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  1. TheWanderer

    Pop 25th Anniversary Thread... What do you want?

    Heroin, not Waiting For The Man. Heroin and RTSS are both D to G.
  2. TheWanderer

    Pop 25th Anniversary Thread... What do you want?

    I am strongly in the camp that Pop was U2's last great adventure. I could never say it better than Stereogum's article, Pop at 20 in 2017 which sums it all up perfectly. An epic piece of music journalism: The last three...
  3. TheWanderer

    2022 subscriber gift: Achtung Baby 30 Live

    'U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live' This could be interesting and great. In all likelihood though, the tracks selected will probably be previously released live b-sides . What I'm most curious about is what they will use for So Cruel, since it's only been done full band live twice in 1992. I imagine...
  4. TheWanderer

    ZooTV Live in Sydney audio rip from 2020

    PM sent with Sydney 93 and Dublin 92
  5. TheWanderer

    RSD 2022 release: A Celebration 12" with unreleased studio outtake I'm very interested to hear an alternate studio version of A Celebration. I'm curious if it's a different performance or just a difference mix. I also wonder if this means the regular version will be a new master sourced from...
  6. TheWanderer's latest subscription "gift"

    "The complete tracklisting will be published in early 2019 with shipping beginning in Spring 2019. " Here we are one day into summer 2019, and unless I can't find it, still no full tracklist revealed.
  7. TheWanderer

    my band's cover of Mercy

    While we are still working on our ninth studio album, my band decided to record an album of covers to stay sane. The idea was to take a break every fourth week and record a cover to keep the musical juices flowing, and have fun without the pressure of writing from scratch. One of the songs is...
  8. TheWanderer

    U2's discography now Mastered For iTunes

    I couldn't find a thread on this... U2's entire catalog has been mastered for iTunes and went up last week and all albums are on sale at $5.99. SOI and JT30 had already been MFiT, but all the other are up there now too. For those not aware, MFiT is where the compressed AAC is ripped from...
  9. TheWanderer

    SOE 19: Back To The Studio Part II

    From Vancouver, The Little Things That Give You Away:
  10. TheWanderer's latest subscription "gift"

    Ugh, terrible. Better than those lame lithograph prints, but that was the worse gift ever. Why don't they just release a live album from the vault every year? U2 are one of the greatest live bands and there is such slim official releases, and mostly fan club releases. Another Tine Another Place...
  11. TheWanderer

    Did the new version of Red Hill Mining Town leak out yet?

    Both copies from this transcode rip are pretty terrible to judge the EQ of the mix. God, I hate transcode rips with every fiber of my being. I dunno, the brass and strings are a bit much. The louder guitars and backups vocals are nice though.
  12. TheWanderer

    Kendrick Lamar - "XXX." ft. U2

    Featuring U2? What is Edge doing on this track, anything? Doesn't sound like his piano style.
  13. TheWanderer

    Why is Larry's tattoo on vinyl labels and both covers of SOI?

    Why is Larry's tattoo essentially on both covers of SOI, and also on the vinyl labels? The B&W with this son (great cover), it just happens to be on him, but it seems odd that it is also on the iTunes release cover and huge on the vinyl labels. Surely there is artistic intent behind this. I'm...
  14. TheWanderer

    Sunday bloody sunday sound guitar setup

    On the War tour, he was using the MXR Dynacomp (a compressor) for the breakup:
  15. TheWanderer

    Sunday bloody sunday sound guitar setup

    Looks good. On the album, he doesn't actually use any delay, funny enough (anywhere on the album, actually). But live in the 1980s, the Strat -> Memory Man -> AC30 is how got that sound. Best heard for SBS of course in the Rattle & Hum movie. You're using the Super Overdrive which is a good...
  16. TheWanderer


    I thought it was going to be about the 2017 gift CD, which I was hoping to be impressive.
  17. TheWanderer

    Is This It?

    It's been all downhill since Boy. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  18. TheWanderer

    U2 Get Set For Summer

    They do A Celebration, nice. Love it. Also nice to hear Rejoice. That tune is stronger than I remember.
  19. TheWanderer

    Stereogum article "Pop At 20"

    This article is long but a great read. Pop Turns 20 - Stereogum As a HUGE fan of their '90s material, and the shift post-2000 they made, I feel the author totally nails everything that was great then and less than great now. The last paragraph is harsh but true:
  20. TheWanderer – Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Editions

    I'm excited to hear the eight remixes. That's pretty cool. We could have just got the same B-sides and outtake we already have, and nothing else. That being said, I'm sure more sketches and demos like Rise Up exist. Shame we don't get those. Rise Up is so brilliant! Bummer UF and Bad are cut...
  21. TheWanderer

    Rank Your Top Ten U2 songs

    01 Love is Blindness 02 One 03 The Wanderer 04 Ultraviolet 05 Zooropa and Lemon 06 Please 07 Mercy (2004) 08 Stay 09 Elvis Presley and America 10 The First Time Honorable: 40 Bad Streets WOWY Slug
  22. TheWanderer

    I know the song of the new album that will not be played live

    They did however, do it in 1992 during rehearsal/sound check.
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