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    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    So, how are we feeling about this upcoming new, "last" Beatles song "Now and Then"? As I understand it, it's John's vocal from 1978(separated from the original piano using AI...this is apparently why this song didn't get done with "Real Love" and "Free As A Bird" for the anthologies, because...
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    NBA 2023-24 Thread

    Here we go: another new season, another new thread, another opening night, another new questionnaire that nobody but Headache will answer! 1. After going to the 2021 ECF, the Trae Young-led Hawks have had two straight seasons end in first-round defeat, with John Collins trade rumors hovering...
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    NBA 2022-23 Thread

    Don't worry, it's coming. The questionnaire is a doozy this year.
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    Random Music Talk CXXXI: Interference Finally Gets Its Revenge on Cobbler

    So two upcoming releases that I haven't seen mentioned (unsurprising since this place is so slow nowadays) but that would probably be of interest: Boygenius - after their three solos albums - are finally putting an LP out together called "The Record". It drops tomorrow. Four tracks have been...
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    Songs of Surrender - Discussion, reviews, impressions

    Yeah, this whole thing has made me wanna hear other songs in this style. But there do exist stripped down versions of some of these, as I'm sure you're aware; but if others aren't, I thought I'd compile a list: The previously mentioned A Sort Of Homecoming arrangement from JT30...
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    New Album Discussion 10 - Songs of Sir, this is a Wendy's, durr

    After giving it a couple of full listens, I very much enjoy...most of it. I think about 75% of it is fantastic. I think Edge is the star of this thing, and it feels like he's the most creatively engaged he's been in a long time. His performance on both guitar and piano/keyboards is stellar...
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    U2 to Perform First Concerts at MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

    I'm sure it's been in the can for awhile. All they could have done is cancel the ad altogether.
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    NBA 2022-23 Thread

    Ha, I genuinely did, yeah, seeing as they have the same name and were taken in the same draft. I just assumed. My bad.
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    NBA 2022-23 Thread

    Opening night is 24 hours away and the previous thread is nearly at 1000, so it is time for a new thread for a new season. And you know what that means, right? It's time for my annual questionnaire that only Headache(and sometimes Hewson) answers! I wrote a little more than usual this...
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    Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

    It's like they just put the names of 150 great albums from the 90s in a hat and drew them out in random order. It just doesn't seem to make much sense. I could say a lot, but I won't, it's not worth it, and no one will read it, so just a few short things. 1. I'm glad Ray Of Light got a...
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    Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

    I just did that Pitchfork survey. A handful of huge records that, according to the autocomplete, no one had entered yet...GnR/Use Your Illusions, Pearl Jam/Ten, AIC/Dirt, Metallica/Black Album, RHCP/BSSM(and Californication), REM/Out Of Time, Beasties/Hello Nasty, etc. All except the Beasties...
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    Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

    Hey guys - two records from this year you might wanna check out if you haven't already: Lykke Li put out a new album back in May; I only just realized it a week ago and, looking back through this thread, I see no one has mentioned it, which is somewhat surprising since she used to be a darling...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers Thread

    To be fair, they only played the song just under half the time on their last full-scale tour with Klinghoffer, too. I wish I could see them on this tour, but as of now there are no dates near enough to me, and the travel expenses would make it untenable. I love Unlimited Love though, and...
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    Songs of Surrender - New album discussion - 6

    So what you're saying is that it's entirely possible everyone in this thread is freaking out over nothing? :wink:
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    Shuttlecock XXV: Cool Hats Club

    So the machine is starting up again soon...surprised there's no discussion about it here(there is some in EYKIW). This Songs Of Surrender project - re-imaginings of 40 songs from the back catalogue - is coming out in November apparently, first single in August or September maybe(buzz is it's...
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    Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

    Sending good vibes to you all - this place has been a comfort to me for years, and I always want this little group of us that keeps it alive to be happy or at least content. I know it's a punching bag for some, and you might think it's trite, but I do think some wisdom can be gleaned from the...
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    Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

    Two Weeks is classic, and I love the closer Foreground as well. Good record. I agree with you, it is a rare sound. I always liked Grizzly Bear a lot, too bad they might be done(they won't officially say it, but all indications are they are on an indefinite extended hiatus).
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    Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

    Has anyone listened to the new Pink Floyd track? Waters wasn't involved, but Gilmour still has it.
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers Thread

    One other thing - Pitchfork published a list a while back of their top 45 most anticipated albums of 2022: Apparently one of the biggest band in the world's...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers Thread

    Love Frusciante's guitar work and his backing vocals(scarce as they are in this song) a lot. Chorus melody/hook could be stronger, but John's so good it doesn't bother me all that much. Don't get all the hand-wringing over the weird accent thing. It's only there for like two lines...maybe ten...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers Thread

    I think you're in the wrong thread.
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    Shuttlecock XXV: Cool Hats Club

    So, have you guys seen this acoustic Sunday Bloody Sunday video they posted the other day? I didn't say anything when they put out that Running To Stand Still video a while back, because some of you seemed to like it, but to my ears Bono's voice sounded gone. This sounds even worse to me...
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    The all-things-tennis thread.

    Absolutely incredible men's final. Rafa finally breaks the 20-20-20 tie.
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    Random Music Talk CXXIX: Gump attends a concert

    So, I enjoy marking anniversaries; last year, shortly after after the new year, I made a post here about all the albums from 1991 that would be celebrating thirty years in 2021. This year, as 2022 starts, I'm thinking about a far less written about year than 1991, and that is 2002. 2002 was a...
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    2021 Year in Review

    Great writing as usual, El-Mel - I really enjoyed reading it even if I don't agree with everything. I was surprised not to see Pearl Charles in your top 30 - IIRC you were the one first pushing that album around here(or was it Ashley?). I feel like your evaluation of the Lorde album is a bit...
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