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  1. Vorsprung

    On Down The Road NOW PLAYING

    Ornella Vanoni - L'appuntamento
  2. Vorsprung

    Once upon a time the Dutch ruled this forum

    [onzinnig populisme-mode] Weet je nog? Vroegah???? Toen Twix nog Raider heette en seks nog vies was? Maar vooral, toen wij dit forum domineerden? Waar staan we nu? Het eerste Nederlandstalige postje staat op pagina drie en is al meer dan een jaar oud! Zijn we verbannen, is ons de mond...
  3. Vorsprung

    You never forget your first

    The wonderful Sinclair ZX Spectrum with a magnificent 48K Ram somewhere in the eighties!!! How did I love the thing. Waiting 15 minutes (or more) before the great game of Chickie Egg was loaded... Sometimes my parents even lete me connect the thing with our color TV, instead of the regular...
  4. Vorsprung

    Root Cause for German Terror Plot Found

    @JCR read the ideology of the bible is just as plain simple.....right??? I'm just getting sick and tired of people who seem to know how muslims think by simply quoting some excerpts from there holy book. Or people who say. Well, maybe not all muslims feel this way...
  5. Vorsprung

    Interference World Cup thread #4

    I think we lost the game :sad: :sad:
  6. Vorsprung

    Interference World Cup thread #4

    Maybe, but according to Fifa regulations, the yellow card was correct....and you have to know that this tournament is all about fifa regulations (or did you really think it was about football??)
  7. Vorsprung

    Interference World Cup thread #4

    Actually, I don't think the ref was that bad today....He sucked big time at the Switzerland-France game, but today, almost all of his actions were correct according to fifa regulations. It's the bloody Fifa to blame....or even better, blame that despotic Sepp Blatter. Only Boulahrouz's second...
  8. Vorsprung

    Interference World Cup thread #4

    afrikaans = funny dutch
  9. Vorsprung

    Interference World Cup thread #4

    FIGO IS A BLOODY MOTHERFUCKING FAGGOT!!!! more insightful analysis may follow later....... (PS: I vdon't give a fuck about IP-bans right now)
  10. Vorsprung

    U2: Vertigo - Live in Chicago, The Deleted Scenes

    Don't know if this has ever been posted around here... The deleted scenes :wink:
  11. Vorsprung

    World Cup Draw

    For those that don't want to watch the World Cup/have no time to watch it next summer... : 2nd round: Germany (X) - England Netherlands (X) - Portugal Italy (X) - Australia France - Tunisia (X) Sweden (X) - Ecuador Mexico (X) - Argentina Brazil (X) - Czech Republic Spain (X) - Korea Republic...
  12. Vorsprung

    World Cup Draw

    My group picks: A Germany Ecuador B Sweden England C Netherlands Argentina D Mexico Portugal E Italy Czech Republic F Brazil Australia G France Korea Republic H Spain Tunisia
  13. Vorsprung

    World Cup Draw

    I think we got a great group (C)... Four teams with good offensive qualities that also want to play in a more offensive way. It's probably the toughest group , but we're capable of defeating all of them. Besides, we have to beat everyone anyway if we want to become World Champion. PS: Why are...
  14. Vorsprung

    Rioters are Muslims, but don't say it

    [sick mind mode] somehow that comment sparks a memory of John Bobbit :yikes: [/sick mind mode]
  15. Vorsprung

    Australia vs Uraguay

    You have Hiddink, so knocking over Uruguay should be a piece of cake.... :wink:
  16. Vorsprung

    Rioters are Muslims, but don't say it

    I wonder if you all noticed that almost all rioters were young men with dark hair.... :scratch: :scratch: Dark-haired young men are evil!!! We schould kill them all!!! [I'm off to the chemist to get me some hydrogen peroxide]
  17. Vorsprung

    Let's "understaaaand" our terrorist brothers.

    Where does he say that??? IMO, he's only saying that, instead of aggression, love and compassion may solve the problem. He's also not saying that terrorists "deserve" love and compassion. This is not about "deserving" or a simplistic good-guy bad-buy theory. It's a bit more complicated than...
  18. Vorsprung

    Information supplied by Yahoo ! helped journalist Shi Tao get 10 years in prison

    Reporters sans Frontières:
  19. Vorsprung

    Happy Birthday Sula!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  20. Vorsprung

    Currently listening to... And The Band Played On!

    Groove Armada - Lovebox
  21. Vorsprung

    Continue the Interview

    Mountaineous coastline :wink: What did you want to become when you were a kid?
  22. Vorsprung

    Continue the Interview

    Go out, the world is out there!! Brown eyes or blue?
  23. Vorsprung

    Currently listening to... And The Band Played On!

    The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
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