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  1. U2 E+I Fantasy Football
  2. Did Bono ever sing "can you (see the beauty)" in falsetto, on CoBL live performances?
  3. Replace 'People Have the Power' with a funny/awful song choice
  4. Will U2 play Walk On in Paris in honour Aung San Suu Kyi's historic election result i
  5. HBO Concert-What Should they Play?
  6. Am I dreaming to expect Jim Kerr
  7. When I Look at the World - e-stage
  8. Zoo Station
  9. Is it just me or has the NLOTH album been pretty much entirely left out of this tour?
  10. Will we see the return of...
  11. Which 'Warhorse' needs a timeout from I&E
  12. War horses
  13. a song from Pop on the IE tour
  14. What songs do they play on the e stage?
  15. Who made it on Stage so far?
  16. Changing the 'Innocence' set
  17. Thoughts on the classics
  18. Two Hearts Beat As One- tweet it out
  19. Can we just agree...
  20. Setlist and Band Location
  21. Best/Worst 2 song rotation after Mysterious Ways
  22. What 90s songs are you hoping will show up on the I+E tour?
  23. Actual dreams about setlists/concerts
  24. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock bit on U2.com
  25. Poll: Favorite new SOI-Era song on IE tour?
  26. What songs will be played at every show of the IE Tour?
  27. Who Misses Not Having an Opening Act?.....
  28. The Troubles
  29. When will they.........
  30. 2-night sham ?
  31. Will Mysterious Ways get her hips and passion back?
  32. The Wanderer Intermission
  33. Snippets?
  34. So how are the new songs holding up?
  35. How can true fans of MYSTERIOUS WAYS......
  36. Create your own U2:i-E setlist.
  37. Why not Iris as an opener???
  38. Pop Material
  39. Streets.
  40. What songs are played prior to U2 coming out on stage?
  41. Are there 2 different setlists/shows?
  42. U2 ie Tour 2015 Nightly Set lists
  43. Your nightmare setlist
  44. Will we get a full band version of Every Breaking Wave?
  45. More predictions...
  46. Craft your night one/night two sets
  47. Innocence and Experience Setlist Thoughts By Album/Period