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    The Indonesian Earthquake

    i'm from indonesia n i live in jakarta. this is a really big tragedy for us here in Indonesia. there are approx 33.000 ppl died in Aceh. i can't even imagine it... a lot of ppl had lost their families there
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    The 2 "Best Ofs" - Strengths & Weaknesses

    i think both b-sides are okay. i agree, they should've put holy's a great track
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    (01-14-2003) Bono and The Edge go acoustic at 'Gangs Of New York ' party - NME

    bonosloveslave, who's that girl in ur avatar?
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    John Mayer appreciation thread

    i love john mayer :D i played room for squares over & over when i just bought it i wish i could see him live. i've seen some of his live performances on TV. i hope he'll add more jazz or blues in his next album
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    Bands/solo artists you like to admit you hate

    for me, there's only 1 name : EMINEM well, i don't like robbie williams too.
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    MERGED-->Audioslave Rocks! + Gasoline

    i used 2 listen 2 Soundgarden when i was in high school & i like RATM. so this band sounds great for me. i havn't bought the album though
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    Larry rescue me...

    i met larry & adam in my dream last nite. it was so nice. makes me wanna sleep again :)
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    Bali bombing

    so, i guess U2 or bono will never come to Jakarta. i'll not see any U2 concerts, ever :( for me, these situations are not bringing any advantages for us, indonesians so why do we have to celebrate. we know that the world will blame those extremist groups in Indonesia, then we will have more...
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    Bali bombing

    i live in jakarta, and i've never heard any of it. pls don't feel like we hav no sympathy. dont u know it's really hard enough 4 us as an indonesian ppl?
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    help me with these logos

    that's perfect. thanks 4 suitcase image. anyone can help me w/ trolley image?
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    help me with these logos

    i wanna make a U2 tshirt for my website, i've made baby zoo. can anybody help me finding U2 popmart trolley & elevation suitcase like these???cos these r too small.
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    for anyone who cares to read (re: no freedome of religion for Muslims in Malaysia)

    Amna, i feel the same way as u do. some ppl outthere often see Islam as an extreme religion. i really want 2 say lots of things but sorry, i can't speak english very well.
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    for anyone who cares to read (re: no freedome of religion for Muslims in Malaysia)

    wow, this is such a serious discussion. but i'm proud of you guys who still pay attention in this issue. i think, it's really hard to finish this discussion, i used 2 talk bout this thing w/ my pals. 2 b honest, i'm tired of this issue (or any similar issues) cos i've never got the conclusions...
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    how do i get u2 sims?

    sicy, could u send me U2 sims too?i'll give u my email address
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    All my pics with the band

    yeah, that's a A140 Mercedes-Benz i see that type of cars EVERYDAY here, in Jakarta!lots of people here r really keen about city cars.but A140 is kinda ladies' car. i often saw wives or daughters of rich/business men drove this cars
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    Nelly Furtado singing U2

    she's got her own kind of pop music. i love her album.
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    Hey! Who else here DOESNT have all U2 cds?

    i dont have boy, october, war, ubrs & wide a wake, passengers too. i only have discotheque & wgrywh singles
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    When the Stars Go Blue

    i've heard wtsgb once & I LOVE IT
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    guess what song I heard on the radio today

    i love in a little while, but i don't think it'll be a single. i even heard "ultraviolet" and "babyface" on the radio. i think the music director loved that songs & played them so ppl could listen to cool songs haha
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    guess what song I heard on the radio today

    i love in a little while, but i don't think it'll be a single. i even heard "ultraviolet" and "babyface" on the radio, but it's not a single. i think the music director loved that song & played it
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    sting sound-a-like

    this song "Kuldesak" by Ahmad Dhani & Andra Ramadhan is in indonesian.but if u hear the backing vocal (in english lines), u'll find out that this vocalist's (his name is elfonda)voice sounds like sting. i think u should hear this song. u can download it in i'll tell u if hav...
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    Recommend some music for me......

    I LOVE RELISH I love their song "u i'm thinkin of" & without any doubt i bought their album though i only knew 1 song but i believed that the other tracks would be great. and i was right. i love their album & when i found out that they' re irish & they supported U2, i hav no reasons to hate this...
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    what do u think about...

    oooh, i lived in sulawesi(soutsh east sulawesi) too for 4 & a half years, Sula! now i'm in Jakarta bout the news of riots, i'm feeling the same way as u do. i do feel proud of indonesia. there r hundreds of cultures here & i'm glad that i've spent most of my life in Riau & Sulawesi. but i...
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    Your Biggest Influences

    yeah, my bro is my biggest influence in music. he's the one who taught me all of those bands. u2, r.e.m., sting, the cure, etc if my bro weren't there, i think i would be a fan of nsync haha
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