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  1. Bonochick

    U2-related movie mistake

    There is still life and old smilies, aww. :reject:
  2. Bonochick

    It's Official# Claw

    I'm pretty sure it is.
  3. Bonochick

    U2-related movie mistake

    You say that like it's a bad thing.
  4. Bonochick

    2015 U2 Tour News - delivered to first and exclusively

    GA probably would have been more fun if I'd done it with somebody. You're kind of restricted when you're alone. Not being able to break for the bathroom for over 12 hours is a bummer.
  5. Bonochick

    2015 U2 Tour News - delivered to first and exclusively

    GA is so stressful, I've felt that way all along. I don't know how so many of you can deal with it, particularly for multiple shows. I'm definitely a seats person. Not sure if I'll make it out to a show for this tour, but I'm still excited about tour talk. :hyper:
  6. Bonochick

    Hello Hello Hello from Los Angeleeeez

    Welcome! :wave: I am hooked on this new album, I seem to love it more with each listen. There is lots of discussion over in this forum: Where The Album Has A Name - Songs of Innocence - U2 Feedback
  7. Bonochick

    IT'S OFFICIAL # Increase your sales

    Ain't no party like a bacon party.
  8. Bonochick

    Dancing With The Stars - Season 14

    I never watch this show, but my mom texted me when Donald Driver was on so that I could watch his performance. :love: That is essentially my only interest this season. I hope he wins! :cute: :heart:
  9. Bonochick

    happy birthday coolian2!!!!!!

    Did you know that as long as people keep wishing you a happy birthday, you get to keep celebrating, even if your birthday is over? It's true! Happy Birthday! :D
  10. Bonochick


    Hi and welcome! :D
  11. Bonochick

    Battle wounds, scars and broken bones

    I was in a car wreck almost two years ago. My knee slammed against the dashboard really hard and hurt so badly that I thought it was broken. It didn't break, but it was badly bruised. To this day, it still hurts. The final diagnosis was nerve damage, which is most likely permanent (they said...
  12. Bonochick

    NFL 2012: The Super Bowl and Beyond

    You know, I adored it when it first came out, loved it more with each listen...listened all the time...but now I couldn't tell you the last time I've listened to it. :reject: I think I was just so excited after the mostly-disappointing III/IV that it seemed so amazing in comparison but...
  13. Bonochick

    NFL 2012: The Super Bowl and Beyond

    I wish I had an interesting answer, like I've been busy being Clay Matthews' personal hair assistant or something.
  14. Bonochick

    NFL 2012: The Super Bowl and Beyond

    I'd hate to see him go, but I don't blame him if he does. He's probably feeling like wasted talent after proving himself like he did.
  15. Bonochick

    SURVIVOR - One World

    Looking forward to this! :hyper:
  16. Bonochick

    Westlife decide to call it quits

    Be nice or I'm going to make people start hugging. For real though, comments like that really aren't necessary.
  17. Bonochick

    Hello all

    Wow, hi!!! :ohmy: :hyper: :wave:
  18. Bonochick

    oh Hai!

    Welcome! :D
  19. Bonochick

    Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger, Cardinology, Etc.

    I definitely like what I'm hearing. :heart:
  20. Bonochick

    Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger, Cardinology, Etc.

    Yeah, I'm pretty eager to hear this. III/IV has grown on me a bit more, but I don't think it will ever be something I'd recommend to anyone as a whole. This new release is sounding a lot more promising though!
  21. Bonochick

    Final Reflections - U2 360° Tour

    I love that chart! :nerd: I saw one show this tour, and it was awesome. I'm jealous of people who got multiple shows, but I know that a lot of people didn't get any, so I'm very appreciative. I'm happy to have been able to experience a small bit of this tour in person. This was also the...
  22. Bonochick

    Boomcha boomcha

  23. Bonochick

    Meeting the boys in new york city?

    As has been stated, sharing this type of information is against Interference's rules. Even though U2 has a great reputation of being friendly towards fans, their privacy still needs to be respected. Have fun at the show though! :)
  24. Bonochick


    Okay...I love that guy. :lol: :love: I would have loved to see Interpol. They were scheduled as the opening act for the show that would have happened last year, but the rescheduling gave us Florence + The Machine instead. I enjoyed them, but I was bummed to miss Interpol.
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