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  1. Senate REJECTS oil drilling in Alaska
  2. Shock and Awe
  3. Share Your Solution for Iraq
  4. White House says loss of life likely...?
  5. anti-war supporters
  6. MERGED --> Dead Line Passed! + War Has Started??? + it's official + The War Has Begun
  7. Clone controversy part II
  8. Is there anyone that thinks this war would not have been fought?
  9. Autobiography of a Nation
  10. Individual rights during wartime
  11. Why the hypocrites are right this time
  12. Take Care Saddam.
  13. What are your taxes paying for this year?
  14. France and Germany are left to wonder: Did they carry things too far?
  15. Au Revoir Saddam.
  16. France....
  17. Headline... BLAIR WINS
  18. Containment of Saddam KILLS
  19. Resistance
  20. anti-Moslem attacks increase
  21. When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber
  22. A Question for Those of You Opposed to the War With Iraq
  23. Saddam Lookalike In California
  24. project for the new american century
  25. War without UN approval - how legal is it? Plus US has an interesting opinion
  26. A Life Affirming View On The War Scenario
  27. Iraq Military Negotiating Surrender
  28. Proud of my Prime Minister (for once)
  29. Great anti-war protesters of our time...
  30. A Long, Winding Road to a Diplomatic Dead End
  31. GoodBye Saddam.
  32. Headline: TURKEY TURN: Will Allow US TROOPS
  33. My sincerest question ever
  34. Michael Moore's letter to Bush
  35. US tells UN inspectors to get out - I guess this is it
  36. MERGED: Will there be cheering...? + YES! there is cheering... + Iraqi town liberated
  37. U.K. Cabinet leader resigns to protest war
  38. STING....This post is for you!
  39. For the Healing of the Nations: Prayer/Good Vibes ONLY
  40. 23 year old American Rachel killed by Israeli Army Bulldozer
  41. If you need to laugh please read....
  42. I'm shifting positions
  43. World Bank Update - Rebuilding Iraq: Profits, Losses, Influences
  44. Question about religion. Please help!
  45. Get ready.........
  46. the karen people in and just out of burma
  47. Spain links Iraq to 9-11..(NOT THAT IT MATTERS)
  48. Should protestors be allowed to protest on military bases?
  49. Strife in Central Africa
  50. God is a fish????
  51. the war plans
  52. Intersting Proposal For Peace
  53. Do you think George Walker Bush is trustworthy?
  54. Iraq geography will challenge fighters
  55. killer pneumonia epidemic--scary!!
  56. a saint for the Internet??
  57. Shame on YOU!!! 37 Regime Changes w/out UN Approval
  58. China, France, Syria help each other help...
  59. I'm really sorry
  60. Microsoft handling the Iraq issue
  61. Greenpeace members arrested for blocking
  62. Some More Understanding Of Bono's Position Between Iraq and Africa
  63. a matter of false perspective?
  64. Bonoman, U2Bama, Diamond, Lemonite
  65. Saddam Launches Pre-Emptive Attack
  66. Red Nose Day!
  67. Ari.. Ari.. Ari.. The Truth Slips Out
  68. Natalie Imbruglia kidnap bid
  69. Another man's perspective re Iraq. This may sway even the most liberalthinker
  70. moving dead people out of France
  71. apology
  72. The New Social Engineering
  73. MERGED--> John Cleese on the "Axis of Just as Evil" & Axis of Evil Wannabes
  74. This could be a good idea
  75. Dixie Chicks Explain Anti-Bush Comment
  76. Bring our Boys Home!!!!!
  77. Ramsay Clark trying to impeach Bush
  78. Interesting...
  79. Hmmm, Interesting Photo
  80. Looking for MLK speech
  81. Wall street journal editorial ?
  82. I cannot believe the pure evil of some human beings!
  83. footprints - out of time, not in Iraq!
  84. Missiles and Dirty Bombs Update
  85. Mass Slaughter - War Crime?
  86. Saddam, if you want Peace then...
  87. data about the war with Iraq
  88. MERGED --> Serb Prime Minister Djindjic Assassinated + horrible political assasintn.
  89. Press Release/ Security Council hearing
  90. Welcome to China land of the free and the censored.
  91. Hello, its a PUBLIC building not a MUSEUM
  92. A War Protest Song----Beastie Boys
  93. Inauguration of International Criminal Court
  94. america is upfront and forthright about its weapons of mass destruction
  95. Britain distances itself from White House
  96. This has FYM written All over it!
  97. Freedom Fries or Chips
  98. "God-blessed martyrdom-seeking mission."
  99. 2004 Presidential Candidate Selector
  100. Google News Promoting FYM THreads
  101. U.S. diplomats resign in protest at President Bush's preparations to attack Iraq
  102. Reasons why you support the death penalty? (if you do)
  103. Portugal and Spain Question France's Loyalties
  104. Will Saddam Attack with Records of Destroyed Chemical Weapons?
  105. Ivanov Says Russia Will Veto U.S.-Backed Resolution on Iraq
  106. French shrinks in NYC after 9/11
  107. Russia-France, Reasons they dont want to go to War
  108. The "Post Iraq" Challenge..
  109. The original Blix report (Don't beLIEve, decide yourself)
  110. Bush Admin LIES...again..so what else is a LIE?
  111. "So sorry but the war has not started yet chap. See you in a few days mate!"
  112. a time to be serious, a time to find humor...
  113. lifegem.com...I'm not quite sure how I feel about this
  114. Bush Demands Standing Ovation
  115. Dr. Blix...How come you did not report everything?
  116. Just where are the protests? Bono
  117. No just cause for war resolution: UN
  118. Osama's Kids?
  119. a little humor
  120. No questions from Helen Thomas
  121. I am concerned that Bush is taking drugs that impair judgement
  122. GIRLS GONE WILD.....Just not in.....
  123. Pucker up and......
  124. Winkler weighs in on Iraq situation
  125. Bush Press Conference Tonight @ 8:00
  126. "Unnamed Democrat" leads Bush in Polls
  127. Iraqi Democracy - Leader Chosen by U S?
  128. Man Arrested At Mall For Wearing A "Peace" T-Shirt
  129. Countdown to War
  130. Rumsfeld Finally Tells The Truth + Illogical War Plans
  131. UN organisation (UNESCO) warns about lack of Water in 20 Years.
  132. The Swiss drug policy (I'd post a thumbs up, but that goes against my nature)
  133. what's your west?
  134. PETA comapres raising animals for food to the Holocaust
  135. I have found my candidate!!!
  136. Is our President for real?
  137. Howard Dean and the NRA....
  138. Here's a Real Shocker...
  139. Pope calls for a day of fasting and prayers for peace
  140. my anti-flu rally (joke)
  141. I Freed My Mind....HAVE YOU
  142. journalism in the age of terror
  143. Hillary Supports the President!
  144. Look-A-Likes
  145. The Winter Of The Long Hot Summer
  146. Can anyone guess...
  147. An article about the capture of Al Qaeda´s 3rd man
  148. US plan to bug Security Council (From: FRANK KOZA, NSA)
  149. Poll: Is George W. Bush becoming unpopular????????????
  150. Our "Christian" President
  151. Iraq Winning Pr War
  152. The death of a war hero,...
  153. shenanigans............
  154. head of state query
  155. Save the Alaskan Wilderness, No war for oi!
  156. a dead giveaway, or suspicious facial hair
  157. Smilies and Apologies
  158. a christian view to be considered...
  159. What is up with cuba?
  160. U.S. colleges + ...
  161. Liberal/Conservative?
  162. Is this atheism?
  163. MERGED -> Bono speaks out against war in Iraq Thoughts? + Bono Blasts Blair over Iraq
  164. Do You Miss East Germany?
  165. Now Here's a Republican Congressman I Like!
  166. R.I.P. Fred Rodgers...
  167. Cable news watchers.... (US)
  168. ethonal and kyoto
  169. Iraq agrees 'in principle' to destroy missiles
  170. Bush's Midterm Report Card - Campaign Lies?
  172. Feb. 15 peace protests
  173. No boobies in Parliament
  174. Hussein vs. Bush: The Debate (Who takes the cake?)
  175. my campaign (joke!)
  176. "Damn Americans ... I hate those bastards."
  177. Pat Sajak on Hollywood: "The Disconnect Between Hollywood and America"
  178. AIDS will kill 480 million people by 2050
  179. liberals
  180. So, has there ever been a successful US supported/installed government?
  181. Reality TV Going Too Far?
  182. So What's the Rush?
  183. "That's Gay"
  184. Fundamental change of the US foreign policy?
  185. Endless Love
  186. if the us attacks without un support
  187. Saddam Says NO! to BLIX
  188. Charlotte Aldebron, 12 y.o., about Iraq
  189. War Could Bomb Your Pocketbook
  190. Uranium 238 & Desert Storm
  191. who cares about 1400 people in Badger?
  192. possible aids vaccine
  193. please challenge me on ww2 history
  194. Please Don't Be Wrong Issac Newton
  195. American presidents all mixed up
  196. George Bush and The Professor
  197. An Admission re Bono and Iraq. I just did the math*
  198. I try to find some information about Pearl,..
  199. Diceliving
  200. high american admin. source confirms immediate action in iraq!
  201. Bush's Race Pandering
  202. Botched Transplant Victim Declared Dead
  203. FYM Definition of Democrats/Republicans
  204. 96 dead at last count
  205. burn care?
  206. The Irony of the Hollywood Liberal Left Protesters..(buckle up-explosive topic)
  207. Terrorism??? Or Not!!!!!
  208. Books and the Patriot Act
  209. Refinery Explosion Staten island
  210. barge fire
  211. white, black, red, yellow, or are we all just shades in between?
  212. Prophesies/Evil Doers/Religions influence on GW BUSH
  213. Cia Vets: No War In Iraq
  214. UK urges 16 and under to have oral sex!
  215. Excessive Force by Police???
  216. So What's Wrong With Shit?
  217. Restrictions on New AIDS Funding
  218. Bill Clinton as Secretary General U.N.?
  219. NM Lawmakers Take Aim at Patriot Act
  220. "Peace, Prosperity...the...Holocaust"
  221. so it's actually illegal to be homosexual in Texas?
  222. length of campaigns--??
  223. CNN Headline - Plane Crash in Iran
  224. The Big Idea, The Big O...Love Letters In The Sand
  225. Kafir and Alan= MY 2 heroes. Total Diamondmove at the Peace Rally.. luv these guys.
  226. The FYMmies 2003
  227. Oh where Oh Where have the weapons...
  228. Attack or Self-Defense?
  229. A Matter of Life, Death - and Oil
  230. Federal Budget 2003 (canada)
  231. Joke campaigns--??
  232. EU Applicants Threatened
  233. Bono Nominated for Nobel PRIZE
  234. Mastectomy petition
  235. *Awaits Another Pharmacological Disaster*
  236. How is this Unilateral?????
  238. A couple of predictions about GW Bush..
  239. One Term President
  240. When you look at the world.....
  241. Rally for peace - anyone go?
  242. How many of you,....
  243. Bush and Co. Walking Into bin Laden's Trap
  244. When And How This War Is Going To Be Played Out
  245. Foreign-born U.S. Citizens Getting Drafted...?
  246. Mainiacs.....Secede from the UNION
  247. What religion is practiced in Japan?
  248. Evils of the United States
  249. Peaceful Protest and Rally (various cities in the United States)
  250. US is going to .......