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  1. Angel of Harlem - Berlin
  2. Return of Bad
  3. "Unknown Caller" a weak live track?
  4. Songs you'd like to hear snippeted in the new songs
  5. Question about UF for those who have listened to any boots from this tour so far...
  6. Remember the Trabants - return of more AB songs for Berlin stop
  7. mr claw wants an electric desire
  8. Best of the tour so far...
  9. Hey! MW is sounding pretty good!
  10. Where Is Stand Up Comedy?
  12. "Big **** up during Magnificent but Bono saved it" - U2log
  13. U2 and Bono criticised for carbon footprint
  14. Bono's vocal on One
  15. How many shows (Total) do you think U2 has played?
  16. U2 Not Impressed with Fans
  17. Transitions. Mini-Movements
  18. What about Cedars? Do they have the Sheer, Unmitigated, Chutzpah?!
  19. What's most likely to get played out of these?
  20. Um, BTW
  21. The Ultimate Setlist Question
  22. Same band every night! Ugh.
  23. Not impressed by the set-list!
  24. Get on Your Boots- What do you think now?
  25. Ultraviolet = NLOTH?
  26. Milan 1 Setlist Bitchfest/Party (and general discussion) Part Deux!
  27. Milan Rehersal's Anyone?
  28. Setlist predictions for Milan
  29. Could U2 possibly be a bit more varied in how they pick songs?
  30. Cause promotion - the one campaign, make poverty history, etc - is it just me or...
  31. Suit Of Lights? (Gone/Ultraviolet)
  32. Crazy Tonight - Original vs Remix
  33. Edge is such a pro...
  34. The understated return of Walk On.
  35. Static setlist? trying to remain spoiler free
  36. Support Acts Setlists
  37. is ultraviolet the best song on this tour?
  38. Rotating the popular favorites
  39. What Qualifies As A Snippet?
  40. The Official Post-Achtung Nineties Material On The 360 Tour(PAN-360) HOPE Thread
  41. PA Songs - Snow Patrol Setlist?
  42. Ultraviolet, now and then
  43. Breathe: GREAT song, NOT an opener!!!
  44. Opening Nights Vs. Second Nights
  45. So Cruel
  46. Make your own 360 setlist!
  47. Where The Streets Have No Name - How it was meant to be played
  48. The "casual fan" excuse
  49. What New Song Sounded the Best?
  50. Finally a break from 'Bullet'
  51. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  52. Will they play Drowing Man tomorrow night?
  53. ISS vs ISS
  54. U2 360 Set List - what do you think?
  55. Will we hear Fez LIve
  56. Mysterious Ways...
  57. The What In The Fuck Did They Do To Crazy Tonight thread.
  58. MERGED - > Opening night issues/ Bono's Outburst - What do you make of this?
  59. Shine Like Stars?
  60. U2 360° Tour - 2009 Nightly Set Lists
  61. What's that song they came out to? / Intro Songs?
  62. A fitting tribute to Michael Jackson: MLK->Streets
  63. Will it bomb? [spoiler]
  64. Will Gone make an appearance now that MJ has passed?
  65. yesterday rehearsal 23.06.2009 *song spoiler alert*
  66. Electrical Storm????
  67. Leaked Barcelona set list!
  68. The awesomeness of Unknown Caller
  69. No Line on the Horizon - version II?
  70. Will U2 have the balls to play POP on the 360 Tour?
  71. OK - So will they play Wave of Sorrow or what?
  72. If you had to pick two from each album...
  73. Boy / October / War song
  74. Boots x2
  75. What Covers Would You Love To Hear This Tour? (but know you won't get them)
  76. songs u would take a beer or pee break
  77. Was listening to October yesterday....
  78. Edge gives some hints on the setlist
  79. hmm, Elevation remix, Wake Up, next entry music to be?
  80. REQUEST: Magnificent a la Redanka
  81. The Setlist Barcelona 30/6
  82. Mofo
  83. Could Cedars be the new Please this tour???
  84. Heartland
  85. People Not Reading Nightly Setlists but...Want to know if rare songs are played
  86. Moment of Surrender & streets
  87. oh...and Love is blindness. Bring it back please bono!
  88. If U2 was 10% of Springsteen set list, it would be amazing
  89. When I Look At The World
  90. What HTDAAB songs should be kept or dropped this tour?
  91. Which staples should be dropped?
  92. Bring back Ultraviolet!!!!
  93. Request: WAVE OF SORROW
  94. Poll needed on songs to drop/add
  95. Red Hill Mining Town
  96. "Lights Out" Song
  97. Without the 1st decade's songs of U2's career...
  98. ALL discussion about Acrobat here!!!
  99. The Official "No Peeking" Support Group thread
  100. U2 360 entrance theme music....??
  101. Electrical Storm
  102. What HTDAAB Songs will they play this tour?
  103. "I'll Go Crazy..." as a closer?
  104. "Spanish Eyes" in Barcelona!
  105. What we can Expect
  106. Return Appearances?
  107. A Few Tour Ideas For Some Songs
  108. Please might get an airing on this tour.
  109. Unreleased New Songs on Tour
  110. Pride...
  111. What songs should U2 drop and add??
  112. Help me out - 2009 live performance setlists
  113. Next Tour Ruined By Old Songs?
  114. Fez - Being Born a gig opener anyone?
  115. Last song of the night
  116. Breathe Prediction
  117. 2009/10 - The return of The Unforgettable Fire
  118. What song are you already most looking forward to hearing live?!
  119. Setlist structure discussion
  120. Zane Lowe interview, bono mentioned setlists...
  121. Seeing As 'Boots' Hasn't Really Set The Charts Alight...
  122. The songs of NLOTH on the NLOTH tour
  123. What are the odds that Bono snippets O Come, O Come Emmanuel on White as Snow?
  124. What are the chances of U2 doing a non-static setlist this tour?
  125. A Sort of Homecoming!
  126. 2 Night Stands
  127. Now that NLOTH is available...make your dream setlist
  128. Will U2 Shock Us With A ZooTV type Setlist this time around?
  129. WOWY fresh on new tour?
  130. Opening Song
  131. Which tracks from NLOTH will actually be regulars on the tour?
  132. Setlist Predictions / Discussion
  133. 2009 Setlist: Sure bets or surprises?
  134. Wave of Sorrow on the next tour?
  135. WITS on the next tour
  136. U2 Tour 2009: Setlist