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  5. whitehead

    wouldnt want this seat

    I can see the screen just fine. Bono, Edge, Adam are almost always moving around. Sounds pretty good. A U2 show is more about the sense of community than visibility anyway. U2 never said it would be a perfect solution for all in attendance. Advantage of more people in the audience and...
  6. whitehead

    Magnificent video is out, what do you think about it ?

    It's not bad but certainly not MAGNIFICIENT. Where'd our Bono that couldn't stop looking at the camera go?? Is he brushing up on his acting skills now?? Will the sheets make their way into their concert performance? :hmm:
  7. whitehead


    I guess I'm most disappointed that Bono's lyrics provide a lot of imagery that I was expecting to see brought to the screen. Sorry, but I don't think of eating salad when I hear "Being Born". :huh:
  8. whitehead


    No sir, didn't like it. :down: Glad I didn't splurge for the DVD like I was thinking of doing. I'm sure the only reason Larry approved was because it has motorcycles in it. As he said about Passengers, this film is very "art for art's sake" and not very creative art IMO.
  9. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    I got 4 GA tickets! Seeing the row G1 and seat 4xx-5xx in my receipt scared me but pretty sure its just for tracking reasons.
  10. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    I have a Horizon status and have to compete with the "Bears Club" members during the pre-sale??!! :huh:
  11. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    Where do I find a seating/price chart??? I'm 90% sure I want 4 GA tickets (~$50 right?) but if "good" seats are available at a reasonable price (say $100 or less) I might go for 2 of them and 2 for GA. Oh, the stress is mounting! :crack:
  12. whitehead

    Will they sell out stadiums in the USA?

    I predict that they will have trouble in the majority of the cities. If the new album wasn't such a "grower" and more instantly appreciated by the tweeners and frat boys then I'd have no doubt. Plus this economy is not on their side either. (Curious to see how the public reacts to Magnificent.)
  13. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    Simple enough mistake Kelly. :hug: At least you would have been earlier rather than later! PLEASE let Kings of Leon be an opening act for the Chicago show!!! :hyper:
  14. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    Umm...I think you mean 11 a.m. on the east coast (including Ohio time).
  15. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    I wish they would add a stop in Detroit on their way from Chicago to Toronto! :sad: Maybe next year along with Columbus, Indy, or Cincy! :hmm:
  16. whitehead

    September 12, 13 - Soldier Field - Chicago

    That's what I am planning for and also thought I saw the pre-sale would start at 10am Chicago time. I'm a "Horizon" and shooting for GA. Driving from midwest Ohio...about 5 hours. Won't be booking a hotel room until after the ticket sale. Vertigo tour we stayed at the Hilton downtown next...
  17. whitehead

    Let's give the Tour's ginormous tent-thing a name! - The's official

    We all went BEYOND THUNDER DOME! :wink: I do like that one though. To me looks like U2 are trapped in one of those claw game machines with the stuffed animals and Ipods...err, Blackberries! :lol:
  18. whitehead

    U2 fans 20 and younger

    Wait a "met" Bono??? :ohmy: How? Any proof?
  19. whitehead gift for 2009 subscriptions / ALL Discussion / Re-Design

    :mad: 50 bucks!!?? My "reward" for signing up is a compilation CD of songs that I already own because I have been a longtime fan! :angry: If the appeal of GREAT tickets wasn't so high I'd say screw this in a heartbeat. The thing is that I still don't have a warm fuzzy about how GREAT...
  20. whitehead

    Fav tracks in order

    Funny to see how many different songs are people's favs! :hmm: It does seem that "Boots" is getting kicked to the curb by most even though this is the one that got us excited about the album in the first place. :sad:
  21. whitehead

    NLOTH album request thread (DO NOT POST LINKS!!!) Part 3

    I got a dead link before from Graham. Please send me a link that works. :hyper:
  22. whitehead

    NLOTH album request thread (DO NOT POST LINKS!!!) Part 2

    :wave: :applaud:
  23. whitehead

    30 Sec Clips of NLOTH!!!! DISCUSSION ONLY (Do not post download links!!)

    Initially sounds more "adult comtemporary" that what I was hoping for. I've heard more innovative sounds on Vive La Vida. :reject: Oh well, I hope the lyrics are thought-provoking and I'm sure it's a classic. I remember what Bono said "There's blood in the music, not tinsel."
  24. whitehead

    A Mate Met Steve Matthews, MD of Principal Yesterday

    My very first U2 concert was PopMart at Ohio Stadium! Needless to say I still haven't gotten over it! :love: I will plead with you. Plus, Columbus is such a "cleaner" city than Detroit! :wink:
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