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  1. Virgin Birth? Did it happen?
  2. Top Ten Words to mention in a thread title to get postings up!!!!
  3. terrorist plotted to blow up Amsterdam's red light district
  4. Hurray for Bird Droppings (Yes, this is real)
  5. Incest among the Amish
  6. Confirmed: Yushchenko was poisoned
  7. Question/discussion for all: What do you owe your country?
  8. UN: Help wanted
  9. Idolotry of the Bible
  10. At risk: 1,000,000,000 of the world's children
  11. Nude Beaches and Nudist Colonies
  12. Order Your Husband Online
  13. 56 Years Ago Today (A Very Important Day)
  14. A Degree in Satanism?
  15. Amy Biehl
  16. Damageplan concert killings
  17. Not Just a Man and a Woman in Canada
  18. Is it starting?
  19. Troops talk to Rumsfeld
  20. Where Does Christmas Belong?
  21. Come get your Jello Shots...
  22. Congress Moves to Cut Aid to Allies That Support World Criminal Court
  23. 'Suicide by Cop': Disturbing new trend revealed by USC study of fatal shootings
  24. Was the Apostle Paul Gay?????
  25. Happy Hanukkah
  26. steroids
  27. Excitement in the Virginia governor's race
  28. The day that lived in infamy (Part II)
  29. "I shot him in the head twice, took a picture of him, and walked outside"
  30. Dick Gephardt Likes Eminem And Nelly
  31. Old Soldiers Back On Duty
  32. *Waits For Lawsuit*
  33. Former Gay Christian Educator Fights Homosexuality Issues at Schools
  34. The day that lived in infamy
  35. Quotes from Osama Bin Laden
  36. We Can't Call Them Suicide Bombers Anymore
  37. Why the cabinet shake-up?
  38. What's your charity of choice?
  39. Senator Chafee's Fact Finding Mission To Iraq
  40. fox news and clear channel in bed together? never would've thunk it...
  41. God's gender? And more importantly, does it matter?
  42. Free
  43. Sd#210
  44. Bono's stance on abortion and stem cell research
  45. Man has surgery to gain 5 inches
  46. no one is morally responsible
  47. The Paradox of Anti-Americanism in Iran
  48. Let me see how many know of this
  49. How Far We’ve Come
  50. Mars Attacks
  51. Blasts Reported in Madrid
  52. tenet calls for internet security
  53. Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
  54. Ignorance
  55. Nearly Half of Britons Unaware of Auschwitz
  56. NBC and CBS Ban Church Ad
  57. old news - the truth will out..
  58. 346 similarities between christ and chrishna
  59. Condoms4Life
  60. Too Graphic For TV
  61. Bernie Kerik to replace Ridge?
  62. Thanks, Australia!
  63. Misinformation and Lies = Danger for our kids!
  64. Is Jesus the only way to Heaven? How do you interpret these scriptures?
  65. call to ban and bury "gay" books
  66. What More You Can Do for World AIDS Day
  67. Old Testament VS New Testament
  68. Nobody Cares
  69. All instrumental music and singing comes from Satan?
  70. Moment of Silence for those suffering from AIDS
  71. Kofi Annan's Son in Corruption Scandal
  72. Somethign for the America bashers
  73. Vermont to join Canada?
  74. Who thinks Arnie will run for president next time?
  75. Hilarious Hate Mail From Michael Moore Fans
  76. Sd#209
  77. Dear President Bush (satire)
  78. national day of protest
  79. Eyewitness to the Tragedy of AIDS in Africa
  80. I don't belive it
  81. Question for Canadians: Which Party??!?
  82. Canadians! Which party??
  83. Has U2 inspired your political action?
  84. Bush's "Holy" War
  85. To Protest or not to Protest?
  86. Canada's commitment to equality
  87. Savages
  88. Christmas Music!
  89. I don't believe!!
  90. Seeing the UN Plain: Corruption as a Way of Life
  91. Teacher has kids tasting flavored condoms in class
  92. Declaration of Independence Banned at Cali School because of references to God
  93. Ukraine election controversy
  94. opinion poll of Africans...
  95. Chemical Weapons Lab Found in Falluja
  96. Margaret Hassan's fate
  97. Al-Jazeera branded a terror channel
  98. Good books on spirituality/prayer/faith/etc.
  99. Can A Conservative Tax Plan Benefit All Social Classes?
  100. Crumbs in light of our current world
  101. Interesting statement.
  102. Ah-nold starts a third party?
  103. QUESTION ABOUT THE BAND 'SIMPLE MINDS' (and u2 related)
  104. The P Word
  105. prayers please
  106. Hunters kill each other over deer stand
  107. Africa
  108. JFK Assassination Game
  109. EU new Roman Empire
  110. William Faulkner and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb speech
  111. Genetic Engineering
  112. Help Needed......
  113. President Looking Out For His Guards
  114. Arafat and AIDS, theory grows
  115. Why the UN should not be in charge of policing the world
  116. Two signs the US elections are over
  117. Awwwww.....
  118. New Hope for Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi?
  119. Quotable quotes
  120. Canadian MP fired for anti-Bush comments
  121. Religious rarebit ragged
  122. GOP to change rules...
  123. Kerry's Nest Egg
  124. Can God be "the bigger person" when it comes to non-believers?
  125. Letter To Bush From A Broken Hearted Mother
  126. 16,000 species threatened with extinction
  127. Gandhi Quotes
  128. New Nuclear Missiles X-43A and Topol M
  129. Report - More Than 100,000 Abused/Neglected Kids Await Adoption
  130. continuing our 'silly things people do' series, i propose spurger texas as a subject
  131. Tony Blair & the Labour Party
  132. Recount in Ohio
  133. Drilling in Alaska
  134. Al Gore has a big gun too.......
  135. US soldier kills wounded Iraqi
  136. MERGED: Margaret Hassan Likely Executed
  137. Five Reality Checks For Democrats: Dump Kofi, Moore, Dopes (article)
  138. Which Republican Should Run In 2008?
  139. a site that reflects at least some of our reactions here....
  140. Red States Vs. Blue States
  141. MERGED--> Discussion on Bush nominating Condi for Sec. of State
  142. My Flag
  143. Just for laughs..."BIG" Dick Cheney.......
  144. Will They Charter Buses???
  145. Because People's Lives are Too Important
  146. Powell Resigns
  147. Sachs Receives Compassion Award For AIDS Work
  148. What caused this new no venting policy?
  149. Family values
  150. Excellent piece on my governor's prospects in 2008.
  151. "Venting" in FYM (Including Political/Religious Vents...)
  152. more voter complaints from Ohio.
  153. It's Justice - NOT Charity!
  154. 60,480,957 Idiots in America?
  155. Whatever happened to journalists simply reporting the news?
  156. Different strokes for different folks!
  157. born on this day.....
  158. Cheney Hospitalized with "Shortness of Breath"
  159. Deputy chief resigns from CIA
  160. Why is Kofi blocking the Food for Oil investigation?
  161. from the people who brought you another 4 years of GWB ....
  162. Jury Reaches Verdict in Peterson Case
  163. the U.N.
  164. Lovely! Police use taser on 6 year-old boy
  165. Good point.
  166. The Children The World Forgot....
  167. A few thousand reasons why the USA is still great
  168. Celebrities & Politics
  169. Iris Chang Found Dead, Self-Inflicted Gunshot
  170. CBS apologizes for interrupting CSI
  171. Elizabeth Edwards News
  172. More Orwellian everyday: APCs on LA streets
  173. Vive la France!
  174. Arafat Dead
  175. 11/11
  176. FCC and Saving Private Ryan...
  177. The New Front Lines In The Cultural Battle?
  178. The Simple Truth
  179. Mark Geragos, What A Scumbag
  180. Those F-ing, Ignorant, Low IQ, Red States, Racist, Intolorant, Moral Lacking BASTARDS
  181. HBO Documentary-Last Letters Home
  182. a conservative america in the context of global society and culture
  183. Reaching Out to Dems - Bushit
  184. Stage 1 of Solving Africa Crisis
  185. Iraqi PM's relatives captured
  187. Is Michael Moore still relevant?
  188. "Religion is a bloody disgrace"
  189. Assorted Fallujah quotes
  190. Bush's Secularist Triumph
  191. Ashcroft and Evans resign
  192. Average IQ stats of people in U.S. election states
  193. Circle Of Hate
  194. Another reason for me to fucking hate republicans.
  195. What really happened in Ohio and Florida Tuesday night?
  196. I wish I was in the United States of Canada(humor)
  197. 15 years ago...
  198. Kerry to run again in 2008?
  199. Poverty Does NOT Breed Terrorism
  200. A Peaceful Protest
  201. Nuance and the NYT
  202. The Bible and Spiritual Mediums
  203. mental illness question
  204. Some more $$ and arms to Israel to strike Iran
  205. prayer and PMS
  206. MERGED: The Battle of Fallujah/Thank God We're Not in Fallujah
  207. BeLIEve the truth about the "DRAFT"
  208. Voting Fraud!
  209. Cote d'Ivoire
  210. Christ Church, Dublin
  211. advice for fellow liberal Catholics
  212. The Man With The Plan-How Rove Won The Election For Bush
  213. Man shoots himself at ground zero because Bush won
  214. Marine Readies 'Angels" For Journey Home
  215. a flaming liberal's heartfelt stump speech
  216. Onward Christian Soldiers -- The Crusades are on again
  217. The Texification of American Education
  218. The New Album Has Leaked
  219. Concerning American Exceptionalism
  220. Condi v. Hillary
  221. Edwards in '08
  222. The U.S. Breaking Up
  223. I hate being American
  224. The debate game...
  225. Flaming Liberal Appreciation Thread
  226. Why?
  227. May this be a lesson... Hatred never pays.
  228. Michael Moore Responds
  229. He's Dead Jim
  230. Allawi does Europe
  231. Pro-Palestiners...
  232. Kerry's plan was?
  233. Sneaky Republicans
  234. Jaysus Fucking Christ........
  235. Interesting behind the scenes info on the Kerry campaign in new Newsweek
  236. What U2 Lyric should become the FYM National Anthem?
  237. Time for a "BOY" Thread
  238. Godisnowhere
  239. My guy lost because of Godless, Chickenhearted, elitist, Liberals
  240. LOL at Nancy Pelosi
  241. Elizabeth Edwards diagnosed with cancer
  242. Who's in the cabinet now?
  243. Elizabeth Edwards Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
  244. A Strengthened Resolve
  245. MERGED: Arafat Knocking on Deaths Door
  246. You Vote, You Fight
  247. Why Did Kerry Lose?
  248. For those who are blind and believe in George W. Bush
  249. A Message of...
  250. Non-American views of America/Americans