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  1. Giant Lemon

    Happy Birthday Giant Lemon!

    Thanks, guys! :D Sorry I haven't been around much lately- I'll be back in full force in late August. :)
  2. Giant Lemon

    $10+ for opening night movies...?

    I almost always go to matinees or discount theaters. $4 for a movie = good deal. :up:
  3. Giant Lemon

    Happy Birthday IWasBored!!

    Happy Birthday!!! :dance: :wave:
  4. Giant Lemon

    AFI's new album, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    After just being reprimanded by two mods, I think it would be wise to just post comments that are relevant to the thread at hand. Please tone it down.
  5. Giant Lemon

    MERGED --> "Friends" - Help! + Why Frizz isnt going to be around for a while

    I think you have a right to be mad at him. The fact that he purposely looks for message boards and chat rooms that you might post in just so he can lurk there and see what you're saying is creepy. Why doesn't he just talk to you about stuff instead of trying to find the information second hand?
  6. Giant Lemon

    A Mother's Day wish for all of our Interference Moms.

    Happy Mother's Day! :cute:
  7. Giant Lemon

    dreams with Interferencers and rock stars

    :laugh: Strangely enough, I've had dreams involving Interferencers and Chris Martin before (although not in the same dream)!
  8. Giant Lemon

    I have more mp3s than CDs...

    Okay- I just checked the number of mp3s I have and it's 4,428! :eek: Needless to say, I have much less music on CD, although a lot of my mp3s have been ripped from my or my parents' CDs.
  9. Giant Lemon

    Happy Birthday Lemon Meringue!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  10. Giant Lemon

    "It's A Panty Exchange!"

    Is it time to organize an Interference panty exchange? :sexywink:
  11. Giant Lemon

    You can't do that in Canada, eh?

    Just if you're a teenager? Wacky!
  12. Giant Lemon

    MERGED --> Mother's Day Sunday, what did you get your mom? + e mothers day

    I haven't gotten anything for my mom yet except for a card. I asked my dad for suggestions, but he's about as helpless as me!
  13. Giant Lemon

    I hate Apple computers...

    So true! :laugh: The ability to right click kicks ass!
  14. Giant Lemon

    everybody loves raymond and red shirts

    I thought only elderly people watched Everybody Loves Raymond. :shrug: ;)
  15. Giant Lemon

    MERGED --> You are all grown up at age 26 + You're Not A Grown Up Until You're 26!!

    Well I guess I now have about 5 more years until I have to grow up! :D
  16. Giant Lemon

    I feel like I just got dumped.

    Yeah, I know how it feels when a friend suddenly is all consumed with her boyfriend and has no time for you anymore. Like everyone else has said, there's nothing you can really do except to tell her how you feel.
  17. Giant Lemon

    I am getting my haircut tomorrow...

    So true! An inch can have a completely different meaning to hairdressers than to the rest of the world!
  18. Giant Lemon

    ronald mcdonald - man of ruin

    :laugh: @ Zoey! Ronald McDonald is creepy. So are most clowns. :shudder:
  19. Giant Lemon

    Happy Birthday Disco!

    Happy Birthday!!! :dance:
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