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  1. West Virginia Torture Horror
  2. An email from my friend Barry , - Jesus loves me...
  3. Norman, Hilary and Media Silence
  4. Where were you 6 years ago today?
  5. How will you remember 9/11 today?
  6. Do Liberals And Conservatives Literally Think Differently?
  7. in case you thought Patraeus was apolitical ...
  8. Mcdonalds worker arrested for salty hamburger
  9. Sd.356
  10. Which Norwegian political party suits you?
  11. An exercise in analysis - Bin Laden
  12. Both McCanns have now been charged
  13. Insignificant Minority Wields Influence
  14. Flier Claims Southwest Attendant Played Fashion Police
  15. Albanian Dwarf Cult Peons Allegedly Abandon Poor Woman
  16. Three Body Problem Wipes Out Dinosaurs
  17. American Girls' Suicide Rates At Highest Level In 15 Years
  18. Comedian Gets the Hook for Using N-Word
  19. "'The Amero' is real; I have one to prove it!"
  20. What in the world?
  21. Breaktime FYM Parallel Lives
  22. Sd.355
  23. Houston Police Officer Suspended Over "Ghetto Handbook"
  24. On Christianity
  25. Thank you for your service, Sen. Warner
  26. Prince Harry's speech
  27. It looks like Iowa's joining the march to Hell
  28. Barnes & Nobles to stock O.J.'s book.
  29. 100 Year Old Celebrates Birthday by Smoking a Cigarette
  30. Miss Teen USA
  31. Zeitgeist Movie
  32. One more > for Family Values???
  33. Medieval Gays Got Unions
  34. Cuba?
  35. Gonzales Resigning
  36. Sd.354
  37. Ted Nugent's Call to Shoot Hillary, Obama, Boxer, Feinstein
  38. Paralyzed Five Year Old Gaza Girl Faces an Uncertain Future
  39. Justice for Jessica........
  40. Mother Teresa Doubted Her Faith
  41. Anyone else find the universe immensely interesting?
  42. Presidential Advance Manual
  43. MN Bridge Collapse & The War In Iraq
  44. Should we kill people for not killing people?
  45. The Secret Tunnels Under The University of Texas
  46. Poll-Young White Americans Are Happier Than Their Minority Counterparts
  47. Sd#353
  48. This was hard for me to read...
  49. Anne Rice /on support of Hillary Clinton and Why
  50. Stella Awards
  51. A War We Just Might Win
  52. Muslims for tidy whities (oh, and world domination)
  53. New Documentary About Jesus/The Muslim Perspective
  54. Sad state of Veteran's Affairs
  55. Hurricane Dean
  56. Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Record Low
  57. 1998 is no longer the hottest year on record?
  58. Sad state of the world today
  59. Who are you planning on voting for?
  60. Iraqi Women-Prostituting Ourselves To Feed Our Children
  61. earthquake in Peru
  62. The New Public Enemy Number 1 : Bottled Water
  63. Be a Celebrity for the African Well Fund
  64. Muslim center request denied
  65. Imus To Settle With CBS For 20 Million?
  66. The world's oldest person dies - aged 114
  67. Australians Loosing Even More Freedom
  68. Man Sues Florist For Revealing His Affair
  69. Bye Bye Baby! -- Karl Rove resigns
  70. Sd#352
  71. May I recommend a good political movie?
  72. Philly Daily News: America needs another 9/11
  73. Pyrénées bear, farmers' foe, killed in road accident
  74. Silly Mrs. Clinton
  75. Democrat Presidential Candidates in All-Gay-Issue "Debate"
  76. The City of Widows
  77. Paying Kids To Stay In School
  78. Time to Admit the "Gun Nuts" are Right
  79. Organic Food and Global Warming
  80. Bomb scare at ST. LOUIS bus terminal?
  81. If you were a terrorist... asks the NYT
  82. British Study Says Women Prefer "Girly Men"
  83. Is this discrimination, bigorty or neither?
  84. New York City to Ban 'Shameful Words' ???
  85. Dateline's "To catch a Predator"
  86. Henry Rollins's outburst
  87. Admitted Pedophile Can't Be Within 30 Ft Of A Minor
  88. Slaughter in the Jungle
  89. Sd#351
  90. The New Gender Wage Gap - Against Men
  91. "Hillsong - the church with no answers"
  92. "Bomb Mecca"
  93. Religion beat - a test of faith
  94. Vegansexuals
  95. Fascinating what we can all do together if we work in sync. Vid Clip
  96. God and the arts
  97. PBS, BBC & fired US attorney prove GOP electoral racism in 2004 (link to video inside
  98. It's all about maths, English, history - no room for character building?
  99. Elton John: "Close the Internet"
  100. Bridge collapse in Minneapolis
  101. Murdoch buys the Wall Street Journal
  102. In Memorium ~ Reema Samaha
  103. Sunnis quit "Iraqi" "government
  104. 10,000 Meloniacs
  105. How much jail time for women who have abortions?
  106. We lost 5 innocent PHOENICIANS in one day due to the actions of others
  107. Dog Fighting
  108. Sex for Mother Russia
  109. Sd#350
  110. Republican Collapse Among Young Americans
  111. Report Warns: Too Many 'Net' Rules
  112. Convicted for masturbating in jail cell
  113. Would you be okay with a Joker Dentist?
  114. Bulgarian Nurses Freed... thank you Sarkozy?
  115. The official YouTube debate thread...
  116. Sd.349
  117. What is sin?
  118. Democrats in Turkey
  119. Life design...
  120. This guy gives me hope for the future of true Christianity
  121. Ingesting one's placenta, acceptable or not?
  122. Political Bias in Summer Reading
  123. Terrorism or not?
  124. The Iraq War Is Lost
  125. Illegal Speech
  126. "... more radical than 'Brokeback Mountain' ..."
  127. in the name of murder
  128. Town buys church
  129. a different type candidate in the Turkish election
  130. Not now honey, mommy is on the computer
  131. Turkish oil deal with Iran
  132. Michael Moore - A Horse's Ass
  133. Sd#348
  134. Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude.
  135. Observable Natural Selection
  136. Al Qaeda better positioned to strike the West
  137. "Iraq, an experiment in an American laboratory." surging. purging, and regurgitating
  138. Teens Are Having Sex
  139. Eastern Orthodox youth flock to Istanbul
  140. Hindu Prayer In Senate Disrupted by Protesters
  141. hate crime
  142. Conservapedia- because Wikipedia is a liberal conspiracy!
  143. article about Iraq
  144. al-Qaeda article
  145. Putting living cows into boiling water
  146. Surgeon General Says Bush Politics Trumped Science. Duh.
  147. more news from Turkey
  148. Turkey to elect new president
  149. Defend Traditional Marriage!
  150. Dykes! Taking! Over!
  151. Iraq fears Turkish troop buildup
  152. Canada = buncha potheads
  153. the surge is working!
  154. out of Iraq now
  155. attacks in Iraq
  156. Sd#347
  157. personal responsibility & the climate crisis
  158. call for Cheney's impeachment
  159. Iraq stuff
  160. The UK LiveEarth event... I gotta ask...
  161. MERGED--> Beliefnet's Saint of the Day
  162. elections in Turkey
  163. plan on Iraq
  164. Regretful military torturers speak out (video link inside)
  165. North Korea Says It May Shut Down Nuclear Plant Early
  166. mosque dispute in Germany
  167. Pope urges Professors to Find Solutions to "Crisis of Modernity"
  168. What Bono doesn't say about Africa
  169. Drugs Found In Gore's Son's Prius
  170. Apparently he doesn't like lawyers, what do you think about lawyers?
  171. Nutrition Education Failing: AP Review
  172. local Muslim controversy
  173. from the local news
  174. 'Hopeless, Incompetent, Laughable, Finally The Truth About "Terror"'
  175. NWO Plans for Mass Human Sacrifice on 07/07/07
  176. She became Christian
  177. BBC's Alan Johnston FREE!!!!!!
  178. al-Qaeda cell busted in London
  179. from the local news
  180. MERGED--> He became straight + I despise...
  181. McCain short of cash
  182. MERGED--> terrorists hit mosque... + Pakistanis Storm Mosque
  183. Bush commutes Libby's prison sentence
  184. Islamic Terror not caused by Western Policies
  185. local big shots go to jail
  186. Sd#346
  187. related to..........
  188. Obama's fund-raising
  189. Breaking News part II: For God's sake, this is getting ridiculous.
  190. Bush invites High School Scholars to Whitehouse
  191. Was this news readers revolt against the farce that is "celebrity" justified?
  192. This is TOO FUNNY
  193. Dreamhealer
  194. Supreme Court Blocks Execution of Delusional Killer
  195. Flight of Fancy
  196. Breaking news: Have you heard about the bomb in London this morning??
  197. Does anyone else find this more than a little disturbing??
  198. Upstate S.C. / the iron horse is open / music and friends
  199. New SCOTUS decision limits school integration plans
  200. A great day for women in Egypt!
  201. The End of Blair and the Beginning of Brown
  202. Terminally Ill Man To Be Executed
  203. Fantasy Congress Activated
  204. Why do/did people hate President Nixon?
  205. do you love your country?
  206. Americans Set New Record For Charitable Donations
  207. There are four branches of government, Legislative, Executive, Judicial, and Cheney
  208. Most ironic protester ever? (v. Muhammad cartoons)
  209. Study Says Eldest Children Have Higher I.Q.s
  210. Sd#345
  211. Heartwrenching Photograph
  212. Global Fund article breaks my heart :(
  213. 16 Year Old Marries Her 40 Year Old High School Track Coach
  214. The finger of G-d,
  215. Should a 15 year old "surgen" be allowed in the Guiness book of World Records?
  216. Designer rejects honour from 'morally corrupt' Blair
  217. A Mighty Heart-The Daniel Pearl Movie
  218. Blair for Palestine?
  219. Wife Of Missing Soldier Could Face Deportation
  220. The Real Face of the European Union
  221. Bloomberg leaves the Republican Party
  222. School bans all form of touching—including high-fives.
  223. Salman Rushdie Knighted, Islamic World Outraged
  224. Fox And CBS Reject New Condom Commercial
  225. Sd#344
  226. Fantasy Congress
  227. Billy Graham's wife dies
  228. Congress issues subpoenas in U.S. Attorneys case
  229. Unique Sentence For Assault On Girlfriend
  230. Zbigniew Brezinski on Charlie Rose tonight on PBS
  231. Hamas Winning Civil War
  232. Marriage Equality Defended in Massachusetts
  233. Middle School Field Trip To Planned Parenthood
  234. Openly Gay Mayor In Dallas?
  235. Just a thought:Bono in politics?
  236. Court overrules Bush 'enemy combatant' policy
  237. Global Warming Crisis: Dissidents on the Left
  238. Lil' Bush
  239. Book Banning In Prison
  240. Al Roker Hates People With Epilepsy
  241. Sd#343
  242. Paris Hilton is 26 years old
  243. Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'
  244. Semper Fi: One Marine's Journey
  245. Meet Bono? I'm not interested, says Canadian PM
  246. President Clinton's Speech At Harvard Class Day
  247. Creationism isn't Right
  248. That so called war on terror...
  249. Why are you what you are, politically?
  250. Bono gets in shouting match at TED conference