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  1. The Demographic Revolutions
  2. If you have NOT jumped on a subway track in new york please stand up!
  3. The Idaho Governor is Insane!
  4. Heterosexuality
  5. Man Sues For The Right To Take His Wife's Last Name
  6. Blair gets his day in court
  7. Beware of Canadian spy coins!
  8. Homosexualty
  9. You Got Your Church In My State (And Theres Nothing To Be Done)
  10. Let's Hope This One Works: Sudan Signs Cease-fire Agreement with Darfur Rebels
  11. Condi inadvertently endorses Fox News(big shock!)
  12. 750,000
  13. El Presidente Para Simpre.
  14. I just got a very disturbing email from the ONE campaign today
  15. Would you be mad if you caught your lover looking at porn?
  16. "Blessed"
  17. 'Butt-Printing' Teacher Fired
  18. A belated Christmas/New Year Wish!
  19. Is This Discrimination?
  20. Would a guy have a chance with a Lesbian ....
  21. MLK Day
  22. Homosexualty
  23. The anti-smoking thread
  24. New York Gas Odor
  25. Some Parents Angry About Weight "Report Cards"
  26. Sd#312
  27. My Crazy Predictions for 2007
  28. Toys R Us Disqualifies First Baby Of 07
  29. Any Libertarians Here?
  30. What You Can DO to Help ONE Save Thousands of Lives
  31. 10-year old Texas boy hangs himself mimicking Saddam
  32. Somalia these days
  33. Is this good enough reason to Close or Secure the border more?
  34. Job applicants under this much scrunity?
  35. Surgery to Stunt Girl's Growth Sparks Debate
  36. Hot cross buns already! WTF!
  37. So you think you are from Bawston?
  38. I just saw..................
  39. Bush Claims Power To Open Mail Without A Warrant
  40. Where is this Gabriel Agbasi?
  41. Muslim Cab Drivers
  42. The Baby Boomer Ban Generation
  43. What Would You Do?
  44. The FYM Archive is an interesting place.
  45. the McCain Doctrine
  46. Before and After
  47. Could President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be any Crazier?
  48. Ready to begin again
  49. Are You Optimistic About 2007?
  50. Sd#311
  51. Political Interference In Science
  52. R.I.P. For The Departed Souls Of 2006
  53. Agnosticism
  54. RIP Saddam
  55. Sandy Berger's Has A Surprise In His Pants
  56. Geology v. Religion
  57. Saddam - executed !!
  58. Coed Dorm Rooms
  59. The 25 Dumbest Quotes Of 06
  60. Duke Prosecutor Nifong Brought Up On Ethics Charges
  61. In Memory of the 140 people murdered in Oakland so far.
  62. And thhheeeeeeeey'rrrreeee Offfffffffff
  63. What I Know For Sure
  64. Serial Rapist In Suburban Houston Is Preying On Men
  65. Question about AIDS & Africa
  66. Pay Your respects to President Ford.
  67. Gerald R Ford died
  68. Saddam to be Executed next month.
  69. U.N. Sanctions on Iran......bark worse than bite?
  70. Sd#310
  71. Sir Bono
  72. A WONDERFUL Holiday Story for All !
  73. This is only a test!!!!! There is nothing to see here!!!!
  74. He screamed as he bit the rabbit's heart
  75. Obama: Not Black?
  76. Terror in the UK over the holidays?
  77. Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying
  78. 10 years in prison for oral sex
  79. Something I find rather disturbing
  80. Golf Balls
  81. China's New Rules On Foreign Adoption
  82. Help ONE Secure $1 Billion for Anti-Poverty Programs in the FY2007 Budget!
  83. Libya sentences medics to death
  84. Her Name Was Megan
  85. I've got the Kucinich-itch, and I aims ta scratch it!
  86. Democrats leave Bono disappointed
  87. Iraq: The Darwin Principle
  88. Islamophobia on the rise in Europe.
  89. Sd#309
  90. Concentration Camps being built for U.S. citizens
  91. Sensitive Question
  92. Natural Selection and Human Beings
  93. Christians on Masturbation.
  94. Need a gift idea? Carbon-Neutrality.
  95. question for christians
  96. Time Magazine Man of the Year is YOU!
  97. Sen. Evan Bayh won't run in 2008
  98. Happy Hanukkah!
  99. Imagine if it was a terror financing probe...
  100. A soldiers take on how to win the War in Iraq.
  101. Christmas wars in Turkey
  102. Got $2,200? In this world, you're rich
  103. Florida execution takes much longer than usual
  104. He Found Joy In Sharing His Riches
  105. NJ to allow civil unions
  106. Save The Environment - Build A Skyscraper
  107. Obamas Presidental Campaign AD!
  108. SD senator sick; Dems may lose senate
  109. ANOTHER ONE (species) BITES THE DUST!
  110. A snipers perspective. Thoughts wanted on this.
  111. Circumcision could save your life
  112. Book Review: Bill O'Rielly's "Culture Warrior"
  113. Wikipedia as an FYM source
  114. Historic Circumstances
  115. Rosie O'Donnell Unleashes Racist Tirade!
  116. 9-11 coverup and U2
  117. UK 12 year olds lose weight by pole-dancing
  118. Obama on AIDS
  119. A Jack the Ripper CopyCat??
  120. Environazi
  121. First Ted Haggard...
  122. Constraints on Reality
  123. McCain: a Maverick no longer
  124. Religion for a Captive Audience, Paid for by Taxes
  125. The conference of hate.......
  126. Cronulla Riots: One Year On
  127. What if God forgives everyone?
  128. Sd#308
  129. Giving to Charities
  130. MERGED--> Augusto Pinochet dies + Pinochet Dead
  131. Want to know what to give this Christmas ?
  132. Left Behind the computer game...Christians are to kill based on faith.
  133. Connection?
  134. Rudy Giuliani for President
  135. Breaktime
  136. well, I guess I'm a postmodern feminist
  137. Don't Let It Expire - Help To Keep 150,000 Jobs In Africa!
  138. John Lennon: 26 years ago
  139. Just when I thought politics in Australia couldn't get any worse...
  140. Virtuous Religious Leaders
  141. Boys, Dads, and Parenting other such things...
  142. MERGED--> Concerned Women for America + Mary Cheney is Pregnant
  143. EU-Turkey relations: another crisis over Cyprus
  144. How sad
  145. EMI need to get serious about looking after their fans
  146. The United Kingdom of Canada?
  147. Nobel Peace Prize winner itching for a fight
  148. MERGED-->are we getting just a little bit too paranoid? + you really...
  149. feminine divine
  150. Trans fats banned at NYC restaurants
  151. NASA Announces Moon Colony Plans
  152. My brilliant solution for Iraq
  153. Iraq War Deserters
  154. In The History Of Excuses For Criminal Behavior
  155. Santa's Butt
  156. Panspermia
  157. Privacy at Work
  158. Sd#307
  159. Rush Limbaugh And Joe Scarborough, Will They Ever Evolve?
  160. Dems ask Jim Wallis to give radio address
  161. The Psychology of Fundamentalism...
  162. Kill Your Enemies - Kill The Antichrist
  163. Bad To Worse
  164. What is Fascism?
  165. Jesus, Jew, Muhammed...Al Quada, FBI?
  166. Is fear always a bad thing?
  167. The term "Islamofascism" was introduced by...
  168. HIV is a gay disease
  169. World AIDS Day - Light a Virtual Candle
  170. Racism Or Just Another Firehouse Hazing?
  171. Evangelicals an dObama unite ! Bono in Orange county this week..
  172. Clinton Brokers Landmark AIDS Drug Deal
  173. Life imprisonment for sniping and shelling civilians of Sarajevo
  174. Lazy American who Finally Got Exercise or Real injuries?
  175. gay rabbis?
  176. I agree with what benny says, how about you?
  177. Colin Powell: Iraq is in a Civil War
  178. i'm offended and i demand an apology
  179. Christians, Muslims and Jews Together; The Perfect Storm
  180. Wanna impose democracies? Start with Saudi Arabia
  181. Question for anyone who practices the Buddhist Faith?
  182. Peace Wreath-Symbol Of Satan?
  183. Sd#306
  184. 10 Is The New 15
  185. Islamic Progress
  186. OMG it's another dispatch #4.22pm
  187. Motion to recognize "Quebecers" a nation--any thoughts?
  188. Christian Coalition fails to change
  189. Thoughts on Poisoned Russia Spy....
  190. How You Can Help AIDS Patients In Africa
  191. Proposed Australian Copyright Law Blasted as Too Harsh
  192. Life in an animals womb
  193. 100 Most Influential People In American History
  194. What are you Thankful for?
  195. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  196. Saudis Threaten To End Relations With UK In Bribe Scandal
  197. Polygamists fight to decriminalize bigamy
  198. Kramer Unleashes Racist Tirade
  199. December 22nd, Massive Anti-War Demonstration
  200. conscription, the draft, etc. etc.
  201. HIV is cured by Methylation
  202. How to improve situation in Iraq - 3 options!
  203. Who Is Secret Santa?
  204. Sd#305
  205. Senator Rangel looks to reinstate draft
  206. Kissinger: Iraq military win impossible
  207. You have Jesus Camp, what about Muslim Camp?
  208. if YOU were a South Park character ... FYM style
  209. Mrs. Royal, future female President of France?
  210. $15,000 for a Play Station 3?!?!?!?
  211. Al Qaeda Happy with election results
  212. Reflections on God vs. Science
  213. Was the UCLA Tazzing of a student excessive?
  214. A Message from the Speaker-Elect of the U.S. House of Representatives
  215. Ask the kidney stone!
  216. Top general warns against Iraq timetable
  217. Was Barring the JROTC in San Francisco a Good Idea?
  218. OJ: "IF I did it, here's how"
  219. Fox News Post Election Internal Memo
  220. Bill Maher- America, Stop Bragging
  221. What are your thoughts on school vouchers?
  222. Very Interesting video series on Youtube with WW2 Vet I encourage you all to watch
  223. 2006 Human Development Index Rankings Released
  224. The US Elections and Environmental Policy
  225. New UN Initiative Aims To Resolve Conflicts Between West, Muslim World
  226. Georgia Courthouse Display Divides Veterans By Race
  227. Jump on the bandwagon and ask the vision impaired albino
  228. Ask the hearing-impaired
  229. ask the autistic
  230. If You Were King/Queen of the World...
  231. MERGED--> MLK Memorial
  232. Would it have made any difference?
  233. Sd#304
  234. Turks to work for ties with West
  235. Plans to raise the UK school leaving age to 18.
  236. Universities move to hide work from U.S. eyes
  237. Mistaken identity
  238. Borat is getting sued..
  239. If at first you don't succeseed - Change the freaking law.
  240. Elton john wants....
  241. Given the recent US election results...
  242. Remembrance Day
  243. Sunday Dispatch $5.75
  244. get along
  245. Germany to Bring Charges on Rumsfeld
  246. Gay unions legalized for first time in Mexico
  247. The American People Have Spoken
  248. Please forgive my naiveté of the issue of Immigration into my country..
  249. FBI Investigating Beating Of Suspect By LA Police Officers
  250. RNC Head Ken Mehlman Stepping Down