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Music, cricket, rugby league, horror novels & films
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
Favorite U2 Album
Joshua Tree
Favorite U2 Song
One, Bullet the Blue Sky, Moment of Surrender, Luminous Times
Been a U2 fan since
Prized item in U2 collection
original numbered U2:3, Trip Through Your Wires promo 12"
Favorite U2 lyrics
One, Walk to the Water, Luminous Times
Favorite U2 band members
Larry Mullen Jr
I was introduced to U2 by
Under a Blood Red Sky
U2 shows I've seen
a dozen or so throughout Australia & Europe
Have you met U2?
Yes. I worked in their hotel during Lovetown. Got autographs and said hello.
Propaganda member?
Other Bands
James, Muse, Cure, Placebo, Icehouse, Manic Street Preachers, Dear Leader, Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Enation, Springsteen, Simple Minds, Coldplay, Powderfinger, Oz Crawl, Crowded House, Pearl Jam
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