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  1. Muggsy

    ' Human Species May Split In Two'

    Like me????? :hyper: heheheheheheh:D
  2. Muggsy

    Post a cute picture of someone you found on the internet

    I didn't know that El Pibe Valderrama was considered cute somewhere :eyebrow: :wink:
  3. Muggsy

    Let kids be kids!!!!!!!!!!! Good Lord!!!

    It wouldn't surprise me if Kid's clothes start to come with this:
  4. Muggsy

    MERGED --> So..What is your Halloween Costume this Year?? + Post pics of your Costume

    and the prize for the kid that didnt get help from his parents is for....... :wink:
  5. Muggsy

    MERGED --> So..What is your Halloween Costume this Year?? + Post pics of your Costume

    I want to go as Gothic Minnie Mouse or something like that :P
  6. Muggsy

    Stephen Baldwin says Bono is in league with Satan

    I don't know why, but I always had the impression that he is not a "very intelligent" person, just like Ben afleck. one look at them is enough to realise that they don't have anything in their brains. besides, attacking other's actions, is not a very good example, even worse if those actions...
  7. Muggsy

    I walk into rooms and forget why I am there ...

    welcome to my world :wink: hehehehehe... that happens to me all the time... sometimes I have to look for something at the kitchen and when I'm going down the stairs my brain does something weird and I forget what I was looking for. sometimes I misplace things, once I was going to take a dish to...
  8. Muggsy

    Any Metallica fans in the House?

    meeeeeee!!!! :rockon:
  9. Muggsy

    The "big hug" thread.....

    a thousand :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: s to my friend justin :D !!! and lots of : hug:s and :applaud: for you all :D!! Lore.
  10. Muggsy

    Screech, Sad

    I didn't know what a dirty sanchez was, until I searched it in wikipedia some minutes ago EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwWWWW!!!!! :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
  11. Muggsy

    Would You Spend 10% Of Your Income On Bottled Water?

    we can do the same here in Bogotá. Unfortunately a lot people still have the idea that Colombia has infinite sources of potable water, but many of us are making an effort to save it and use it in a reasonable way, as Rono does :). Besides " el niño" is aproaching and hard times are coming...
  12. Muggsy

    A Tattoo thread.......

    I'm going to get a tat of a smaller version of the bird I painted (without the kid riding it)
  13. Muggsy

    Ugly Betty

    I watched the original (Betty la Fea) show like... 6 years ago??... it was cool :) and it was one of the most popular tv series in Colombia. I don't like the mexican version, thought. Colombian tv networks produce good soap operas because they have a great sense of humor and original themes...
  14. Muggsy

    It's Banned Books Week

    my questions are... who do they think they are to publish a list like that? ... who are they to decide what people should read or not?... what channels do they use to comunicate that ?
  15. Muggsy

    I can too draw!

    it was fun :)
  16. Muggsy

    It's Banned Books Week

    Harry Potter should be banned because is crappy hahahaha :wink: why James and the Giant Peach is banned?.. that book is beautiful, and Roahl Dahl is one of my favorite writters.
  17. Muggsy

    Should we?

    let me ask you people something: do you speak the same english that shakespeare used to speak when he was alive?.. do you speak the same english that your grandparents speak?... I don't speak the same spanish that Cervantes did and I don't even speak the same spanish that my parents do... Maybe...
  18. Muggsy

    I've Got The Blues NOW PLAYING

    Alice Cooper - Poison :lol: I don't know why.. but I love this song hahahaha :D :rockon: yeeeeeeeeahhhhh!!! :P
  19. Muggsy

    Should we?

    Oh, i understand that completely, but i'm talking more about a "cultural" issue. It is really surprising for me, to see that there's such a big deal around the signs written in spanish (or any other language) and how some people has related that with the illegals issue, like if the signs were a...
  20. Muggsy

    Should we?

    you are not getting my point... I'm not supporting illegal inmigration, I'm not questioning the US methods to control their borders, they have ALL the rights to protect their territory. I'm talking about respect to the others here :|
  21. Muggsy

    Should we?

    well... In my own country (if you don't know, spanish is my primary language) I had to pass the english language test, to get my Graphic designer degree... and I don't even plan to work in your country :| . And to be honest that question only shows a very lazy and comfortable attitude... I...
  22. Muggsy

    Should we?

    :yes: besides, Legal or illegal, human movilizations from any cultural group are inevitable, and it has consequences in the evolution of lenguage...
  23. Muggsy

    Yee frickin haw! 15000 posts!

    wow.. that's a lot of posts!!! :D :applaud:
  24. Muggsy

    Pope tries to heal rift after controversy

    hmmm... i wish I would agree with you verte and nube gris...
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