released as singles yet. It is a true "pop" song but it has such a young, vibrant sound to...
  21. U2FloridaFan

    Songs of Experience - Let The Chart Speculation Begin

    I wouldn't call it a "free" CD. It's all factored into the price we paid for tickets.
  22. U2FloridaFan

    Songs of Experience 36 - Now with 20% fewer acronyms

    What I am saying is that U2 have a much younger audience (20-somethings) in Europe and SA compared to the US. You can even see it if you see a U2 concert in Miami (since many SA fans fly in for the Miami concerts.
  23. U2FloridaFan

    Red Flag Day Appreciation Thread

    Agreed...hauntingly beautiful.
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