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  1. What Vertigo Tour Regular Song Do You Miss The Most?
  2. My Setlist Party Experience: This forum is tainted
  3. Request for Moncton Stream on U2.com
  4. Will U2 play Springhill Mining Disaster in Moncton?
  5. Best closing song
  6. Best Intro
  7. Vertigo Tour Set List vs 360 Set
  8. I miss Every Breaking Wave
  9. Excited For Next Tour Already, So I Can Go Crazy If They Play I'll Go Crazy
  10. Out Of Control, Bad, 40 printed on the setlist last night...
  11. the preshow setlist
  12. Question
  13. What is your favorite version of "Happy Birthday"?
  14. EBTTRT: Is it a remix?
  15. Which 360 songs to keep for the next tour?
  16. How Come Love Is Blindness works as a closer, but MOS doesn't?
  17. So'll long Magnificent
  18. Do you think the band is sick of Moment Of Surrender?
  19. Boomerang I on 360?
  20. Bono is starting to sing One properly again
  21. Windows In The Skies on 360?
  22. An interesting look back on the setlist changes...
  23. Lady With The Spinning Head
  24. Crazy tonight
  25. After Glastonbury, will the setlist see more of...
  26. Why no "Gastonbury" - the song?
  27. Morrissey mentions U2 twice during his set; Journalist wonders if playing SOL...
  28. Glastonbury Setlist
  29. Edge Glastonbury Updates
  30. Why no Bad?
  31. Larry talks about Glasto setlist
  32. U2 the fly
  33. You could almost call the 360 Tour, Lovetown Pt. 2
  34. Is Ultraviolet permanantly gone??
  35. Dont expect anymore changes to the setlist...
  36. Bono/Edge American Idol Performance Setlist Party
  37. Who else is excited that Lenny Kravitz is opening?
  38. Songs before U2 takes stage
  39. U2 setlist change
  40. Private U2 Concert in Denver Tonight!!
  41. Miss the NLOTH songs? Or not?
  42. Make your dream B-Sides Setlist!!
  43. Is anyone else upset that U2 have dropped The Returm of the Stringray Guitar
  44. omg remixed magnificent rules! -OR- wtf this shit sucks
  45. Avoiding Setlists Before Your First Show (SPOILER!)
  46. Quote from Adam
  47. New Q mag - we may be about to see some Pop
  48. The Fly Remix
  49. Favorite Snippets?
  50. Zooropa Discussion (AKA We're Gonna Tweet Out Loud)
  51. Do we have any idea how the band comes up with their setlists?
  52. Omfg ebttrt!!!
  53. Why certain songs have come and gone from 360
  54. What are the Top 3 songs that you wish more than anything to see at your 360 show(s)?
  55. Good omen for setlist shake-up!?
  56. space oddity...
  57. Zooropa/Fez intro - COBL
  58. Replace Miss Sarajevo for White as Snow!
  59. Am I the only one that thinks that Fez/BB would be really boring?
  60. Songs U2 need to Bring back on 360 Tour
  61. All Discussion on 2011 Rehearsals, Soundchecks *SPOILER ALERT*
  62. With or Without You 360 2010
  63. U2's odd stance on the War album.
  64. Changing up the set for 2011?
  65. Anyone else disappointed that no Xmas songs were played?
  66. Songs that are being played on the current tour that you're f**king loving and WHY:
  67. Best Preformance of MOS?
  68. U2 play surprise short show in Melbourne, December 3
  69. One Tree Hill
  70. No more live streams of the shows?
  71. Red Hill Mining Town
  72. Auckland Rehearsals
  73. Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby
  74. Songs that are being played on the current tour that you're f**king sick of and WHY:
  75. Any chance for WINTER ?
  76. Is this opening too much too soon?
  77. Hopes for Leg 4 and Beyond
  78. U2 needs to write a song for Superman
  79. Boy Falls From The Sky!
  80. Question about the official set lists
  81. Rumored Rome Setlist...
  82. Sevilla!!!!!!
  83. Breathe is a better opener
  84. <Spoilers> My one gripe with the current setlist
  85. Snippets....
  86. Any Pop Songs on 360? Place your bets
  87. switch 2 songs places, and we have brilliance
  88. Glastonbury
  89. Will we ever hear The Fly again?
  90. Your thoughts on "The Staples...."
  91. Moment of Surrender- Dropped verse?
  92. [Spoiler] has been played live
  93. Always Forever Now
  94. project where is
  95. Inner circle- best GA Standing position ?
  96. 'Busker' Version of NLOTH
  97. Every Breaking Wave
  98. How Bummed am i going to be if they dont Play Hold me Thirll me ......
  99. Hallelujah Talk About an ENCORE...drool (Spoiler)
  100. How about opening with Stingray->NLOTH ?
  101. All complaints about the setlist WHINGERS here
  102. Return of the Stingray Guitar
  103. All complaints about the setlist HERE
  104. Willie's Diary - All info and updates HERE
  105. and this is gloria
  106. Yay or Nay on North Star
  107. U2 360° Tour - 2010-2011 Nightly Set Lists
  108. U2.COM asks what you want to hear on tour ! in 2010
  109. Predictions: How much will the set change?
  110. 360 and the current oil disaster
  111. Set list from 360 DVD, things to come?
  112. Know what the band should do to make up for having to postpone the tour?
  113. Crazy Tonight segue into Sunday Bloody Sunday Appreciation Thread
  114. Bono's Surgery To Lead To Static Set Lists?
  115. Bring back Lemon/Discotheque!
  116. How can they make Electrical Storm work, live?
  117. U2 will have a new opening song in 2010, confirmed
  118. U2 intro song/1st song wish-list 2010
  119. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (You'd light)
  120. U2 Glastonbury Setlist Prediction
  121. Even better than the real thing!
  122. Broadcast
  123. Bad and Winter
  124. Question about a cover
  125. 2010 Song Suggestions - U2.com
  126. If U2 did short club tours...
  127. Bring Back Gone!!!
  128. Great Setlist Idea
  129. I Miss 1980-1984
  130. Will Stranded show up on the 360 tour?
  131. 40 (snippet > Bad > 40 (snippet) - where did this come from?
  132. stopped singing Sexy Boots?
  133. Is there any list of all snippets from 360 tour
  134. MLK 360- one note difference?
  135. Full list of songs which the screen expands for (spoilers obviously)
  136. What songs should stay next year?
  137. U2 360 Tour Live from Wembley broadcast setlist party!!!
  138. 12/11/09 U2 Setlist party Live from 1000 MIkes
  139. No Rock and Roll Hall of Fame setlist party?
  140. Best song live from new album
  141. Sunday Bloody Sunday "ending rap"
  142. Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary Setlist Party 10/30/09 Pics + Videos
  143. Amazing Grace snippet
  144. Leg 3... Setlist 1 and 2?
  145. Rock Hall of Fame setlist predictions
  146. Why no slide solo in Mysterious Ways on this tour?
  147. Final Show Predictions in Vancouver
  148. Brandenburg Gate setlist predictions
  149. Hopes for LEG 3 and Beyond
  150. best/worst performance of a song of the tour
  151. Las Vegas Setlist Party Part 2!!! 10/23/09
  152. Magnificent
  153. Rose Bowl DVD setlist predictions
  154. Complain & regret: Why so many songs sound worse on 360 ...
  155. Wire live: YESSSSSSS!!!!
  156. Disapearing Act - Live?
  157. Black Eyed Peas
  158. Norman OK crew interviews.
  159. How many times has UTEOTW been played?
  160. Consistent Songs
  161. Why no Stand Up Comedy?
  162. My U2.com facebook clips are comically bad
  163. Your Blue Room.
  164. Five Great U2 Songs Even the band has problably forgotten about
  165. Is this tour frustrating you?
  166. possible stream for the next few concerts
  167. U2 is getting way too predictable!?!?!?!
  168. I can't believe _____ hasn't been played this entire tour.
  169. The New Year's Day bass riff is iconic...
  170. Will Boots get the Boot?
  171. If only they played this one live...
  172. Interference Tweets Return: Webzine Editor Safe in North Carolina and Georgia
  173. Raleigh Cell Phone Audio Feed Offer
  174. unkown caller gone???
  175. A suggestion: U2 should do little shows as well as big shows next go round.
  176. :: I have an amazing prediction (must-read; amazing prediction)::
  177. Down to playing 5 No Line songs---furious!
  178. Crazy tonight remix appreciation thread !
  179. Setlist varies Glad USA is second leg
  180. All of you complainers: Bono has something to say to you!
  181. I'll Go Crazy remix question
  182. Something that is really starting to confuse me...
  183. Is MOFO coming? Where is it going?
  184. Perfect 360 Opener Would Be
  185. Appreciation: 'Ultraviolet (Light My Way)' live, 360 Tour!
  186. FINALLY! Magnificent opens Foxboro 2!
  187. Drowning man would be HUGE for a diehard like me
  188. Any idea why Edge isn't playing Ultraviolet like Zoo TV?
  189. Adam should do the talkie bit @ the end of Your Blue Room!
  190. Ultra Violet: New intro?
  191. Pride going going Gone
  192. All discussion about Bad here!!!
  193. Thoughts on Changes to the Setlists...and your thoughts...
  194. The Pride-WOWY-Still Havent Found-Streets-SBS Syndrome!
  195. Changes to Streets and One?
  196. Moment of Surrender is a LAME closer
  197. chicago soundcheck thread
  198. 1000Mikes in North America!
  199. Song Request
  200. The Start of Magnificent
  201. Adam has gone all tribute band on us!
  202. WOWY - what happened ?
  203. Pat on the Back to the Boys...
  204. Chicago Setlist Party: Follow us on twitter
  205. Pls U2 add 'The Wanderer' to 360 set list
  206. Will the songs "An San Suu Kyi" and "Desmond Tutu" be played on the U.S. Leg?
  207. Ommited songs on tours
  208. Lament for Fez Being Born
  209. Discotheque
  210. The Unforgettable Fire at Sheffield Don Valley
  211. Where are the guitar solos?
  212. How do you like Kingdom compared to the other intro songs ?
  213. Enough With The Snippets!
  214. North American Tour Changes in Set list??
  215. What happened to that other "intro" music?
  216. If you heard the bootlegs or seen the show...how do you rank the NLOTH songs ?
  217. If they did the "Crazy" remix, why not go for a "All Because Of You" Remix?
  218. Your Blue Room rehearsed....
  219. Is The 360 Tour The New "Pop" Tour?
  220. Reason For Set List Complaints
  221. Chorzow Setlist Party and Discussion - Part Deux
  222. Possible (albeit slightly) reference to Luminous Times on U2.com
  223. She's a Mystery to Me played in Sweden??
  224. Unknown song rehearsed in Gothenburg 31st of July
  225. Have we seen the last of Electrical Storm?
  226. Dublin 3 support: "The Script" setlist?
  227. State your case for (song) thread...
  228. Attention 90s Fans_REAL ACTION 360_Poll and Petition
  229. Some interesting U2 historical setlist facts
  230. Live compilations for each decade, in setlist form
  231. First Time NYD is Played on the Tour - a Non-Issue?!
  232. 40?
  233. So How Was Dublin 3 Stay and NYD?
  234. What is Bono singing in SBS?
  236. Too much claw, not enough body! - Complaints about the setlist
  237. please tell me about ultraviolet
  238. Dublin 3, July 27th Setlist Party/Discussion Part 2
  239. Interesting fan interjection
  240. Why Don't they Change up the setlist
  241. Not Impressed By Fans Who U2 Are Not Impressed With But Cater To
  242. your fantasy segue
  243. Predictions for Dublin 09
  244. Songs played pre-show... help needed!
  245. Which NLOTH song has made the biggest IMPROVEMENT live from its studio version?
  246. Is this the best it gets on the 360 tour?
  247. Those hoping for Drowning Man, from Willies Diary (all Drowning Man discussion here)
  248. intro to streets , not that good
  249. 2nd Encore?
  250. Interesting fact about Zooropa album