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Who Who Who Who?

Love music, movies, Baseball, and a glass of scotch
Sep 7, 1987 (Age: 36)
Los Angeles
Post Production
Favorite U2 Album
The Unforgettable Fire
Favorite U2 Song
The Unforgettable Fire
Been a U2 fan since
Prized item in U2 collection
My vertigo necklace my dad bought me at my first concert/u2 concert which met its demise when my sister's dog ate it :(
Favorite U2 lyrics
Innocent and in a Sense I am
Favorite U2 band members
I was introduced to U2 by
It's kind of funny, but back in 2000, I just hated Beautiful Day, I hated hearing it on TRL, I hated hearing everytime I got in the car, so I just had to find out if they had ANY other music, and I was hooked the second I heard something else by them
U2 shows I've seen
Just 2 Vertigo 05 September 20th it was my birthday present, and I didn't get to meet Bono, and everyone else did :(...but I did see a Bono impersonator and boy did he look like Bono, but he couldn't get tickets, ... poor guy and Cleveland 12/10
Have you met U2?
Not yet
Propaganda member?
Other Bands
Bruce Springsteen, The Killers, Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, a little a this, a little a that
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