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  1. 9/11 Overload? Post here.
  2. Why???????
  3. Adult Illiteracy
  4. SILENT THREAD for victims of terrorism, war, poverty and injustice everywhere
  5. Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Heroes...
  6. Has anyone been to see "Here is New York" place?
  7. Let's Stop the Ignorant Bull Sh!t
  8. 9/11: The most over-rated thing ever?
  9. In Rememberance Of 9/11 For Usa....and Abroad
  10. Do you believe in soul mates?
  11. Blair's Support for War
  12. Ok, what really is the big deal with Martha Stewart?
  13. .....And now we have this-------------------------------------------
  14. Couple Wants To Name Baby Osama Bin Laden
  15. DISCUSSION: Patriotic rock songs?
  16. Canada comes closer to legallizing marajuani (or however it's spelt!)
  17. help me understand
  18. A strike on Iraq
  19. Who do you fear?
  20. Detective Mark Fuhrman LA Dectective OJ Simpson Case..Did he plant the..
  21. Free Speech
  22. How has America changed?
  23. bush to seek congress' ok for iraq
  24. China, Russia also sign the Kyoto Treaty
  25. ww2 pictures
  26. Canada steps up!!
  27. Canada will sign Kyoto
  28. Anyone know any hasidic jews?
  29. My New Policy In Free Your Mind
  30. Public service announcement
  31. The Moderators of FYM
  32. paid love
  33. Post Iraq takeover?
  34. ...and I'll be up with the sun...
  35. propaganda
  36. Teenage boy accused in rape of 18-month-old baby
  37. The True "Axis of Evil" Saudi Arabia-Pakistan-al-Qaida ????
  38. Congrats to Lilly!
  39. germany calls us efforts "adventurism"
  40. Earth Summit in Johannesburg
  41. House builders
  42. I love you all
  43. the hunt for the anthrax killer.
  44. religious conversions
  45. Perhaps if The Legal Authorities had listened to James Woods..9/11 ..
  46. The middle ground has been lost
  47. Today, 13 years ago and before...
  48. Aussies- Sponsor a Child........!!!!!
  49. I made a promise... and I'm keeping it...
  50. Brief announcement.
  51. We MUST Stop the Forest Fires!
  52. Discussions on US foreign Policy
  53. Rotten.com
  54. Danospano's Cliff Notes on Life
  55. I want to leave.
  56. God Bless You!
  57. Biblical Trustworthiness (continued)
  58. Jealousy of America
  59. Assainate Bin Ladin or not? Pleasvote and exzplain your postion .Thank You.
  60. question
  61. War Crimes
  62. wtf!!! "Nigerian Mother Loses Appeal Against Stoning Death"
  63. The story of a woman I admire
  64. Is it really worth showing this, CNN ?
  65. Why does this happen?
  66. End the siege of the Short Strand
  67. On Iraq, from the view of Iraqi Kurdistan
  68. Questions, Anyone?
  69. It was one year ago today...
  70. Somehow we (the U. S.) have become the core of an Axis of Medieval.
  71. United States: Abuses Plague Sept. 11 Investigation
  72. 55 years for rape
  73. What's the deal?
  74. the book "Globalization and Its Discontents"
  75. Families of 9/11 victims suing bin Ladens, Saudi royal family et al for $1 trillion
  76. did the media go too far with this story?
  77. good times with db9
  78. World events
  79. How I was duped by the right. Democrats do not be duped by the left.
  80. Back To Rockville Studio / How AIDS has effected my life
  81. Tom Clancy on the Michael Reagan Radio Talk Show
  82. In Search of Religion
  83. Immigrants are horrible drivers.
  84. Campaign Lies
  85. Morality
  86. Europe should not be a continent
  87. Do you believe that only YOUR religion gets to go to heaven?
  88. Speed of light inconstant?
  89. IMF bails out Brazil
  90. The Unforgettable Fire
  91. the trading of culture
  92. Opression of women by Islamic fundamentalists
  93. Should Women Be Ordained As Priests?
  94. Women as priests...a sin??? Vatican excommunicates 7.
  95. I'm tired of seeing Diamond as the last poster in FYM and Lemonade Stand
  96. In the Spirit of John 15:17 I dare both Repulicans/Democrats and Non US
  97. Interacial.
  98. HUGE Bono's Angels Action Alert
  99. UK teen gets 12 years for a vampiric murder
  100. Bono's Polictal Evolution.
  101. Which do you think is more important in a life: the past, the present or the future?
  102. Increased child abductions?
  103. Why...
  104. More grease on the slippery slope of "globalism"
  105. "War with Iraq..."'s bastard brother:
  106. War with Iraq...What is the U.S. Thinking?
  107. The Peace Corps
  108. Go Satans!?
  109. Learn about the World Bank & IMF - read my finance paper!!!
  110. Lol
  111. Merged ----> Christmas (Bubba Please Come Home!) + Where's Achtung Bubba?
  112. Whats your definition of spirituality
  113. Welcome Back
  114. NYC has stopped recycling pickups....
  115. the lurking "alter"s
  116. statistics/tragedies
  117. All 9 Miners are alive!
  118. Targeting children?
  119. I hope (but sincerely doubt) that this is joke.
  120. how do parents who lose their children like this go on?
  121. Concerning the Religious Right, from Philip Yancey in The Jesus I Never Knew
  122. The U.S. "Christian Right" and its morality set
  123. There is no cure for cancer/AIDS/HIV...or is there?!?!?
  124. "I always thought it was good for you"
  125. I REALLY wish GAY guys would STOP it.
  126. Post 20000 for FYM
  127. One Small Leap Into the Middle Ages...
  128. Up, Up, Up, it goes....
  129. cool down...take a deep breathe
  130. Angels update
  131. Dating.a.morman....
  132. Is the WORLD and THIS FORUM large enough for
  133. Dubya: "do you have blacks too?"
  134. To all Nabokov 'Lolita' readers: question
  135. Would you work for a company...
  136. Down, Down, Down, it goes....
  137. Fizz has left the building...
  138. Towards a trading system for development
  139. U.S. President: "Born in the USA" or "Comin' to America"?
  140. Are we supporting slavery,...
  141. The Bible: Infallible?
  142. Domestic Violence
  143. Janet Reno's 'Dance Party'
  144. And she...is...outta here!
  145. corporate consciousness of being
  146. Random, Senseless Acts Of Violence
  147. With My Hands, I Will Build You Castles In The Sand*
  148. This forum...
  149. calling all US fans!
  150. Sources of Information
  152. Lawsuit-Happy Atheist Boy (TM) Strikes Again.
  153. 2004 US Presidential Elections
  154. for anyone who cares to read (re: no freedome of religion for Muslims in Malaysia)
  155. Test drive
  156. Oh...those silly policemen
  157. (CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!!!) Arafat calls for Democratic Elections in the U.S.A.!!!!
  158. Some disturbing facts about George W. Bush's administration (LOOK INSIDE!!!!)
  159. President Bush Was In Town Today
  160. *Sigh* Here's another one for ya
  161. Setting biblical misconceptions straight
  162. Pets
  163. Dublin to make bid for Olympics
  164. what do you think "free your mind" means?
  165. The United States in #1....(just check out all of these facts!!!)
  166. z edge, Why Does Johnny Swallow Use Your Photo In His Signature?
  167. Human Milk for sale.
  168. Political Activism
  169. sesame streeet to get new hiv + character
  170. Gore Vidal, Michael Moore & Noam Chomsky Are NOT The Holy Trinity nor Infallible!!!!
  171. Autobiographically to blame
  172. Why does the US HAVE TO BE by far the largest military and economical power??
  173. For Your Entertainment: NASA Related
  174. Gender (if any) of God
  175. LA beating videographer arrested today
  176. the widening political chasm between the US and other nations
  177. CNN: U.S. House votes to allow airline pilots to carry guns in the cockpit.
  178. CIA, FBI??? now this is real counter terrorism
  179. Cannot believe how that American cop acted......!
  180. "One Nation Under God?" A Stunning Commentary by J. Mayes
  181. why do people do shit like this to animals?
  182. Gore Vidal talks about terrorism and the American Empire
  183. Where were you? (WTC related)
  184. Swearing on the Bible
  185. 'no capitalism without conscience'
  186. the uselessness of nationalism
  187. Adam, The Dinousaurs. The Creation..How do you BELIEVERS reconcile the EvolutionFolk?
  188. This is simply awful.
  189. The Atrocities of humankind, this DVD and The Blessings of A Free Society..
  190. Old farts!
  191. News from the 14th International AIDS Conference
  192. A Call to Virtue
  193. How did you celebrate Independence Day?
  194. FYM is bi-partite
  195. Happy 226th Birthday!
  196. Why do people let you down
  197. None of my business, but pathetic in a funny way
  198. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Declares U.S. COnstitution Unconstitutional
  199. Sanctions against Iraq
  200. Not Me for President
  201. Bush Backtracking on aid
  202. hi guys, have you heard of ... "rods"?
  203. No More Bombs for Afghanistan!
  204. Thomas Jefferson on Separation of Church and State
  205. Is Bin Laden dead or alive?
  206. This land is your land
  207. China and the upcoming AIDS epidemic
  208. I mentioned Bono in my Poli sci class :)
  209. Teaching the faith
  210. Death, music and fairweather fans.
  211. which countries meet the discretionary standards of NEPAD and similar initiatives?
  212. Betty Bowers' Response to the Pledge of Allegiance
  213. Who would take hell for the US?
  214. An athiestic President?
  215. Do you believe in God???
  216. Please Bathe Yourself In My Crap-Tastic Poetry
  217. What is America Doing Right? Wrong?
  218. U.S. Congressman Earl Hilliard (Democrat-Alabama) Was Voted Out Of Office Last Night
  219. I'm ashamed...
  220. Pledge of Allegiance and a federal court
  221. Can't believe this... (warning: sad stuff)
  222. What the G8 Should Say
  223. The US SUCKS because...
  224. Did the game of "tag" ruin your life?
  225. Work Harder! People on welfare are depending on you!
  226. Announcement-Please read
  227. It is NOT the ECONOMY Stupid for Presidentail Approval Ratings in America
  228. "big attack" on "day of freedom"
  229. CNN's role in conveying American ideals
  230. Massive Attack
  231. Other religions II (for subtopics raised in that thread)
  232. bringing africa into the capitalist orbit
  233. Is sex sacred?
  234. People from Dallas area, look! IMPORTANT
  235. Poll: Do you agree with Bono's causes?
  236. atheists are...weird...
  237. democracy takes a hit in canada
  238. Bono's introduction - Psalms
  239. Jesse Ventura not running for re-election
  240. Anybody else have a moral problem with pirated software?
  241. GLADIATOR - Me thinks I needs some help! (re-post)
  242. A little talk about Christianity
  243. Poll: Do you believe in ghosts?
  244. Poll: Do you believe in UFO's?
  245. Sinead O'Conner
  246. The Big One
  247. I am....stunned......to read about this...(rape)
  248. The mosaic vs the melting pot
  249. the jewish in america
  250. Somebody here will know