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  1. America Hitting Itself With Pain Stick!?!
  2. Donate A Phone
  3. McDonalds Play Areas - One Big Petri Dish?
  4. does anybody know how to setup newsgroups? if so i need your help
  5. Fixing The Un Part 2
  6. The terrorists (Arafat) have won
  7. Should Illegal Aliens Be Allowed to get Driver's Licenses?
  8. Should Illegall Immigrants be Alllowed to get Driiver's Licenses?
  9. Where Is The Outrage??
  10. an interesting comparison
  11. Injured soldier
  12. John Kerry
  13. I wonder how the kids are doing
  14. Blast at Baghdad police headquarters
  15. A belated Labor Day offering from Michael Moore. ;)
  16. The Good News We've Been Waiting For
  17. the non-campaign
  18. The Last Firefighter
  19. Muslims Ready Themselves as a Voting force in the US
  20. Bush brought up on Animal Cruelty Charges
  21. Hamas "learns" from the US and Israel
  22. VERY FUNNY....International Incident
  23. more on political strife in Iraq
  24. People busted for mosque bombing
  25. Abizaid: more Muslim peacekeepers needed in Iraq
  26. Author unknown - letter to Bush
  27. Mosque in Iraq attacked, 75 killed
  28. Hillary seems to be changing her mind...Presidency might be in the mix
  29. WTO delays cheap medicines for poor nations
  30. I Have a Dream
  31. Baby Bush In Baghdad!
  32. Another Bush is up for re-election, we need MacPhisto!!
  33. The Facts differ from the pre war PR a lot
  34. Please forward to everyone you know...
  35. The GOP's Answer to Domestic Unemployment
  36. As more time passes
  37. Richard A. Grasso paid $140 million today.
  38. The Next Invasion
  39. Poll shows Bush faltering
  40. General Clark is making Ross Perot mistakes!!!!
  41. Blog of a 24yr old Iraqi woman
  42. It's about a powerstruggle
  43. Bush and Neocons are morally bankrupt.
  44. "a white Republican guy who doesn't get it, but I'd like to.I don't understand how
  45. General Wesley Clark for President!!
  46. Bombing in Bombay -atleast 40 dead, Bombing in Russian City - 3 dead
  47. OMG I can't Believe someone would do this...
  48. USA being the most religious industrialized nation
  49. "The Ten Commandments" some are pretty good. Law of the land? What do you think?
  50. sorry about that, folks
  51. ridiculous laws
  52. U.S negligence is killing journalists
  53. Help ease my mind - Did Bush burn Oregon?
  54. Canada - Cooler than the US?
  55. on 28th August, it will be 40 years since MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech!
  56. any of you remember lisa martens?
  57. Results of an AOL poll.....what does everybody think?
  58. Warning - Yet Another Bug Via E-mail! Read!
  59. Separation of Church and State in Alabama
  60. Woman Banned for Criticizing Bush's Legs
  61. North Korea vs. Iraq
  62. Yet Another Right-Wing Conspiracy
  63. Have we created the monster we feared?
  64. Bombing in Baghdad
  65. Looks like another sniper- this time in WV
  66. Brian Eno: Lessons in how to lie about Iraq
  67. more terror likely, say researchers
  68. The Man, The Doll, The Commander in Chief
  69. Baghdad Water Pipeline Bombed, Two Oil Lines Bombed, Prison and Power Lines Bombed.
  70. Nephew of Iraq "Mandela" Stature rising in Iraq
  71. 5 week old caught in beating
  72. Idi Amin is dead
  73. School for Dictators and warcriminals,..
  74. The few, the proud, the breast augmentation compliments of Uncle Sam
  75. They found WMDs here in the States
  76. Major power outage hits New York, other large cities
  77. Electrical Storm political parady
  78. Here comes Peter Cottontail???It's a human rabbit hybrid!
  79. Christenings
  80. An end to the diamond cartels?
  81. US Again Says NO Expanding UN Role in Iraq
  82. Saudis find terror threat
  83. There will NEVER be Democracy in Iraq
  84. terrorists kill in Afghanistan
  85. Three Precious Hours
  86. It is just a movie,...
  87. Relieving the water crisis
  88. Unilateralism =$$$$
  89. Ted Wants His Bomb Back
  90. Human Shield FINED $10, 000
  91. the united states and the global environment
  92. Help Fight World Hunger
  93. Underage Prostitution on the Rise in Malls
  94. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Woolfowitz were warned
  95. WMD Announcement Next Month
  96. US Begins Destroying Chemical Weapons
  97. I am going to protest..........
  98. Veterans for Common sence,...
  99. 58 years ago ...
  100. Gitmo - A Vacation Destination?
  101. Has this one been discussed yet?
  102. Amrozi receives death penalty
  103. Al Gore on Bush Economics
  104. Al Gore on Iraq
  105. Gary Coleman Running for CA Gov.
  106. What the fuck is this,...
  107. Iraqi Urban Legends
  108. Governor Schwarzenegger
  109. 9/11 Blamed for Smaller Babies
  110. Forgiveness....What is it?
  111. Episcopalians Elect 1st Openly Gay Bishop
  112. is religion inherently divisive?
  113. The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about War and Terrorism
  114. George Dubya Bush an Dick Cheney jokes
  115. Is this for real ?
  116. Our Latest Threat To Democracy
  117. Closing Military Bases in "Old Europe"
  118. My favourite member of the Bush administration will leave
  119. No More Debates! In Free Your Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. The 80sU2isBest FYM Farewell Thread
  121. US government without the slightest idea how to solve this problem
  122. New Al Quaida audiotape aired
  123. So is the Truth Finally Out on WMDs?
  124. Horrible illness hits troops in Iraq
  125. Online Voting A Reality For Military
  126. foxnews.com
  127. North Korea (Compared to Iraq)
  128. Old Testament Laws And Their Place In The Life Of The Christian
  129. Reuters accused of widespread racism in US class-action lawsuit
  130. Israeli parliament passes law against Israeli-Arab/Palestinian-Arab marriages
  131. "peace" at what cost? collateral damages in the hunt for Saddam
  132. vatican issues guidance for politicians dealing with same sex marriage
  133. Nobel economist George Akerlof criticizes Bush administration
  134. Censorship at it finest:
  135. Political Irony/humor found in Lic. plates
  136. G.W. Bush speech - slavery
  137. Caravan of Death
  138. New Saddam tape released
  139. Is it possible to see a 3 party system in the US ?
  140. "I Want a Twenty-Four Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape"
  141. merged: next hot job occupation: terror trader & discussion of terror trader.
  142. Eliminating Teasing/Taunting in Schools
  143. U.S. Fights Verdict Backing Ex-P.O.W.'s
  144. Parents: White Teacher Should Not Teach Black History
  145. N.Y. to Open 1st Public Gay High School
  146. The costs of war
  147. Hillary 2008
  148. Time to pull out? How many dead will be the last straw?
  149. May I have your autograph Mr. President?
  150. Report of the joint inquiry into the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
  151. The Rise of the Corporate Military
  152. Are you a Neocon or a Neoliberal??
  153. The Rhetoric that lies Ahead 2004
  154. Iraqis comment on Saddam's sons, hope for better lives
  155. someone check the oval office drinking water
  156. Who's forgotten?
  157. The Toll Grows Higher
  158. What do you think happens when we die...?
  159. Amnesty International talks about orture or ill-treatment by Coalition Forces
  160. Commie Soccer!
  161. does it really matter how one dies?
  162. My reasons for “liberal” over “conservative” Christianity
  163. Mad Cow=Mad Canadians!!
  164. Dave Thomas is posthumously awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
  165. 2004 Presidential Election: You'd get your vote?
  166. Saddam's Sons Very Likely Killed in battle today!
  167. Who ARE the war criminals? unlawful combatants?
  168. Liberia
  169. New Death of Soldier In Iraq Piles Pressure on U.S.
  170. Saddam More Dangerous Defeated According to INtelligence Community
  171. Read Kenya journal at AWF site
  172. "Hunting for Bambi,"
  173. The Ant And The Grasshopper
  174. Democrats let Bush out of his cage, now must live with the consequences
  175. Independant Commission Makes Seven Key Points to Rumsfeld on Iraq
  176. It is a poor argument that.....
  177. POLL: He should be impeached!!!!!!
  178. Uh-Oh New Resolution Needed? I thought everything was affirmed!!!! Yadda Yadda Yadda
  179. Bush - Would you hire him?
  180. Another BUshism of the day
  181. the marginalization of Aboriginal peoples
  182. possible source for a BBC story Dr David Kelly murdered?
  183. Bush Welfare Marriage Plan Headed for Approval
  184. Mel Gibson's "Passion"
  185. Spending by the EU on AIDS in Africa
  186. Gay priest elected Bishop, but.....
  187. "I Thought I Raised You Better than This"
  188. driver kills at least 8 in market
  189. FYM-style Google humor
  190. No punishment for the only 9/11 member who had to face a trial?
  191. Wrong preferences in Fight against WMDs?
  192. i am not an american
  193. Creation/Evolution.
  194. Where's Dreadsox? An FYM Mystery Game!
  195. Oh Dubya!
  196. Rubber Ducky, You're the One...
  197. reviving canada from quebec out
  198. Rethinking objectivity in a world of spin
  199. Bush watches Amorous Elephants
  200. Iraq Policy Is Broken. Fix It.
  201. Will George W. Bush put the kibosh on elections in the United States next year?
  202. Flu: The Next Terror Weapon?
  203. Thanks for your help, but please leave!!! You make us a target.
  205. U.S. Military Scholars Warn of Wider Iraqi Insurgency
  206. Executive Branch Learns from Saddam
  207. African well fund developments
  208. Mature aged conjoined twins
  209. Bush Pushes for New Nukes
  210. Bush leaves tonight to Africa
  211. MERGED: 9/11 Plot by CIA?
  212. 10 Things for the USA to be Proud Of
  213. At this rate in Iraq...
  214. Why do you come to FYM?
  215. Newly Appointed Bishop Forced to Step Down
  216. They should be punished!
  217. Poll: If Election were today, would you vote Bush? (merged)
  218. Offensive Lyrics From Johnny Cash?
  219. Citizens Turn the Tables on US Government
  220. 4th Of July: America Exposed
  221. frustrated inc.
  222. Happy 4th of July
  223. Silvio Berlusconi, is he the worst head of state?
  224. Majority in US believes Bush 'stretched truth' about Iraq: poll
  225. Posthumous Exposés
  226. Out On The Road Today, I Saw An Al Gore Sticker On An SUV
  227. revising my opinion on the war
  228. The last Sunday in June
  229. Richard Land
  230. A small light at the Horizon? Palestinian hardliners announced susp. of attacks
  231. New Book by "Steven E. Kuhn about Iraq war
  232. Justicia
  233. Whole Lotta Shunning Going On
  234. Heterosexual Teenage Sex is Prosecuted Differently from Homosexual Teenage Sex
  235. The Windshield Killer
  236. the RIAA's new strategy
  237. 3rd world development hampered by subsidies
  238. May he rest in peace.....
  239. No Mexicans on Our Beach! U2Bama posted a thread a while back....
  240. IRS: Over 2000 Big Earners Paid No Tax in 2000
  241. Homeland Security--Get the Bastard!
  242. Safety and Justice...a fair tradeoff?
  243. Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Sodomy Law
  244. 50/50 Chance at.......
  245. Is history by definition "revisionist"?
  246. Materialism.
  247. Aid organizations being bullied by Bush administration
  248. Bush Makes Me Mad/National Endowment of the Arts
  249. Bill Clinton still makes my stomach turn
  250. When African/Jamacian Americans use the word "Nigger"