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    U2 Fans Helping Other U2 Fans Get Tickets

    Oct 18th - Red Zone Ticket Anyone seeking a Red Zone ticket for Wed Oct 18th?
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    U2 Fans Helping Other U2 Fans Get Tickets

    Update - now have a ticket for Oct 21st
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    U2 Fans Helping Other U2 Fans Get Tickets

    Very long time u2 fan (saw them several times before their first single release). Have been a fan club member for many years (and on this forum for years. Have one Red Zone ticket available for Wed Oct 18th due a friend being unable to travel from Europe. If anyone is interested I'd prefer to...
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    1 GA for Dublin 2

    thanks there's a crew of us going on Sat night, all fans from the early days, just looking for one extra for one guy who's been ill for a while only now recovering, so it'd be a nice pressie for him
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    Seeking 1 GA for Dublin Saturday for long time fan

    Seeking one GA for a long time fan from Dublin who first saw the band in 79 He didn't try to get a ticket originally as he was quite ill and didn't think he'd be able for the concert if he was still around. Thankfully his treatment went well and he is now on the mend and feels up to going if he...
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    1 GA for Dublin 2

    Sorry I misread the date on the topic, it’s the D4 gig we are looking for another GA for
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    1 GA for Dublin 2

    I just pm'd you
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    Question re "Transfer or Sell" Option - Red Zone?

    Totally frustrated at this stage,,,,,, To sum up, I've got the compelte runaround from TM and the promoter. I know the band outsource the running of these thigns and so can claim to distance themselves from it all, but I'm so frustrated about the whole fiasco that they are close to loosing a...
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    Question re "Transfer or Sell" Option - Red Zone?

    Long (long!) time fan who has seen many shows over the years since the early days,,,,, Apologies if this has been raised previously. No doubt it has…..but it’s been a while since I’ve been on and just don’t have time to search through everything for a potential answer… I’m travelling from Europe...
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    July 25, 2009 - Croke Park DUBLIN

    5ht show of this tour for me, last night best so far,, What a night in Baile Atha Cliath, welcome home boys, they did Dublin and Ireland proud again,,,,,! Having now seen 5 shows on the 360 tour, imo the atmosphere last night was only matched perhaps by Barcelona, and at times last night it...
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    Inauguration Setlist Party - Part II

    hi all, haven't been around here for a while, (long long time u2 fan, first saw them almost 30 years ago!) anyway, spent most of the day between here and the bruce forums, and the bruce fans are just all so proud of bruce - so don't be too critical about bono and the boys, just be glad they are...
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    Adam splits with Susie

    Ad & Susie were still together at Christmas/new year (on vacation in the caribbean), so it's sad to hear about the split,,,, btw, during his radio interview with Sean Moncrief on Paddy's Day, Edge talked about Ad and how 'compassionate' he is; also talked about how Adam was out of synch with...
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    (08-15-2006) How to Become a Rock Star --*

    Edge is incorrect! Edge's memory is faulty on this one, U2 supported The Police @ Leixlip Castle, not Slane Castle, from recollection 1980 I think it was!
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    Patti Smith setlist???

    Patti’s setlist on the night of nov 21 was: DANCING BAREFOOT REDONDO BEACH FREE MONEY SOUTHERN CROSS BECAUSE THE NIGHT PEACEABLE KINGDOM ROCK N' ROLL ****** PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER GLORIA I was at the amazin msg nov 21 show and for me it was an absolute privliege to be in the presence of such a...
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    Genius - Rory Gallagher Live C4 08-07-2005

    Rory was God!!! nearly joined the stones,,,,,now thats a story! sadly he was taken from us all too young.......SYCMIOYO
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    Ali 2

    no she wasn't marching w bono in scotland, i hear she was @ theatre in dublin
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    Poland- U2 in da house-impressions and some photos

    he's a friend of his from dublin, birthday was recently i understand.....
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    Poland- U2 in da house-impressions and some photos

    "Edge's birthday is still a month away. you could have sung for bono's girl Eve, she's having her fourteenth b-day tomorrow if I'm not mistaken."?? ....probably singing happy b'day for mccauley. a friend of bono's who was in the audience ("maccauley's in the house")..........
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    Katowice and Setlists with no name... Part II wasn't there myself, but some friends who has seen 7 vertigos said it was a great night, the crown were rockin... standard setlist from what i gather but didn't get the full list from them yet.....this time i am off!!
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    Katowice and Setlists with no name... Part II

    giving real info here re tonite's show while sipping my reserva,&listening to the elevation 4 mix Cd,,,,,but nobody gives a shit so i'm off......................
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    Katowice and Setlists with no name... Part II

    .....and he referenced "mccauley's in the house" during elevation tonite............
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    Katowice and Setlists with no name... Part II

    and bono passed on b'day congrats to that well known man about town, mr m mccauley!!
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    Katowice and Setlists with no name... Part II

    hear NYD with the Polish flags went down a treat....
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    Katowice, Poland Setlist Party

    had a call from a fried at the show c9.10 Polish time, bad line but definitely playing IWF ......followed by what sounded like Electric Co......suspiciously quiet since......awaiting updates......
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