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Commercial Artist: paste up & mechanicals, graphic design, some illustration, jewelry photography set up & occasion set design
Former clerical & accounting clerical worker
Fine Art & illustration (both as non professional activities)

painting, drawing, scupture, architecture, crafts [jewelry & knitting/crochetting r favs], nature, cultures, science, history & politics
Mar 21, 1953 (Age: 70)
in the sound dancing - w Bono & Edge :D
Favorite U2 Album
AB & NLOTH is now ranking a close second
Favorite U2 Song
refuse to pick "just one":D IGC/Zooropa/COBL/The Blackout//Zoo Station/NLOTH
Been a U2 fan since
Prized item in U2 collection
some what rare- interview w the whole band by New York Rocker [seminal new wave/punk paper/zine] in May 81 Pre-USA touring
Favorite U2 lyrics
"she's gonna dream of the world she wants to live in, she's gonna dream out loud"
"So glad that we are all still here"
Favorite U2 band members
1-Bono, 2-Edge 3- Adam & Larry -4 > I appreciate them all!
I was introduced to U2 by
New York Rocker '80/'81 & IWF/OOC single
U2 shows I've seen
saw Adam & Edge bit of rehearsal<SBS> Summer '83// 84 Radio City Hall// '85 MSG// '87 Nassau Coliseum Long Is]// '92 Outdoor ZooTV- OldGiants Std. NJ// July[NJ] & Oct [NYC] '01/ Brooklyn '04/ May 05, Oct 10-8-05, 11-22-05// 1st GA ever !!!!! NJ/Old GS 9-23-09/ NJOld GS 9-24-09: 3/4's way back on edge's side, 10 rows from the very top! LOL but THe Claw was great and sound was wonderful!// 2nd GA!!!!! Philly 7-14-11/ NJ New GS 7-20-11 loge 1/3 from back, 15th row?
//Joshua Tree 30
// I+E MSG
// E+I MSG
Have you met U2?
The Edge Nov '01 & 3x's in 2005! Larry after May '05 MSG show! Met Adam after Nov '04 SLN show! I keep getting closer & closer 2 Bono... but I haven't really met him yet. They have all been very nice to the fans around them, and to me.
yeah finally got to meet Bono at the 3rd Letterman NLOTH gig in the daytime!
I wasn't close enough to see his eyes : ( he'd stepped back from the barricades for a min... Next goal!!! lol
Propaganda member?
Other Bands
The Who, Springsteen, Patti Smith Group, The Oils, Television, a bunch of 80's early 90's bands & newer '00's bands
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