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  1. BonoIsMyMuse

    Joshua tree set list speculation

    I have this unrealistic fantasy that they'll play all of JT, then after a break play Pop in its entirety. It'all be miraculous if we get a single song from Pop, though. :sad:
  2. BonoIsMyMuse

    What snippets/covers would you like to see on this tour?

    I'm hoping for a Bowie snippet. Heroes, maybe?
  3. BonoIsMyMuse

    June 7, 2017 - Pittsburgh, PA - Heinz Field

    I hadn't planned on going to this show, but I couldn't pass up a club level seat for the price. Gursky, I'll be one section over from you in 211.
  4. BonoIsMyMuse

    Which 'Warhorse' needs a timeout from I&E

    I've been sick of Bullet and Pride for awhile now, but I thought this tour breathed some new life into them, especially Bullet. I voted for Elevation, Desire, and WOWY. I really like Desire, but the version of it the last night in New York felt really lifeless. I would have much rather heard...
  5. BonoIsMyMuse

    Rank Your Top Ten U2 songs

    1. Bad 2. Stay 3. Zooropa 4. Until the End of the World 5. Angel of Harlem 6. Last Night On Earth 7. City of Blinding Lights 8. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 9. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 10. A Sort of Homecoming Honorable Mentions: Gloria, Two Hearts Beat As One...
  6. BonoIsMyMuse

    Open Letter to Bono

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Bono spends all his time over there now.
  7. BonoIsMyMuse


    There were people waiting, but they didn't say where. I thought I had read earlier today that people were queuing somewhere on the 33rd/7th side.
  8. BonoIsMyMuse


    Somebody in the U2 tickets group on Facebook posted that there was a GA drop at the box office around 1:00. They estimated around 30 GAs got drop. No word if there might be more later.
  9. BonoIsMyMuse

    Book recs

    U2 Show is a good one. U2 Faraway So Close is my favorite, but it's out of print.
  10. BonoIsMyMuse

    July 19, 2015 - Madison Square Garden - New York City, NY

    This was my first U2 show since Vertigo Buffalo (12/9/05). We were up toward the back of section 224, so I was worried we'd miss a lot, but the view wasn't obstructed at all, and the sound was still decent. I was so impressed by most of the production. In a way, it made me feel like I was seeing...
  11. BonoIsMyMuse

    Wilco - New Album- Star Wars - Free download

    It makes me happy to see so much Wilco talk here! They're my other favorite band besides U2. I thought the end of last week was going to be all about getting excited about seeing U2 for the first time in ten years, then Star Wars dropped. I'm disappointed they're not coming through my area again...
  12. BonoIsMyMuse

    Does U2 own a yacht named Rock.It?

    Maybe Bono wants a good spot for the Newport Folk Festival this weekend? :shrug:
  13. BonoIsMyMuse

    Meeting the band pre-show

    Thanks, Headache. Our train gets to New York around 3 on Saturday, so I know what our first stop after we check into our hotel will be. I've come close twice. I'm really hoping the third time's the charm to meet them.
  14. BonoIsMyMuse

    Tour merchandise

    Does anybody know what the sizing is like for the hoodies? Are they decent quality? (Also: my first Interference post in over five years! :hyper: )
  15. BonoIsMyMuse

    NFL Season 2010

    I have something to go to Tuesday evening for work, so I'll miss at least part of the draft if it stays at that time. An hour later on Tuesday or on Wednesday would work for me, but I can also just prerank wisely if I'm the only one who has a conflict.
  16. BonoIsMyMuse

    Your 2009 concert calendar

    Things have been pretty quiet for me this year, but I've got a few shows coming up: Wilco, UIC Pavilion, Chicago, 10/18 & 10/19 Sonic Youth, Wilbur Theatre, Boston, 11/22 I'm getting on a plane for the first time in seven years for those Wilco shows, since that was the only way I could make it...
  17. BonoIsMyMuse

    All U2.Com Discussion HERE "Artificial Horizon" Update pt 2

    I'm not sure I want the remixes enough to pony up the $32 or however much it costs to renew. They've had some really marvelous remixes over the years and some really horrible ones, and with our luck they'll be a bunch of crappy ones. I still get two more tickets from my presale code from this...
  18. BonoIsMyMuse

    2009 Albums

    The new Sonic Youth album is pretty phenomenal.
  19. BonoIsMyMuse

    Toronto 1 Setlist Party, 9/16/09

    10. Until The End Of The World 11. Stay (Faraway, So Close) 12. The Unforgettable Fire 13. City Of Blinding Lights + Elvis Costello snippets :drool:
  20. BonoIsMyMuse

    Fantasy Football 2009

    I signed up for the live draft league. I'm The Bonocrabs.
  21. BonoIsMyMuse

    Fantasy Football 2009

    If you need another person for an even number, I'll join again this year. I'm not around here much anymore, but the Interference league is the one I've been a part of for the last few years, I think.
  22. BonoIsMyMuse


    I saw it in the theater when it was released, but I just got around to picking up the DVD a month or so ago. I enjoyed it, but my main complaint was that it didn't quite know what it wanted to be--there were some interesting interviews and some great performances, but I left feeling like I...
  23. BonoIsMyMuse

    new Sonic Youth- The Eternal

    Dirty is the one SY album I have that I really can't get into. I love Drunken Butterfly, but I'm lukewarm about the rest. Goo is fabulous, though. My favorite SY albums are probably Daydream Nation, Sonic Nurse, Washing Machine, and The Eternal, in that order. I finally picked up Bad Moon...
  24. BonoIsMyMuse

    new Sonic Youth- The Eternal

    I saw them in Philadelphia last month and managed to get in the front row right in front of Lee. They played The Eternal in its entirety, plus Catholic Block, Death Valley '69, The Sprawl :drool: , 'Cross the Breeze, and Silver Rocket. It was only the fourth show of the tour, so they were still...
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