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  1. A Cool Trick
  2. I'm Against Their Mark Of The Beast System
  3. Nigerians sue Pfizer over test deaths
  4. Wyoming Sen. Craig Thomas Dies at 74
  5. Should New Zealand join Australia?
  6. Another reason why the NYT is a disgrace
  7. Sd#342
  8. Presidential Forum on Faith, Morals and Poverty
  9. "She had vomit dribbling down her face"
  10. "My god is true, your god is false"
  11. CENSORSHIP ALERT: Petraeus Says He WIll Annouce In Sept That Surge Is Working...
  12. Shoot an Iraqi
  13. Legal Discrimination
  14. "Other Than Honorable"
  15. Why Bush want to Atack on Iran
  16. Bush nominates man who believes in curing gays as Surgeon General
  17. Kevorkian Released
  18. Man with incurable TB quarantined
  19. Why Bob Dylan Rocks
  20. Diversity: crap?
  21. Dutch Reality Show-Compete For A Dying Woman's Kidney
  22. Bush Requests $30 Billion to Fight AIDS
  23. Wolfowitz tongiht on Charlie Rose
  24. Cindy Sheehan gives up fighting the war
  25. Candid Yearbook Photos
  26. It's about time that...
  27. Our last piece of freedom of speech....
  28. Sd#341
  29. Help Light the World!
  30. Irish election May 2007 - Ahern set for 3rd term, Sinn Fein fail to make breakthrough
  31. Iraq chaos predicted
  32. Domestic Tension
  33. The Last Bit Of Happiness He Had
  34. Trusty Ally
  35. Wis. gas station shuts pumps over prices
  36. KKK on Obama: "The South Will Take Care of Him"
  37. Political Bumper Stickers
  38. McDonald's to get rid of McTransfat
  39. So you thought Gitmo was bad..
  40. Gay Men Still Banned From Donating Blood...
  41. Archbishop Williams does not invite Episopal Bishop because he is GAY
  42. Vote: Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton
  43. Anthony Sciubba and God, censorship gone too far?
  44. Is nowhere safe?
  45. Bush Starts "Second Surge" to Double Number of Troops in Iraq
  46. NYC Yellow Taxis To Turn Green
  47. Macy's helping Rwanda & Zambia
  48. Sd#340
  49. Michael Moore - brilliant and uplifting
  50. Priceless Moments for Africa.
  51. Texas A & M Scientists.....
  52. Once enemies, now friendly chatting each other up. What do you think?
  53. Teachers convince sixth graders gunman is on the loose
  54. MLK'S Daughter - Yolanda Denise King was 51
  55. Let's Talk About CUBA Baby!!!!
  56. African corruption
  57. Jerry Falwell Dead
  58. ask the Southerner
  59. Public backs Congress on Ireq withdrawal
  60. Success in Iraq
  61. Sd#339
  62. Virginia Tech commencement
  63. To All Fellow Cyber Mums - Happy Mother's Day!
  64. Fear of recruiting christians
  65. What does $456 billion buy?
  66. Has anyone followed the case of Tim Flannery?
  67. Bye Bye Blair
  68. Hey Mom! PEACE!
  69. join the millennium-spot!
  70. Hitchens is not great! Sharpton is ?
  71. "write what you want, just stop."
  72. DNA and Down's
  73. Potential attack on Ft. Dix twarted
  74. Bill Clinton Announces Cheaper Anti-Retroviral AIDS Drugs
  75. Mickey Mouse is a terrorist
  76. Bad taste or Political Correctness gone stupid!
  77. Grand - Jury & Duty, OH MY.
  78. if you were (a) God(s) ...
  79. SD#338
  80. Question for the Irish...
  81. Bush supporters swith to....DRUM ROLL PLEASE
  82. The (illegal) American Dream
  83. Bush's approval rating hits an all time low
  84. Gliese 581 c
  85. who really runs the USA
  86. have some gals come over to the condo to give me a massage.
  87. PING Dread (and other JKF Assassination Watchers)
  88. Osama bin Laden lookalike arrested twice
  89. The Vinograd Report....moment of truth for Israel....
  90. Student Faces Criminal Charges, Dropped By Marines For Essay
  91. Sexual Harassment In The Blogosphere
  92. Stephanie Miller on MSNBC
  93. The Quarter-Life Crises?
  94. Turkish MPs fail to elect president, vote challenged at court
  95. Medicate To Normalcy?
  96. Enviro-Scam
  97. Baby Emilio
  98. Nuke-u-ler. It's pronounced nuke-u-ler.
  99. Charlie Rose interviews Dubya tonight on PBS
  100. Two in one?
  101. Professor Dismissed For VA Tech Comments/Dramatization
  102. Universal Healthcare
  103. George W. Bush interviewed for the hour on Charlie Rose.
  104. Wiccan Recognition
  105. Dosent this make you want to be a Criminal in Austria??
  106. A diamond/PBS invitation, for the curious, openminded, and intellectuals
  107. Boris Yeltsin dies!
  108. God bless the Blue Angels
  109. Makeup For Men
  110. Is anyone else a student of theology?
  111. Sd#337
  112. Split--> VT shooter analysis thread
  113. Where's the News Coverage on Africa?
  114. Barney Frank is hilarious
  115. PBS Program note Bill Moyers 25 April Iraq War Lies
  116. Making money part of Jewish tradition.
  117. NASA evacuates Texas center after gunman report
  118. Snitching Hurts "Code Of Ethics"
  119. Snitches get stitches! Yo!
  120. 20 child autopsies by pathologist questioned
  121. America at a Crossroads on PBS
  122. its the worlds most offensive couch...al sharpton must be fuming!
  123. Giving Birth To Your Biological Half Sibling
  124. Virginia Tech thread, Part II
  125. how sick is this???
  126. 12th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing
  127. 'Partial-birth' abortion ban upheld
  128. And the chaos continues...day of death in Baghdad
  129. Welcome To The (Gender Equal) Working Week
  130. Westboro Baptist aim to preach at Tech funerals
  131. Student entitlement?
  132. It is time to revise/update the U.S. constitution.....
  133. David Robinson: Jackie Robinson's Son
  134. MERGED--> Shooter loose on Virginia Tech campus
  135. Make a Lot of Money on GW
  136. Stickers for Porn Sites
  137. Sd.336
  138. T a x e s and d e a th
  139. Are Cell Phones Wiping Out Our Bees?
  140. Could I bring the KKK to speak in public schools during Black History Month?
  141. 135 stab wounds
  142. Taliban Pick Wrong Target
  143. NJ Governor Wasn't Wearing Seatbelt
  144. God Tries Hard but Nothing Works out?
  145. Next Time You Fill Out a Job Application
  146. Sorry Yolland...I could not reply
  147. Closed Thread????
  148. Are we getting close to the end of freedom of speech?
  149. Will The Wolf Survive?
  150. Iraqi Parliment Bombed
  151. Kurt Vonnegut Dead at 84
  152. Loose Change vs Popular Mechanics debate.
  153. planes wait while aircraft controller takes a bathroom break
  154. Pope Benedict: Science to Narrow to explain creation.
  155. Go Cheney yourself
  156. Hillary Clinton on the Chaser.
  157. My College Final Essay, what do you think my grade will be?
  158. Al Gore's global warming concert to be held in NY (U2 still not confirmed)
  159. 90th anniversary of Vimy Ridge
  160. I have an interesting speech to give...
  161. Guess What Another Global Warming Article.
  162. Iraq: A Place of Ambivalence
  163. sd#335
  164. "None of us in the officers' mess believed in the weapons of mass destruction nonsens
  165. Albert Einstein and the Honey Bee
  166. Imus Calls Rutgers Women's Basketball Team "Nappy Headed Hos"
  167. Toronto Blue Jays Forced To Revise Pillow Fight Ad
  168. Disney allowing Gay Weddings.
  169. US Unemployment Rate falls to 4.4%!
  170. Bolivia Following the Footsteps of Chavez.
  171. If only America had safe sex advertising this strong (NSFW)
  172. E. Howard Hunt's Deathbed Confession: CIA murdered JFK!!!
  173. An interesting upcoming debate. Who do you think will win?
  174. "spousal unions"
  175. American University liberals get their skulls bashed after Rove speech
  176. Are Humans Hard-Wired for Faith?
  177. Nevada Judge: "Natural" for Men to be attracted to 1 year olds
  178. Trevor Coleman UKIP Britain on the Brink, EU Conspiracy
  179. Mars and what it can teach us about Global Warming.
  180. Collins: How a scientist can believe in God
  181. McCain's visit to Baghdad market results in 21 deaths
  182. The Principal Couldn't Take It Anymore
  183. Fukuyama: the Iraq failure shows us that the end of history is the EU, not the US
  184. "In Our Messy, Reptilian Brain"
  185. Al-Qaeda's Next Target: The Dalai Lama
  186. IBM's 45 Million Dollar Donation to the Men and Woman of the Armed Services.
  187. Mitt outpaces Rudy, McCain in trouble
  188. 'Last Chance For Mideast Peace'?
  189. Banning Fliers About Jesus Violated 4th Grader's Rights
  190. Words of the Dead.
  191. Debating Ron Jeremy
  192. NYT: Al Qaeda Restoring Leadership
  193. Another Major Earthquake Another Tsunami.
  194. BVS's Sunday Dispatch
  195. Sd#334
  196. Negative portrayals of men in advertising / the media
  197. Gingrich-Spanish Is The Language Of Living In A Ghetto
  198. Bush the Stand Up Comedian.
  199. what's okay today won't be tomorrow
  200. Moral Authority
  201. Speaking up against suspicious person can get you sued?
  202. Master Bono
  203. The Tuskegee Airmen Finally Honored By Congress!!!!!
  204. Pretty Funny (The Radio and Television Correspondents Association)
  205. Celtic Tiger 1994 - 2007 RIP
  206. Good Kitty
  207. Last Female WW1 Vet has passed at the age of 109.
  208. Heads up. 45 Million Credit Card Numbers Stolen!
  209. MERGED-->Iran's President Said + New Situation in Middle East
  210. What will be the outcome after she loses?
  211. MC Rove
  212. Women's Equality Amendment
  213. Senta Votes to Preseve Troop Withdrawl Deadline!!!!
  214. Presidential spokesman, Tony Snow - on his way out
  215. Buddha Boy
  216. Saving St. Brigid Church (Very Long)
  217. School Uniforms.
  218. Tillman Family Rejects DOD Findings...
  219. Chatroom users 'egged on father to kill himself live on webcam'
  220. Playing Politics With Cancer Screening For Women
  221. Scientists create sheep that's 15% human
  222. Sd#333
  223. What is the European Dream supposed to be?
  224. A Time for Miracles - Bono
  225. The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt
  226. The College Rankings Revolt(?)
  227. Quebec To Require Muslim Women To Remove Veils To Vote
  228. Why are we as people the way we are?
  229. Something I wrote (Please don't move it)
  230. Chinese Woman Seeks Asylum Over Forced Marriage
  231. House bypasses Veto for Troop Withdrawl!
  232. Did the scumbag deserve the beating?
  233. Why Do Straights Hate Gays?
  234. UK Sailors taken hostage by Iranian Forces
  235. Japanese Billionare Opens Mansion to Homeless Family
  236. His Name Was Andrew
  237. True Love Revolution At Harvard
  238. The Law of the Land
  239. Major Vote On Global Aids Funding Tomorrow In Senate: Please Help!
  240. Gore Rocks Republicans Who Don't Believe in Global Warming
  241. Be Happy, Not Gay
  242. Are you hot enough?
  243. Elizabeth Edwards' Cancer Has Come Back
  244. MERGED-->Iran Protests 300 at UN + So Xerxes Was Gay...
  245. Gore on the Rocks
  246. Invisible Children of Uganda
  247. A sad local story I wanted to share.
  248. Which network anchor of the big 3 do you prefer to watch?
  249. 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector
  250. 14-20 max????? So Wrong!