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  1. tanner_sis

    okay ladies I need you

    .. I'm trying to prove a point to a friend.. wasn't there a pic of some sweaty bono ass from the vertigo tour?? anything like that and that pic please post Thanks:wink:
  2. tanner_sis

    first crowded house album after reunion: time on earth

    I saw them the 1st time in Chicago on the that was amazing!! :drool:
  3. tanner_sis

    Selling some things..(vinyl)

    few more vinyl to add i found.. In The Name Of The Father promo side is Bono and Gavin other is Sinead.. looks like its never been played or not much at all.. its in the original cover .. Captive soundtrack with vinyl is mint..cover has the deletion cut in it..back...
  4. tanner_sis

    Selling some things..(vinyl)

    okay so its time for spring cleaning and I have school to pay for...everything is best offer.. Email me at if interested in anything.. I will reply promptly, take photos etc 7" vinyl: all are in next to perfect condition U-2 CBS 7951 Out of control/Stories for boys/...
  5. tanner_sis

    Band of horses appriciation thread

    so did anyone go to the concert in Newport, KY tonight??
  6. tanner_sis

    2008 release list

    MAN MAN!!! LOVE AS LAUGHTER!! MODEST MOUSE!! YEY!! yeah the mm is supposed to be a EP of songs that didnt make it on good news or we were dead..hopefully it will see the light of day finally!..cause we need those other "king rat" 's out there!! and hopefully the 2nd Johnny Marr + The Healers...
  7. tanner_sis

    New Order

    I watched it from a torrent cause under my little rock in ohio it will never come.. it was good i should watch it again
  8. tanner_sis

    PLEBAn Holiday Card Exchange 2007

    Thank You for the card JCoster it was a big surprise hehe :hug:
  9. tanner_sis

    Your 2008 concert calendar

    jan 27th band of horses
  10. tanner_sis

    split enz reunite! (again...) please :wink:
  11. tanner_sis

    Favorite Music Videos of 2007

    Modest Mouse "little motel"
  12. tanner_sis

    Pick the Best Music of 2007!

    how could we forget interpol??
  13. tanner_sis

    Pick the Best Music of 2007!

    My top albums Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the ship even sank Crowded House- Time On Earth Band of Horses- Cease To Begin Satellite Party - Ultra Payload The White Stripes- Icky Thump Maroon 5- It Won't Be Soon Before Long The Shins- Wincing the Night Away Hugh Grant- Music and...
  14. tanner_sis

    Parents: what's your spin on Santa?

    HAHHAHAHA when i was little i had a broomstick with a fake pony head on it that made noise..from crockerbarrel or something..had that thing for years..that furreal thing..thats just rediculous!
  15. tanner_sis

    The "Check this shit out" thread

    man man love as laughter red wanting blue ugly casanova modest mouse stex etc etc
  16. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    ^^ yeah age is only a fuckin # and i probably have had more experience bad and good than any regular middleaged fucking adult around here.. im 18 so the fuck a college on my own 300 miles from home 2 days after i turned 18..Ive made my own life and shit..age dont fuckin...
  17. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    pfft whatever! i think having my age thrown in my face and the "comprehensible" thing is enough to warrant my cause for reaction..
  18. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    um no..not when people are fuckin insulting me, my friends and people i care about when they dont know a fucking thing about any of it
  19. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    and incase anyone of you fuckers trys to say that there was a sexual conotation to any of my modest mouse encounters well fuck off ..cause thats not the case..and it'd be none of your business anyway ..yes lets all go back to the bono loving fuckin idiotic..and yes please ban me from this...
  20. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    more as a fucking friend thank you very much..and no im not sharing the details with ungreatful fuckheads here for my age..seriously fuck off ..only if you knew what we did after the show HA!
  21. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    okay you fucking cunts are really getting on my damn nerves.. the isaac stabbing thing is really out of fucking line.. he was really fucked up at that time..and if you knew what he was going through and shit you wouldnt think it was so goddamned funny until you can grow the fuck up fuck...
  22. tanner_sis

    Band of horses appriciation thread

    okay if you have tix to see MM live SO FUCKIN DO IT!! they are on the ball! and the incosistant /isaac fucked up thing was soooo from previous tours..they are so great live! :drool: I just got back from a road trip this weekend and saw them 3 times..and once more in december in chicago.. as...
  23. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    Ive met him and hung out with him quite a few times and he's remembered me from the start and not as just a fan..and after what he said to me this weekend..well hehe
  24. tanner_sis

    Best Male Vocalists?

    okay just because I didnt grow up when the smiths were around doesnt mean that I am less quailified than someone like yourself to appriciate their music/influnce/ that statement is total bullshit 2 " In the same regard, you list numerous people who are supposedly also "total pricks". "...
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