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  1. Galeongirl

    Pop and ATYCLB vinyl reissues

    This is good news! After all these years, ATYCLB and HTDAAB were the only vinyls missing in my collection, so now I can finally get the former. :D
  2. Galeongirl

    VIP Pass

    It is a title based on your postcount. Oh the bottom one is your membership thingy apparently. So you're probably a silver member or something else?
  3. Galeongirl's latest subscription "gift"

    Yep. I moved in July and changed my adress in August or September... but it was delivered at my Parent's place on the 30th.
  4. Galeongirl

    PGP:we're hanging with penguins while waiting for U2 to show up!

    Took em long enough, but I finally got it today! Only a week late :D Listening now.
  5. Galeongirl

    PGP:we're hanging with penguins while waiting for U2 to show up!

    I ordered it from That was a mistake. :waiting: Still ain't here and I don't want to download it.
  6. Galeongirl

    Screwed again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My thoughts exactly. If you had a membership during 360, you got GA's if you wanted to. IE was doable as well, JT was easy.
  7. Galeongirl

    New Pre-Sale System Coming (And it sucks)

    At least you got a response :lol: It's something!
  8. Galeongirl

    New Pre-Sale System Coming (And it sucks)

    I got the same, when I login it says: Connect your North America Ticketmaster account to your account. If you don't already have one, you can create one here. Agree to receive SMS messages. Add a valid mobile phone number to your Profile. I don't even HAVE a NA Ticketmaster account, nor...
  9. Galeongirl

    GA "Line" Shenanigans Part 2: You Just Made The List!

    What the... o_O got any pics? That's insane!
  10. Galeongirl

    Closure of @U2 forum

    This topic was quite a hoot to read. I never really joined atU2 for the over the top moderation, but I did check the forum out quite some times. Shame it's gone. But who knows, might breathe some more life into Interf.
  11. Galeongirl

    PLEASE help!

    What do you want help with? You cracked the entire thing, it's not going to work again. You could try your luck with a screen repair but if you messed up too much it won't help. I'd let a professional repair it or get a new one depending on what's cheaper.
  12. Galeongirl's latest subscription "gift"

    Yeah I was about to ask here if anyone got them already... doesn't seem like it.
  13. Galeongirl

    Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Rumors & General Discussion III

    Yeah, Europe won't be a problem. Seeing as how many different cities 360 went to, and how little IE and JT got, they can easily do many more shows in different cities/countries.
  14. Galeongirl

    EBW: Album or acoustic version?

    The Guitar live version from 360.
  15. Galeongirl

    Best Performance of 1 Song -- Happiest Song

    Where The Streets Have No Name Whether it is live or on the radio, instant chills. That sog is so much magic. Bad from Brussels 360 tour is very special to me. It was pissing rain, we had a really long day, ended up in the pit on the side with perfect view on Edge. And they played that with...
  16. Galeongirl

    ZOOTV Confessionals (Random Facts... thread)

    Had some issues with the tank so I couldn't put pics up yet. Algae and the natural balance wouldn't set so I only just added the first few fish from my smaller old tank. :) So pics will come later, they're only 8 fish so not much will be visible. I hope to put in the rest from the bigger tank in...
  17. Galeongirl

    It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?

    Holy cow man that's awful :hug: Sorry to hear! Cats are pretty damn great. My best friend used to house foster kitties, I really admired them for doing that. Giving a kitten away that you've raised with love and care seems incredibly hard to me. I'm already so attached to my 4 month old ones...
  18. Galeongirl

    Laptop freezes & Makes buzzing sound on Youtube

    So what happens if you watch a video you have downloaded onto your computer? Does the same problem persist? And does it happen in multiple browsers, like Fernando asked?
  19. Galeongirl

    Laptop freezes & Makes buzzing sound on Youtube

    Hm, does it happen while using things graphically heavy? Like Youtube, videogames also take a lot. And what about an offline video? Could be an issue with your graphics card if so.
  20. Galeongirl

    It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?

    Behind every anonymous face on the internet rests a story. Everyone has their struggles, everyone had their issues, but they all brought us to where we are now. And most people pretend to be cool on the internet anyway. :wink: Though not me, I really am cool in real life. :shifty: Why not post...
  21. Galeongirl

    It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?

    Glad to hear you're doing okay! You really went through quite a rough patch over the years. :hug: Like Ax and Cobbler, I also got here as a teenager. I never fit in, got bullied, this place quickly became my home. In the past ten years, so much has happened. I finally figured out what was...
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